Sunday, June 2, 2013

Game 7

In sports nothing is more scintillating than a game 7 regardless of the sport and that’s exactly what we will have tomorrow in the NBA between the defending champion Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. For both teams tomorrow night will represent 2 completely different things.

For the Miami Heat Tomorrow represents them getting back where they want to be for the 3rd straight year and that’s the NBA Finals. When Lebron James made “The Decision” to come to Miami 2 seasons ago he didn't hesitate to make guarantee’s saying they would win “Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 championships” and etc. This put the basketball world in a frezny causing people in media and blogs to scrutinize every little move they made. We have seen the perception of Lebron change in 2 seasons from “He's a choke artist” to “He is the best player on the planet and he is now a clutch player". The Heat are 1 for 2 in the NBA Finals during the big 3 era. So tomorrow represents either a step closer to success or the perception of Lebron possibly reverting back to what it used to be. So all the pressure is on Miami to win tomorrow.

For the Indiana Pacers this series has been about team leaders Paul George and Roy Hibbert rising to the occasion and elevating their games to new heights to match the level of the Miami Heat. Whether threw facial dunks or tenacious offensive rebounds Hibbert and George have

done a great job of bouncing back after tough losses and making this thing go 7 games. Should the Pacers take game 7 they will be on their way to the franchises 1st NBA finals appearance since 2000 where they were swept by a Laker team in the process of starting a dynasty. It would be a huge deal because nobody picked the Pacers to even be here and they continue to prove people wrong. For a franchise that has a history of being stopped by greats like Jordan and Shaq if they can knock off Lebron tomorrow it will be one off the biggest accomplishments in franchise history. Tomorrows game means a lot for the Indiana Pacer franchise but all the pressure is on the Heat.

So Game 7 tomorrow, legacy's will be written and history will take the place. Will Lebron and the Heat remind the world of why they are the best team in basketball? or will Paul George and Roy Hibbert make you regret not paying attention to them in the first place?

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