Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ryan Kalil "The guarantee "


This past Wednesday Carolina Panthers Pro-bowl center Ryan Kalil said the boldest words I’ve ever heard anybody ever say in a Panther uniform. He took out an ad in the Charlotte Observer too proclaim that the Carolina Panthers would claim the franchises 1st ever super bowl. In the letter he wrote he thanked the fans for the unwavering support they continue to receive year in and year out. I love his prediction for so many different reasons. For so many years as a diehard fan of this team I have seen us fall short of the ultimate goal plenty of times. In 2003 we fell too Tom Brady and the New England Patriots by a goal. Then in 2005 we fell to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC championship game. Then in 2008 after dominating the NFL to a 12-4 record going in as the 2 seed we get steamrolled by the Arizona Cardinals in Jake Delhommes worst game ever. Where I’m trying to get at is I love this guarantee because Kalil has now set a standard and a good kind of pressure for everybody who puts the black and blue on to do the little things right day in and day out. Personally just as a fan I think this team has more talent then the one that made the super bowl in 03. The guarantee gave something I have never seen any Panther team exude and that is supreme confidence. I don’t care who you are you don’t say what Kalil said without having confidence and the backing of a whole locker room. He isn’t as crazy as people think he is this team has potential to produce 4-6 pro bowlers there is plenty of talent on the Panthers to compete with just about anybody in the NFL. When you have a guy like Cam Newton running your offense you know you are gonna put points up on the board, The only problem with the Carolina was the Defense didn’t do its part. Hopefully with the upgrades of Reggie Smith, Nakumarua, Luck Kuechely and a healthy Jon Beason the defense should be solid they don’t need to be spectacular but they need to stay middle of the pack like 15th-20th and they will be fine. Most of the Panthers toughest out of division opponents are all playing them at home. Giants, Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys all make a trip to the Queen city where historically the Panthers play better. Kalil and his promise have endeared him to the fans and that is why he made the promise in the first place the fans. He said “It was for them we haven’t given them a whole lot to cheer about the last few years”. He is right fans continue to support the team regardless of the record, Carolina is on a 90+ consecutive sellout streak at Bank of America stadium. People look at the 6-10 record from the previous year but don’t realize that the Panthers lost 6 games by a touchdown or less, so it wasn’t like teams were steamrolling us. With upgrades at the teams weakest positions this team is primed and ready to take on the NFL’S elite and I believe as a fan that this could be a special year. We have the talent to do so and now we have new found swagger that I’ve never seen before so im looking forward to a great season and too what I hope is the coronation of the Queen City with a Super Bowl Trophy.

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