Monday, December 31, 2012


Just want to say Congrats to Adrian Peterson on a great season. It was the greatest season I’ve ever seen in my brief 17 years on this earth. This guy deserves the MVP and Comeback player of the year awards. 10 games of 100 yards rushing or more, who’s doing that?!!!

If you pay attention to how defenses are playing him they sometimes put 8 or 9 guys in the box and they still can't stop him. Saying AP looked like he was in a video game would be an insult he was beyond video game like. He was what the Minnesota Vikings pay him to be and that is a franchise player and catalyst for this offense.

AP suffered a knee injury last season that left his career in doubt. Last year at this time he had just got Knee surgery. People questioned if he could ever perform at a high level again. I remember in my Fantasy football draft I had a chance to get him but questioned his ability coming off knee surgery, AP made me and many other people look stupid.

Before the season started many people including myself picked the Vikings to be one
One of the worst teams in the league. Especially playing in the NFC North with the Bears, Packers and Lions many assumed it would be a long year for the Vikings. If you told someone before the year started that the Minnesota Vikings would make the playoffs you probably would have got checked in to the nearest mental institution by the closest of your friends.

Adrian Peterson was the most dominant player in the league this year. He was the Vikings best player in the most important games. If you look at the December schedule for them it consists of The Packers (twice), Texans in Houston, Bears, Rams. You look at that and you most likely say to yourself “The Viking would be lucky to go 2-3 in that stretch”. Well they went 4-1 and with the seasons on the line in toughest stretch of their schedule. AP was great in every single game. In those 5 games he totaled 861 yards and 5 touchdowns. He was the best players in the biggest games for a team with an average QB and limited offensive weapons. Hid year was historic he fell less then a 1st down of breaking Eric Dickerson's single season rushing record. No disrespect to Peyton Manning but if Adrian Peterson doesn’t win the MVP award then it's a travesty.

  • 7th player to rush for 2,000 yards in one season
  • 10 games of 100+ yards
  • 7 games of 150+ yards
  • Set Vikings team record for rushing yards
  • fell only 9 yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson's single season rushing record
  • #MVPeterson

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


It's the day after Christmas and things are slowly going back to normal,people are going to work and in time kids will be back in school. Yesterday the NBA had 5 Christmas day games one of which featured the Miami Heat beating the Thunder in a finals rematch But for Heat Nation i'm willing to bet many of their fans don't even know that there is a game today. Tonight's game I have had circled on my calender since the schedule came out. Tonight the Heat take on the team from my hometown the Charlotte Bobcats for the 1st time this season1.

Now I know what your saying “why would you watch? it that games gonna be a blowout”. Well it's not the Bobcats always execute better at home and i'm expecting a close game, hopefully I'm right. I live in the Miami area so for the whole year I have had to deal with many of my friends talking about how great Lebron is and about how that last year is the 1st of many championships to come and how we will never be a threat to the Heat or anyone for the matter. Well like I tell my friends the Heat better enjoy the next year maybe 2 because the way I see it is the Bobcats have 2 very talented young players to build the franchise around in Kemba Walker and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Those are 2 set pieces right there all this team is missing is a solid offensive big man and they are a playoff team this year.

My team is on a 15 game losing streak but look at the stretch of games we played. Knicks, Hawks twice, Warriors twice,Thunder, Lakers, Clippers, Sixers,Nuggets. I don't think have a stretch of game like that the whole year.We went toe to toe with all most of those teams. So this isn't the same Bobcat team that was a poster child for internet jokes last year.

It's like the Heat are the rich kids who get everything they want Pat Riley allows them to have a silver spoon in there mouth and get whoever they want. The Bobcats on the other hand are that poor kid that has to work for everything they got and while they may struggle for a little bit they know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

If the Heat don't come prepared tonight I promise you The Bobcats will end this losing streak and they will get punched in the mouth. Can't wait to watch this game with all my Heat Friends With that said LETS GO BOBCATS !#BeatDaHeat

Sunday, December 23, 2012

5 can't miss Christmas Gifts for Sports fans in your life

With Christmas in a few days many people around the nation are shopping frantically for the sports fans in they're lives. If you are one of those people that are having problems figuring out what to get your son or daughter or mom or dad then don't you worry help is on the way. Today I bring you Tru School Sports top 5 can't miss gifts for the sports fans in your life.

#5 Brian Scalabrine “White Mamba” t-shirt

Although he is retired and the NBA Meme white mamba hype has died down a lot this shirt is a can't miss item for the Scalabrine fan in your life. If you have relatives who are basketball fans in the New Jersey/Boston/Chicago area then this a gift is great to show love to one of the NBA's most lovable personalities and well known bench warmers of all-time.

