Sunday, March 31, 2013

Opening Day Joy

As I sit here in My Marlins jersey the day Before most of the teams start play on Opening Day in Major League Baseball I can't help but think of the countless amount of fans around the world waiting to see they're teams play tomorrow. It has a Christmas like feel to it, where you can not sleep and keep tossing and turning. Baseball has a way of bringing the kid out in all of us and Opening day is big deal in my life. I still have fond memories of going to Sun Life/Pro Player stadium hours before gametime waiting to get autographs from my favorite players like Miguel Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis and Luis Castillo. I can't help but think of the countless amount of kids that will fall in Love with the game tommorrow and the countless amount of memories that will be created.

One of the great Joy's of opening day for many kids is missing school and playing hookie for the day with your dad for a trip to the ballpark. You can't really describe that feeling when you get those tickets in your hand, walk through those turnstiles and smell the aroma of Peanuts and Cracker jacks for the first time in spring. You Can't describe it until you are holding it in your hand and catch your 1st glimpse of your local baseball cathedral on the way to your seats.

Baseball's Opening day represents a renewed sense of hope for fans and players alike. Every team will start off with a 0-0 record and every park will be soldout. New players will familiarize themselves with new teams and new fans will get familiar with new smells, sights and experiences at the ballpark. So whether you are the San Francisco Giants coming off a World Series Championship or the Houston Astros Coming off a franchise worst season every team will start off with a clean slate. When the teams are introduced,Fireworks go off and National anthem is sung just know it's time to play ball.

If your a nutritionist then consider tomorrow your cheat day substitute salad with Hot dogs and Peanuts and plop your behind down in your seats and prepare for the start of Baseball season. If you have Cheap seats or luxury seats remember what opening day and baseball are about-Kids and the one still inside of you

So Happy Baseball Season!

Watch the video down below for a song that perfectly depicts and personify's the spirit of Opening day.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Top 5 Michael Jordan Commercials of All-Time

Michael Jordan is a player that transcends basketball he’s a brand and responsible for making the NBA and the Chicago Bulls one. His commercials are more like short feature films some riveting, some light-hearted. Here are the Top 5 Michael Jordan Commercials of All-Time.

#5 Frozen Moments

This commercial really captures the grace and elegance MJ played with. Throughout the Commercial he camera goes from Jordan to he fans and Although no words were spoken I think that’s what makes this commercial brilliant. It’s basically saying that greatness is forever and you don’t need words to describe because you can see It and feel it.

#4 Failure

This commercial shows MJ walking out into the parking lot pass security guards and screaming fans with him narrating the Commercial. He gives you statistics about his failures on he court and lets you know that its those same failures that gave him the strength to win 6 championships. He gave you insight into his mentality which was a dope concept to me.

#3 Jordan vs Jordan

In This Gatorade spot Jordan plays himself in dark gym. Old bald headed Jordan on the Wizards plays an intense game against the young baby faced Jordan with hair in a Bulls Jersey. Trash talking was the center piece of his commercial and to see MJ playing himself was pretty cool even if it was a Commercial.

#2 Tell Me

Jordan towards the end of his career had many doubters. In this commercial he spoke directly to his critics “Challenge me, Doubt me, Disrespect me, Tell me I am older, Tell me I am slower, Tell me I can no longer fly”. He let the critics know at that point that he was on a mission.

#1 It’s the Shoes

Perhaps the most famous of all his sneaker Commercials Jordan shared this stage with Spike Lee who looked like he was still wearing the same clothes from his movie “Do the right thing”. He asks him what makes him so great on the court and concluded that it had to be the shoes.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Streak Over!

The Miami stepped into the United Center Wednesday night on a 27 game winning streak and left with it snapped with a 101-97 loss to an undermanned Bulls team. No Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah or Rip Hamilton for Chicago but  the Bulls are a well coached team that backs down to nobody and played their hearts out and deserved that W.

Now that the streak is over I can say what a great run by the Heat whether you love them or hate them if you’re a basketball fan hen you will never forget. Like I said earlier today on my facebook page As much as I can't stand the Miami Heat I must admit not only was the streak impressive, but it was great for basketball in general. It brought so much attention to the NBA,more people tuned in to watch, people packed sports bars across the nation, ETC. So what I hate Lebron, The streak actually helped grow the sport and I could never hate on that I'm a basketball fan before anything.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Top 5 must have College Basketball jerseys of All-Time

March Madness is in full swing and many fans across the country are being outfitted with their favorite retro throwbacks jerseys of all-time. As you know over The course of college basketball history that there are plenty memorable  jerseys with all kinds of color ways and logos to go around. So here are the top 5 must have College Basketball Jerseys of All-Time.

