Friday, April 5, 2013

Win It for Ware

It's been several days since the Horrific injury to Louisville's Kevin Ware and we have had time to really digest what transpired last Sunday in Dallas Through interviews on ESPN and even an Appearance on the David Lettermen show. It has really put things into perspective for Fans who view the games from all angles. Whether  you're a fan, sportswriter or even mother of a collegiate  athlete The injury reminded us all that when these young men step on the court that they are putting themselves at risk for injury, What happened to Kevin Ware could have happened to anybody else's kid on that court. That's the thing about this story , many of us could look at Kevin Ware and see our Brother, son or our daughter.

I'm happy Kevin Ware had a successful surgery and I'm Hoping and praying for a speedy recovery, so he can get back to doing what I'm sure he loves in life and that's playing the game of basketball. Good Luck to the Louisville Cardinals in the Final Four tomorrow, Hopefully they pull through for  Kevin and cut some nets down.

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