#4 Oakland Raiders “black hole” merchandise

It has been another long season in the bay area for the Raiders but that has done little to nothing to stop the passion and hostility that is the section of fans known as the “Black Hole”. For the Raider fan in your life Silver and black face painting make great stocking stuffers. If you want to go all out make sure to get them a skeleton or gorilla mask to make sunday's continue to look like Halloween in the Bay area.

#3 Charlotte Hornets fan gear

In all my 17 years and some change on this earth I have never heard anybody say “That Charlotte Hornets hat looks ugly” or “Those Hornet shoes look ugly”. With that said Teal and purple are unique colors and i'm sure if you surprise the Basketball enthusiast in your life with this they will forever be grateful and feel the nostalgia running through their veins.

#2 tissue boxes

For many fans across the world (including myself) 2012 has been a depressing year for them. So if you want to be resourceful and save that one family member or friend who looks like he will cry from the crappy level of play his team shows on a regular bases feel free to go out and purchase the biggest box of kleenex you can find.

#1 Kazam

Few things in the world epitomize
  the term “God awful” more then this feature length film Shaq starred in way back when. I'm sure if you give this to someone the reaction they have when opening the gift will be unforgettable.

So there you have it your Tru School Sports top 5 cant miss gifts for the sports fans in your life. So if you are out and about doing some last minute shopping use this list as your guide to making your loved ones happy. Have a safe and very Merry Christmas....God Bless!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Throwback Thursday:Terrell Davis

With the NFL playoffs quickly approaching I’ve began to discuss who I think will win the super bowl amongst friends of mine and I usually bring up the Denver Broncos Peyton Manning is playing like an MVP. Which made me think about the Broncos super bowls in the 90's and the MVP Players on it. Terrell Davis in particular who was so dominant is the subject of today’s throwback Thursday.

He was one of those guys that when you look on the back of his topps football card and saw where he got drafted you would be shocked that he was a 6th round pick. If you look further down that card you would see that he was a straight up beast and the best Running back in the NFL for a little bit. He was an impact from day 1 in his rookie season in 1995 he became the lowest drafted Running back ever to gain 1,000 yards in a season with 1,117 yards and 7 touchdowns. Two years later he found himself with 157 yards and three touchdowns in one of the greatest Performances in super bowl history. In the span of 2 years he went from 6th round draft pick to Super bowl MVP, I Know it's crazy!

It gets better though in the following season of 1998 he went out and decided to dominate the game like few running backs ever have. He joined the exclusive 2,000 yard club rushing for 2,008 yards and score 21 touchdowns. He was the focal point for a Bronco team that won a 2nd straight Super bowl. With A 2,000 Yard rushing season, A rushing title, MVP and Super Bowl MVP and 1,000 yard seasons all I have to say is “SCOUTS DO YOUR HOMEWORK”. It may have only been 7 season but “T.D” left his mark on the league.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rejoice in Rubio

This past Saturday for myself and many basketball fans alike was a great one because Ricky Rubio made his return and it was like he never left. After the knee injury that left many fans heart broken and ravaged the world of basketball Rubio was back to his old tricks. He only compiled 8 points and 9 assists in 18 minutes the Wolves brought him off the bench. If you watched the game though you could clearly see that when he was on the floor at the Target Center Minnesota had an extra dimension of energy and he really made them go. He made one of the most ridiculous passes when he through a pass through his legs which went through a defenseless Elton brand's legs which found a cutting Greg Steinsma wide open for a lay up. It was one of the most difficult passes I have ever seen anyone make.

Rubio is one of those guys that the fans across the league all love no matter what team you cheer for. Now that he is back the NBA is more exciting and we can now begin to ask ourselves “How the hell did he make that pass” constantly again. The Minnesota Timberwolves just became THE team to watch on NBA League pass. Ricky Rubio it's great to have you back!........Enjoy the highlights in his return back

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Throwaback Thursday:Flat tops in the NBA

For some reason young people like myself have an affinity for retro anything, Retro Jordans, Snapbacks, Video games etc. NBA Players theses days are taking the Retro thing a bit to far going back to Retro  hair cuts such as High top fades and Flat tops. These guys have some serious Swag to be sporting this look in 2012. Guys like Brandon Jennings, Norris Cole and Iman Shumpert look like Big Daddy Kane and Gumby. Check out some of these throwback and New school flat tops and ENJOY!