#5 Carmelo Anthony (Syracuse)

It was only one season but the Baltimore Native left his mark on Syracuse University leading them to a National Championship in 2003 before being drafted to the Denver Nuggets. The Legacy he left at Syracuse make this jersey a must have for College hoops fans.

#4  Dwyane Wade (Marquette)

Explosive and Exciting are some of the many adjectives that describe the Young D-Wade’s game at Marquette. His aggressive play and Chicago style slashing ability help lead his Alma Mater 2003 to a final four appearance before being drafted to the Miami HEAT. What he did for Marquette along with what he has accomplished in the NBA make this a must have as well

#3 Larry Johnson (UNLV)

As the leader and best player on one of the Best teams of All-Time having “Grandmama’s” College jerseys would be a nice one to have. Plus The Running Rebels culture is unparalleled in College Hoops as I said last throwback Thursday.

#2 Alonzo Mourning (Georgetown)
One of the most feared and respected Defensive Players in basketball history Alonzo Mourning was one of the many reasons for “Hoya Paranoia” among opposing College basketball teams. The consensus 2-time All-American represents the golden era for Georgetown Basketball.

#1 Michael Jordan (UNC)

Jay-z once said “Carolina Blue Kicks/Hottest dude on the block”. When you wore those baby blue shoes you wore a Michael Jordan Jersey with it.

Friday, March 22, 2013

5 draft prospects to watch out for in the NCAA Tournament

March Madness is going on and although the NBA will have to take a back seat for a few weeks that doesn’t mean that NBA General Managers and Executives across the league aren't watching and observing the Talent scheduled to come out next year. Although this draft class is rated by many experts as a weak one there are still some solid pieces to be added to NBA clubs. So without further ado I give you the Top 5 NBA Prospects to watch out for in the NCAA tournament.

#5 Victor Olapido (Indiana)

The 6'5 Forward has come out of nowhere to become a star for the Indiana Hoosiers and has put himself in the discussion for college player of the year. He has always been known more for his Defense but due to a vast improvement on offense his draft stock has soared and could soar even higher Depending on his Performance in the tournament. His Defensive prowess and ability to run the floor in transition could help a lot of NBA teams out.

#4 Kelly Olynyk (Gonzaga)

While Kelly Olynyk won't be a star in the league he will definitely be a solid player and if you have a premier frontcourt player already on your roster then he will be a great compliment to them. He is very efficient, moves well for a guy his size. If your a team looking for a solid pick&roll big men this is your guy.

#3 Trey Burke (Michigan)

Whenever I see Trey Burke I just think about Buckets. Trey Burke is a professional scorer and although he needs to size up a bit more at the next level you can definitely see the tools. Who ever drafts this kid is getting someone who is fundamentally sound and cares about winning.

#2 Anthony Bennett (UNLV)

The Rebels are already eliminated from the tourney but Anthony Bennett showed enough people this season that he is ready for the next level. He has been compared to UNLV Legend Larry Johnson because of his physicality but Bennett also can handle the basketball and just brings a certain toughness and swagger most guys in this class don't posses. Whoever Drafts this guy is getting a whole lot of talent.

#1 Ben Mclemore (Kansas)

Many people including myself consider this guy the best player in the country. The 6'5 Shooting Guard has drawn many comparisons and for good reason the kid is “Wet” and can shoot the basketball but also has the Athleticism to get to the rim and finish with authority. Mclemore is big time and he is only a freshman so there is plenty of upside which make him a very attractive pick.

Bye Bye Brackets

When I filled out my bracket several days ago I felt pretty good about it. Then March madness rolls around and then Harvard of all teams comes and busts my bracket with They're 1st win in school history over New Mexico.

So shoutout To the Harvard Men and R.I.P to my bracket thats currently in the nearest trash can at my house.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday:1990 Unlv Rebels

With March Madness Here today examining and looking back at other teams is a normality for me at this time of year. Today for Throwback Thursday we look back at arguably the greatest team ever-the 1990 UNLV Running Rebels
One time when listening to a legendary Hip hop group I heard this classic line enter the airwaves of my ears.
“Well can I get a level on the bass and on the treble
Footin up and down like a UNLV Rebel”-A Tribe Called Quest
Q-tip and his crew knew that the UNLV Running Rebels got up and down the hardwood better then anybody. Led By Larry Johnson the Rebels were tough and played with a Home Rucker Park like toughness and swagger. Physically they were imposing, athletically they were unmatched and culturally they were transcendent. Baggy shorts, and Black shoes were just some of the mere finger prints they left on college basketball.

