Thursday, October 11, 2012

Throwback Thursday:Dan Marino

When you put on aqua and orange and play quarterback for the Miami Dolphins you will always be
compared to Dan Marino whether you like it or not. From Jay Fiedler to Cleo Lemon to now Ryan Tannehill all these guys live in the shadow of Dan the man Marino. Today for throwback Thursday if you don’t know already we are talking about 9 time pro bowl Quarterback and hall of famer Dan Marino.

Growing up in South Florida for most of my life It’s safe to say that I love the Dolphins and for most of my time cheering for them they haven’t been really good. If I sat here and named you every QB that’s suited up for the fins since he Dan Marino Retired I would be here for awhile. Although he never won a Super bowl when he played Dan Marino is regarded by many as the greatest QB of his era along with John Elway, Joe Montana. Although I never actually saw him play for the Dolphins I have a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for what Marino did. His presence still looms whenever I go to sun life From the plethora of Marino throwback jersey’s to his name in the ring of honor to the countless picture of him around the stadium to the statue outside Sunlife Marino is still large then life. I remember 1st getting into football and my father would talk about he could release the football quicker then anybody down the field for 30 yard completion's, He told me countless stories of how he would hit Mark Clayton and Mark Duper on slant routes and of course the Fake spike vs. the Jets. Dan Marino for a very long time was the greatest Athlete in South Florida sports history, some people would still argue that he is and never had the luxury of a elite running back like many great QB's did. Marino was the man in Miami passing for 61,361 yards and 420 Touchdown’s. Heck he even made an appearance in the the movie “Ace Ventura”. If there was one QB I could go back in time and watch play in person without hesitation it would without question be Dan Marino.


  • 9 Pro bowls
  • .61,361 passing yards
  • 420 Touchdowns 
  • 1984 MVP

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