Norris Cole

J.R Reid

Reggie Miller and Brandon Jennings

Iman Shumpert

These are some BOLD statements by the current Players hair. They are very similar to the players in the 90's but don't they also look like these guys?

Gumby& Big Daddy Kane

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The power of Inspiration:STA's win over Manatee

Fear, Inspiration ,Victory

Aquinas QuarterBack John O'Korn

All of these words are part of a winning process. It is the fear of feeling failure that drives us to go just a little harder in the weight room or watch an extra hour of film. When the lights come on and you are wearing your schools colors on your jersey that should make you want to play inspired football for 4 quarters. If you can execute better then the opposition then you will be known as winners and that tittle lasts a lifetime. As athletes whether you admit it or not we all fear losing even though We don't want to feel it or be associated with that result. Coming in to last Friday nights game against the number one team in High school football team in the nation St. Thomas Aquinas was a 21 point underdog at home vs undefeated Manatee High School. Many expected a blowout but when the lights were on and the coin was flipped it was time to play football.

Manatees 25 game win streak was on the line and little did they know that they were about to be punched in the mouth and ran out the building. They took a 3-0 lead on STA and would never see it again. Senior Running Back #28 Fred Coppet would rush for 7 of his 131 yards on a touchdown in the 1st quarter to give Aquinas a 7-3 lead. After a missed Manatee Field goal University of Houston Commit John O'Korn ran in for a 3 yard TD giving the Raiders a 14-3 lead. When he got the ball back later in the 3rd he hit Wide Receiver Dion Collier on a 38-yard strike for a Touchdown it was now 21-3. The feeling at Brian Piccalo Field from fans was a  “Get your knifes and pitchforks out” mentality. They knew it, STA players knew it and Manatee knew it. The game would end in a 33-18 blowout (and not the one at the barbershop) of Manatee.

They had overcame doubt and proved the experts wrong. They had displayed the fear and or hatred for losing, Played inspired football for 4 quarters which in turn lead to a Victory. With that win they are now scheduled to play Lincoln High School in the Florida High School State Championship game. Shout out and good luck to ST. Thomas Aquinas.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pay Attention People

In the State of California as it pertains to basketball we tend to think Lakers, Clippers first before anything
but few are paying attention to that team by the bay known as the Golden State Warriors. At 11-7 they rank 5th in the gantlet  known as the western conference but very few people outside the bay seem to be giving them any love so I thought I would. I don’t understand why people aren’t paying attention to them, they are an exciting, young up tempo team who play great team Basketball.

With Wins over the Clippers, Hawks and Brooklyn Nets I think its time for more people to open they’re eyes This team can play. When you look at the reason this team has been playing well It all Starts with the elevation of play at the Point Guard position from Stephen Curry who is playing big time basketball right now. He is healthy for the 1st time maybe since his rookie year and is playing the best basketball since that time. With 11 games of 20 points or more. He has 4 straight double-doubles coming into tonight’s match up with Brooklyn. He is playing like the guy Golden State drafted and the player the whole country fell in love with at Davidson.

There is more to Curry’s success though then people realize. Jarret Jack who the Warriors picked up in the off-season has given Steph something he has never had before and that’s a back up point guard who can facilitate an offense and give Curry the freedom to move off the ball and be the Perimeter nightmare that he is. Jarret Jack is one of the most undervalued players we have in the league today he always played solid basketball facilitating and scoring and the fact that the Warriors have a guy like this who can come off the bench give Curry some freedom in the flow of the offense as well as get buckets for himself is big. If people Steph give credit I think Jarret Jack deserves some to.

Then you have the young Rookie Harrison Barnes from UNC who honestly I wasn’t high on like most people coming into this years draft but  to get him at 7 I thought was a steal for them. I can see why people were high on him this kid knows how to play basketball and has a good head on his shoulders and you can’t say that about a lot of Rookies. He has shown flashes of brilliance with performances like 19 points 13 rebounds and 20 points 12 rebounds in wins against the Hawks and Mavs. I think as long as he keeps working this guy can be an All-Star in this league.

David Lee is one of those players in sports that never gets talked about enough he goes out plays the game right and produces at a high level year in and year out usually in top 5 in Double-doubles. He is up to his old tricks again Averaging 17 points and 10 rebounds for Golden State. If he keeps playing like this along with the team winning he may finally get some of the recognition he deserves in this league.