Larry Johnson,Stacey Augmon,Anderson Hunt,Greg Anthony and David Butler represent a group of guys who were dominant and a group that people in opposing arenas came out to see. They were the talk of college basketball. 35-5 was their regular season record and once they entered March Madness it was basically over for everybody who stood in their way, including Duke who got manhandled 103-73 which is the most lopsided NCAA Championship game in history. Hard to believe that a Coach K could get dominated on such a huge stage but that just speaks volumes to the UNLV team of 1990.
The Running Rebels of 1989-1990 are among the greatest in the history of College basketball few have the matched the chemistry, Swagger and cultural impact on the game like they have

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stay Tuned!

Hey everybody hope Your having a fantastic Wednesday, Things have been a slow lately due to it being the end of the 3rd Quarter for me in High School so i've been putting a lot of time into my school work But don't Worry I got a lot of things coming up particularly in the arena of Videos. I will be Starting a video series called “Memorabilia Memories” Where I show you some artifacts or Memorabilia from my Collection wish is rather large so stay tuned for that.

Here is my intro to my new segment so just be on the lookout for it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

No Backdown in Boston

The Boston Celtics are known for excellence with 17 Championships and some of the games greatest players like Larry Bird and Bill Rusell so rarely do they ever play the role of underdogs. Well tonight an Underdog is exactly what they are in their own building as they take on a Miami Heat team who has been on a historic 22 game winning streak tied for 2nd longest in NBA history.

Heat/Celtics is always makes for some good theater but now it's even better that Guys like Jason Terry have called the Heat's Streak “Unimpressive” and Paul Pierce has also said they hope Miami loses for the rest of the year. Players on Boston are sick of ESPN's 24/7 coverage of Lebron and the Heat and rightfully so they are rivals so that's expected.

The Celtics are an organization with Pride and tradition and will not back down to the Heat under any circumstances with or without Rajon Rondo. Tonight should be a Classic. This is a chance for the New guys like Jordan Crawford, Terrence Williams to make a name for themselves on National TV as well as Jeff Green to prove he can take his game to another level. Look for a physical basketball game and for the TD Garden to be rocking.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Miami Madness

March madness can mean many things when speaking about the city of Miami, you have the Ultra Music festival, South Beach and everything else. These days though when you link March Madness to Miami you must refer that term over to the 2 Elites in basketball right now.

Today was just another classic case of the Rich getting richer in the world of sports. The Miami Heat and University of Miami are elites in the basketball world at this present moment and raised that elite status today.

UM is having an amazing season nobody saw coming and captured it's first ever ACC Tournament Championship today with a 87-77 win over the UNC Tarheels. Shane Larkin once again put the whole country on notice that he is one of the premier guards in this country with his uncanny ability to penetrate and find open shooters. Now with a regular season and tournament tittle in ACC play “THE U” turns its attention to the big dance which starts Friday in Austin vs. Pacific.

The Miami Heat seem to be breaking records with regularity these days as they captured their 22nd straight victory today over Rudy Gay and the Toronto Raptors. The win tied them with 2007-2008 Houston Rockets for the 2nd longest winning streak in NBA history. The Record is 33.

Will the Canes win the NCAA Tittle? Will the Heat break the longest winning streak in NBA History? Only time will tell but Basketball seems to be the 2nd most important thing in this town right now..........Ultra is still going on at the moment

Video:Durand Scott shows out and Drops 35 on NC State to help Miami advance to ACC Championship

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Under Armour Makes Commemorative Shirts For Deandre Jordan Dunk On Brandon Knight

Under Armour has taken the concept of “posterization dunks” to new heights by releasing commemorative T-Shirts that celebrate one of their athletes Deandre Jordan's dunk on Brandon Knight of the Detroit Pistons that became an internet sensation within hours.


Monday, March 11, 2013

When It's All Said And Done: Lebron James

Over the Course of his time in the NBA scrutiny has always been prevalent in career of Lebron James. People like myself have always been critical of what I still see as somebody who is Overrated. Is it hate or just me holding him to a higher standard? I'll let you be the judge of that. I recently went to a Sports bar with my friends to catch the NBA All-star game and as usual we had our “Brendan hates Lebron” Convo. This conversation was a little different though instead of me telling them how overrated I think the him and Miami Heat are to shut them up I gave them realistically where I thought Lebron would be after at the end of his career. So here it is for me to share with the world.

