Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How Dontrelle Willis should be remembered

Not too long ago former Florida Marlins all-star pitcher and Fan favorite Dontrelle Willis retired from the game of baseball. Willis is known for his high leg kick delivery he learned growing up in Alameda, California. Willis is most remembered for his midseason run he had as a 21 year old young pup going 14-6 his rookie season and winning the rookie of the year en route to helping the Marlins 2nd world series title. 2005 saw the D-train go an impressive 22-10 and earn cy young runner up. After that season he was never the same pitcher again he failed to throw strikes with any consistency. After a few average seasons in Florida Willis was dealt to the Detroit Tigers along with fellow team mate Miguel Cabrera. From 2008-2011 Willis only recorded 4 wins and after bouncing around with the Tigers, D-backs, Reds, Phillies, Orioles Dontrelle decided to hang it up and retire via Twitter saying “im deeply thankful for everything the game has done for me and I will always remember the great people I met along the way #mlb”. Now a lot of people what will D-trains legacy be in the game of baseball? Some will look at it from the negative approach so from a positive one. I am gonna look at D-trains legacy as a positive one a 2 time all-star,20 game winner and a guy who was a huge part of the Marlins 2nd world championship. Above all that though I think people should look at Dontrelle willis and say that he played with a passion of a man but joy of a kid all at the same time. He played the game hard everyday gave you all he could ran the bases hard and had an infectious energy that rubbed off on teamates. I grew up going to Pro player stadium watching the man pitch so maybe im biased but when I would sit there in my cheap seats and watch him pitch he was always worth the price of admission. I have followed the Marlins since I was 4 years old and I have never seen a connection from player to fans like I saw With Dontrelle Willis and Marlins fns,so while many people will lable him a bust I will remember him for what he is a champion, hard worker, and great person and will continue to rock the black #35 jersey at marlins park. CONGRATS D-train on a good career thanks for the memories!!!!!!!

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