Golden States Bench is dangerous guys like Jarret Jack and Carl Landry will do that for you. As important as I said Jarret Jack was earlier Carl Landry is just as if not more important to the Warriors success as he is. Carl Landry is a low post presence that you can play next to Lee if you go small or Spell David Lee if you want to give him some rest. On most team in the League Landry is starting so having a guy with 15-10 capabilities to come off your bench and give you 13 and 6 is huge. He is Efficient smart and plays the game right. Add Richard Jefferson, Brandon Rush, and Draymond Green along With Jack and Landry and you have a deep bench.

This team has Shooters, Big men, a solid bench and a good mix of young players and veterans who play the game right.The scary part is they don’t even have Andrew Bogut who when healthy  is a very productive basketball player.
Marc Jackson has a lot to be proud of as coach of this basketball team and with a core of young guys like Curry, Klay Thompson ,Harrison Barnes the future of Basketball looks bright in the Bay area.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Throwback Thursday: 2003-2004 Detroit Pistons

The National Basketball association is a star driven league which at times is a good thing or not so good thing depending on what perspective you look at it from. The other day I was looking through teams that have won an NBA Championship in last decade or so and I noticed that all but 1 team won a championship team won with 1 or 2 superstars on they’re team. The only team that won a ring with out a superstar was the 2003-2004 Detroit Pistons who defeated Kobe, Shaq and the star studded Lakers in 5 games.  That is today’s Throwback Thursday subject.

The Detroit Pistons had No Lebron’s, Jordan’s or Larry Bird’s on they’re Championship basketball team but what they did have was a starting five capable of competeting with any team in the league. In the back court you had “Mr. Big shot” Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton. The Small forward was Tayshaun Prince a guy who was responsible for guarding Kobe Bryant in the Finals and did a good hob on him. Then in the Frontcourt you had 2 guys who represented perfectly what “Detroit Basketball” is Rasheed and Ben Wallace were 2 fearless junkyard dogs and would never back down to anybody. Couple that starting 5 with Coach Larry Brown’s attention to detail on defense and you have yourself a championship team.

If you look at the stats Rip Hamilton was the teams leading scorer at 17.6 points. What made them so good was the balance in scoring through out the lineup 4 of the 5 starters were averaging double figure scoring except Ben Wallace who averaged 9.5 points a game but averaged 12 rebounds and 3 Blocks and was one of the NBA’s elite defenders. They were balanced, well coached and defensively efficient ranking 2nd in the league but if I told you they would beat the most dominant team in basketball that has won 3 championships in the last 4 years in five games? Would you have believed me? Odds are you would have probably said no Shaq was the most dominant player of his era and Kobe was for lack of a better word “Da Truth”.

The Pistons were underdogs against the powerhouse Lakers. Very few people outside of Detroit had given them any chance of beating LA but what people failed to realize was the Balance of the Pistons was going to be the Lakers Achilles heal. With Shaq and Kobe having to do all the heavy lifting scoring and an ineffective bench the Lakers had to play damn near perfect if they wanted to beat Detroit. That didn’t happen Kobe shot below 40% in 4 of the 5 games and the Lakers didn’t get one player beside Kobe or Shaq in double figures until game 5. This meant that the Detroit Pistons for the 3rd time in franchise history the Detroit Pistons were Champions of the Basketball world!!!

They had proven one of basketball’s theory’s wrong. “you need a superstar to win a championship” They proved that all you need is 5 guys who are willing to compete for 48 minutes night in and night out who back down to anyone and will play some of the best defense in the league. If you are a GM in a small market that can’t attract stars such as a Charlotte, Milwaukee or Minnesota then modeling your team after the 03-04 pistons is not a bad idea. That team was the last team to win a ring with no superstars and honestly in today’s NBA and all these super teams forming I don’t know when or if it will ever happen again. So SALUTE to the 2003-2004 Detroit Pistons!!


Monday, December 3, 2012

Dikembe Mutombo: The Worlds Saivor

We all know Dikembe Mutombo for this.

And this 

And most definitely this

The other day I was just chilling until I came across this. Yes that is a picture of Dikembe Mutombo and yes he has his own video game made by Old spice. The game is titled “Dikembe Mutombo 4 and a half weeks to save the world”. It pokes fun at the mayans prediction that the world will end on December 21st 2012. It started several weeks ago on November 21st each week Old Spice realases a new level. It looks like something straight out of super nintendo. The game is so good that kids in my computer class at school try they're hand at saving the world as Dikemebe Mutombo. If you want to laugh and just have a good time then you need to go play this game you won‘t be dissappointed. If you don’t believe me watch the video down low for the Star wars like intro . The game can be played at It is a #CLASSIC ........if you refuse to play this game then the world will end and you will not be saved by Dikembe so make sure you do it.

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