Monday, March 11, 2013

When It's All Said And Done: Lebron James

Over the Course of his time in the NBA scrutiny has always been prevalent in career of Lebron James. People like myself have always been critical of what I still see as somebody who is Overrated. Is it hate or just me holding him to a higher standard? I'll let you be the judge of that. I recently went to a Sports bar with my friends to catch the NBA All-star game and as usual we had our “Brendan hates Lebron” Convo. This conversation was a little different though instead of me telling them how overrated I think the him and Miami Heat are to shut them up I gave them realistically where I thought Lebron would be after at the end of his career. So here it is for me to share with the world.

So when having this conversation in the middle of a shenanigans sports bar several weeks ago I gave them my objective opinion of Lebron. I gave them what I like About his game such as his passing ability, Body Control and defensive versatility. Things I don't like are his Jumpshot and his complaining towards officiating when he rarely doesn’t get a call. The conversation went on about why I don't like him and huge reason I have a hard time liking him is because everything he does gets blown out of proportion. A triple-Double in the regular season against a sub par team is looked at as an immortal performance by someone who is simply unstoppable. When he has off nights against some of the leagues top defenses though we want to scrutinize the hell out of him when we didn't hesitate to look at him as immortal in the first place.

Then there is the everyday arguments between Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless about Lebron vs. Jordan everyday Lebron does something worth talking about. It's not fair to compare the 2 players whole career's unless you comapre Lebron's first 10 season's to Michael Jordan's first 10 seasons. You have that type of Lebron Media coverage and then you have the other type of Lebron media coverage like when shows like SportsNation on ESPN dissect and analyze his tweets, ARE YOU SERIOUS? If that is where Sports&media is going then I may want to become a doctor or something else,talk about basketball.

That's not LBJ's fault though, Oh wait yes it is. Listen Lebron is not a stupid guy when he came out of High School and he called himself “King James” as he still does in text messages to other NBA players knew it would catch on, he knew the media what eat that up and they did. “The Decision” although it was for charity was another publicity stunt that Lebron knew would garner him a lot of attention. He knows exactly what he is doing and in my eyes he is a Media whore. He is egotistical and can't handle criticism and I loathe that about him.

Besides all that though Lebron is a one of kind talent. I have never seen a guy who could effectively guard 5 positions and be able to facilitate an offense on the other end of the floor, that's unheard of to me. I have been a huge critic his whole career and for the better part of it I have been right but to see the level of calmness he is playing with this year is impressive to me and it's allowed him to take his game to another level winning a championship does that for you. He became the youngest player in NBA History to reach 20,000 which is beyond impressive due to the fact the Lebron does not posses a true scores Mentality. He is an All-Purpose basketball player and will do whatever it takes to win so he isn't looking to get 30,40 or 50 points a night he just adjusts to the flow game and makes the right decision from there.

So in this conversation with my friends Rashaan and Adyian I told them at the end of his career when it's all said and done James will accomplish the following.

  • Win 3 Championships
  • Surpass Michael Jordan in scoring and become a top 5 scorer in NBA history (Because he came out of high school)
  • become the Most Efficient Small Forward in the History of the league
  • Win multiple defensive player of the year awards
  • 20x All-star

Sounds like a great career right? If you disagree with anything I am saying Tweet me @thatboybtaylor.

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