So when having this conversation in the middle of a shenanigans sports bar several weeks ago I gave them my objective opinion of Lebron. I gave them what I like About his game such as his passing ability, Body Control and defensive versatility. Things I don't like are his Jumpshot and his complaining towards officiating when he rarely doesn’t get a call. The conversation went on about why I don't like him and huge reason I have a hard time liking him is because everything he does gets blown out of proportion. A triple-Double in the regular season against a sub par team is looked at as an immortal performance by someone who is simply unstoppable. When he has off nights against some of the leagues top defenses though we want to scrutinize the hell out of him when we didn't hesitate to look at him as immortal in the first place.

Then there is the everyday arguments between Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless about Lebron vs. Jordan everyday Lebron does something worth talking about. It's not fair to compare the 2 players whole career's unless you comapre Lebron's first 10 season's to Michael Jordan's first 10 seasons. You have that type of Lebron Media coverage and then you have the other type of Lebron media coverage like when shows like SportsNation on ESPN dissect and analyze his tweets, ARE YOU SERIOUS? If that is where Sports&media is going then I may want to become a doctor or something else,talk about basketball.

That's not LBJ's fault though, Oh wait yes it is. Listen Lebron is not a stupid guy when he came out of High School and he called himself “King James” as he still does in text messages to other NBA players knew it would catch on, he knew the media what eat that up and they did. “The Decision” although it was for charity was another publicity stunt that Lebron knew would garner him a lot of attention. He knows exactly what he is doing and in my eyes he is a Media whore. He is egotistical and can't handle criticism and I loathe that about him.

Besides all that though Lebron is a one of kind talent. I have never seen a guy who could effectively guard 5 positions and be able to facilitate an offense on the other end of the floor, that's unheard of to me. I have been a huge critic his whole career and for the better part of it I have been right but to see the level of calmness he is playing with this year is impressive to me and it's allowed him to take his game to another level winning a championship does that for you. He became the youngest player in NBA History to reach 20,000 which is beyond impressive due to the fact the Lebron does not posses a true scores Mentality. He is an All-Purpose basketball player and will do whatever it takes to win so he isn't looking to get 30,40 or 50 points a night he just adjusts to the flow game and makes the right decision from there.

So in this conversation with my friends Rashaan and Adyian I told them at the end of his career when it's all said and done James will accomplish the following.

  • Win 3 Championships
  • Surpass Michael Jordan in scoring and become a top 5 scorer in NBA history (Because he came out of high school)
  • become the Most Efficient Small Forward in the History of the league
  • Win multiple defensive player of the year awards
  • 20x All-star

Sounds like a great career right? If you disagree with anything I am saying Tweet me @thatboybtaylor.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Say Hey" to the G.O.AT

“I think I was programmed to do good things when I came into the majors. I knew how to play”- Willie Mays

Willie as well as anybody who played against him won’t hesitate to agree with that quote. Mays could do it all he was the 1st five-tool player and he was the best five tool player in baseball history. He did it all he could hit,steal,field, hit for power if he wanted to do your taxes or win an academy award he probably could have done that too. The “Say hey Kid” was the truth and his accomplishments are rather staggering
Baseball is a crazy game, it represents life as a game of daily struggles. It’s also crazy because there are so many great players over the course of time that it is hard to choose 1 player to identify as the Greatest of All-Time. You have guys like (Babe Ruth,Albert Pujols, CY Young, Ken Griffey JR, ETC). No disrespect to anybody that has played in the Major Leagues but Willie Mays is the greatest of All-Time. In many Ways he is to baseball what Michael Jordan was to basketball but before we had so many Media outlets. Willie was like Jordan because baseball hadn’t really seen anything like him in terms of all around talent. Being a 5 tool player  coupled with his personality, Borderline cocky attitude and Flair for the dramatic while playing the game made him a pioneer. Babe Ruth hit home runs, Ricky Henderson stole bases, Torii Hunter plays Gold glove defense….Willie Mays did all of those things.

“I think I was the best baseball player I ever saw”- Willie Mays on himself

There is a lot of truth behind that statement never at that time in baseball history had we seen somebody lead the league in so many different categories. In the years between 1954-1964 Willie Mays led in the following categories (Batting average, on base %,Hits, Homeruns, runs Scored, total bases, triples, Runs created, extra base hits, Slugging % and walks) at least once. There isn’t any player that impacted that many facets of the game at that high a level ever in baseball history. If you currently watch baseball and cheer for a team think about your franchise player leading in that many categories. Take for example I’m a Marlins fan and I could never see Giancarlo Stanton leading the League in hits, Homeruns, Runs scored, batting average all in the same year, as a ballplayer you got to sacrifice one of those to dominate in a particular area. Willy never won a triple crown but if you look how many times he led the league in a lot of categories you would be surprised that he didn’t at some point in his career. He was the 1st player in Major league history to hit 300 Homeruns and steal 300 bases in a career.

Willie’s whole career is remembered by most for image. Just Like Michael Jordan free throw line dunk in the 1985 dunk contest or “The Drive” by John Elway for Mays there is the catch. The catch was an over the shoulder basket like grab that was a robbery of A Vic Wertz line drive that ultimately held the game at a tie and allowed the New York Giants to take game one of the 1954 World Series.

He played the game with style, Grace, Bravado and did it all respectfully he was a Kid ball player with a full grown major league swing. Willy was, is and will always be the greatest he said what he meant and meant what he said. He is the measuring stick of what 5 tool player should aspire to be. His swing was sweet, His speed unlimited but the mans career was once in a lifetime

  • ·       24x All-Star
  • ·        2xMVP
  • ·        12 Gold Gloves
  • ·        1951 Rookie of the Year
  • ·        1954 Batting Title
  • ·        660 Homeruns (4th All-Time)
  • ·        1954 World Series Champion
  • ·        3,283 Hits
  • ·        2,092 Runs scored

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 2003 Florida Marlins

In life we do a lot of looking back and over the course of life we say things like “Wow that was ten years ago” this is one of those times. In the year of 2003 I was 8 years old attending Dania Elementary with not a care in the world. It was also the year that My childhood's favorite baseball team captured a World Series when the underdog Florida Marlins shocked the World by beating the powerhouse New York Yankees in 6 games. It has already been 10 years and I remember it like yesterday celebrating in the streets of Miami.

The 2003 Florida Marlins are one of the reasons I fell in love with sports they proved the world wrong and made the media look like idiots who thought the match up between them and the Yankees was a mismatch. Looking back on it now that Team was very well structured from top to bottom in all facets of the game.

At the Top you had the Speed Duo of Luis Castillo and Juan Pierre who combined for 391 Hits 76 stolen bases 199 runs scored while batting well over 300. They were Perfect table setters for guys Like Mike Lowell Pudge Rodriguez,Derek Lee to Knock them in and they did. They were a productive line up who played small ball and manufactured runs.

But things didn't start all fine and dandy for the fish they got off to a 16-22 start which led to the firing of Jeff Torberg. Jack Mckeon was summoned to take place of Torberg, “Trader Jack” as he is known had been in Baseball longer then most of the Young Marlins roster had been alive. The team went an Impressive 75-49 under Jack which added up to a 91-71 record and a Wild Card Birth. They got there by playing loose, Hard and more importantly playing the game the right way.

In the Middle of that 75-49 record for Jack Mckeon were 2 young mid-season rookie Call-ups named Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis that Heavily contributed to the success of the 03 Marlins. Cabrera a 20 year old kid at the time exploded on the Scene with an 11th inning walk off Homerun off of Al Levine. Dontrelle Willis Electrified South Florida and the rest of the MLB with his high unorthodox leg kick which led him to a 14-6 record, All-Star Appearance and the 2003 Rookie of the year award. The Kid from Oakland was a fan favorite, The Kid from Venezuela was a young superstar in the making. The 2 kids were some of the best players to ever put on a Marlins jersey.

The Post season for the 2003 Marlins was filled with Signature moments. From the Collision at the plate between Pudge and J.T Snow in the Division series to Steve Bartman the Marlins seem to have everything going for them. If you look at the 3 teams the Marlins beat in the post season they feature the Games most prolific stars of the last 15 years (Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa). All 3 series had the opposing teams heavily favored over Florida but we all know how that ended.

The success of the team was short lived though as owner Jeffery Loria had most of the team gone before the start of the 2006 season. The Legacy of this team still remains though.

  • 2003 World Series Champions
  • Stolen base leader (Juan Pierre-65)
  • 3 Gold gloves (Luis Castillo, Derek Lee, Mike Lowell)
  • 3 All-Stars (Dontrelle Willis, Mike Lowell, Luis Castillo)
  • Rookie of the year (Dontrelle Willis)
  • Manager of the year (Jack Mckeon)

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