Monday, July 29, 2013

Converse Needs To Bring Back Retro Larry Johnson Sneakers

In the very long line of great 1990's sneaker commercials the Converse“Grandmama” ads for then Charlotte Hornets star forward rank near the very top right next to the “Lil Penny” ads for Nike and all those great Air Jordan commercials. With the retro movement being very alive in the sneaker world I think this is the perfect time for Converse to re release the Larry Johnson sneakers to the public.

With Brands like Jordan, Nike and Reebok all flooding the market with retro releases I think there is still a void to be filled as far as variety goes. It's been a very long time since Converse made a huge impact in the shoe game. With no athletes to produce new sneakers for and market to the public Converse has had to rely on its history to sell its product. The Brand can get away with that because the sneaker has such a foothold among fashion in American culture that it will continue to sell at a high level because Chuck Taylor's are simply timeless. It's been a long time though since Converse had any sneaker that people see ads for or rush to store go buy since probably the Wades back in the mid 2000's when Wade 1st broke in the league. Re Releasing classics by LJ such as the “React” or “Aero Jams” would bring more variety to local sneaker stores and it would provide a chance for people like myself who love the Aero Jams but never had the chance to buy them a chance to get themselves a pair. The move can't do nothing but help the Converse brand.

The Biggest reason that this move is perfect to make at this time is that the Charlotte Hornets name is coming back to Charlotte next NBA season and we all know how many popular sneakers used teal&purple over the last few years. Just check out some of the best Hornet colored sneakers we have had over the last few years.

Lebron 10 Hornets

Retro Air Jordan Grape 5's

Adidas Crazy Quick Teal/Purple

Those are 3 examples right there of sneakers in the shoe game that made a huge impact and with the name coming back to the NBA dropping arguably the greatest sneaker of that team's era just makes perfect sense. So Converse call LJ or his people and make it happen for the sneaker heads worldwide. 

Steve Smith Takes His Talents To The Slot

12 seasons and still counting Carolina Panthers wideout Steve Smith is still getting it done at a high level. Like most great players he continuously is trying to get better and evolve his talents for the benefit of his team. At 34 years old Smith is going to be used a lot more in the slot this season which makes sense due to the fact that he has ideal slot receiver size. Smith said the following about his new role "I'm looking forward to it, As you get older as a player, you can do a couple things. You can either adapt or not adapt and fade out. For me, what I'm trying to do is adapt."

Smith is embracing that role this season due in large part to former teammate and slot receiver Ricky Proehl becoming the receivers coach, Proehl was Smith’s teammate from 2003-2005. Proehl  when speaking about his former teammate expressed the following "I'm excited about working with him inside, between the hashes,He's got all of the tools to do that, and it's something that he wants to get better at. He's already communicated that to me”. Smith’s incendiary speed and explosiveness is going to allow him to get off the line quick and make plays in the middle of the field further adding to the Panther offense.

So 12 seasons in, 11,000 yards and still counting and Steve Smith at 34 years old is still trying to find ways to evolve himself and not stay content. Love him or hate him you have to respect the hunger and work ethic of the man who wears number 89 in the electric blue on Sundays.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Affect of Jeremy Maclin's Torn ACL to the Eagles for the 2013-14 Season

Hey, followers of the Tru School Sports blog, I'm the new guy, Harvin. Anyways, this is my first article. Hope y'all enjoy.

Starting off, everything looked bright for the Eagles, heading into the 2013-14 NFL season. New coach, meaning new offense, 4th overall pick, Lane Johnson, shoring up the shaky offensive line and just a fresh start from last season's disastrous performance.

Unfortunately, during the early part of training camp, during one of the Eagles non-contact practices, Jeremy Maclin tore his ACL. In the 7-7 drills, Maclin tore it and was on the ground for several minutes, while the medical staff attended to his right leg. Shortly after, he needed to be assisted to a motorized cart.

On Twitter, mounds of tweets in support of Maclin were showered by Eagles fans and from other players. In response, Maclin tweeted:

As it is quite obvious, Jeremy Maclin's 2013-14 campaign is over and the best thing for him to do is to fully recover and prepare to try and have his 1st 1,000 yard season of his short career or an Adrian Peterson-esque comeback season for 2014-15. Hopefully he can regain his old 2010 form, where he hauled in 70 receptions for 964 yards and 10 TD's, all of them being career highs, even after the ACL tear. 

Expectations for Maclin in Chip Kelly's high octane offense were at least 70 receptions, 1,000 yards receiving and 7 or so TD's for the 2013-14 season but after this serious knee injury, is expectations for the following season are closer to his career averages of 65 catches, 863 yards and 6 or 7 TD's.

The Eagles were predicted to challenge for the NFC East title as top team by many this season with the Dallas Cowboys knack for losing leads, the New York Giants tendency to be inconsistent and the Washington Redskins franchise QB, RGlll starting the season on the disabled list and a possible sophomore slump for Griffin and Alfred Morris. However, with Maclin out for the upcoming season, the Eagles expectations go down, not drastically but not slightly either. Maclin being out for the 2013-14 season, causes Desean Jackson to be focused on, hindering his expectations as well. Also, the running game isn't going to be as well as advertised, even with the improved O-Line, as more attention is going to be focused on Lesean McCoy. As the O-Line has improved for the Eagles with the addition of 1st-Round selection, Lane Johnson, and the return of Jason Peters from a torn Achilles, the receiving corpse has suffered a huge blow Jeremy Maclin's torn ACL. 

Whoever wins the QB competition in Philadelphia, Michael Vick, Nick Foles or even Matt Barkley, is going to have a tough time advancing the ball. 

Good Luck, Philadelphia Eagles and best wishes for Jeremy Maclin's recovery from a torn ACL. 

Lebron James Plays DJ For NBA 2K14 Soundtrack

Lebron James is the biggest thing in basketball, NBA 2K is the biggest thing in sports gaming. Put the 2 together and it makes for one the most anticipated releases in basketball video gaming history. Lebron is the cover athlete and in the prime of his career coming off back to back titles, this is his very 1st video game cover. Not only is he just some cover boy but the Akron native was actually the 1st player that chose the songs for the games soundtrack. James when asked about picking songs for the soundtrack expressed the following 2K is letting me take control of some important elements in NBA 2K14, including this year’s soundtrack, I love that I’m the first NBA 2K cover athlete to choose the soundtrack.” So just how did LBJ do selecting songs for NBA 2K14?? I'll let you be the judge.

Big Krit, “Cool 2 be Southern”
Cris Cab, “Paradise (On Earth)”
Coldplay, “Lost!”
Daft Punk (feat. Pharrell Williams), “Get Lucky”
Drake, “Started From The Bottom”
Eminem, “Not Afraid”
Fly Union, “Long Run”
Gorillaz, “Clint Eastwood”
Imagine Dragons, “Radioactive”
Jada Kiss (feat. Ayanna Irish), “Can’t Stop Me”
Jay-Z, “The Ruler’s Back”
John Legend (feat. Rick Ross), “Who Do We Think We Are”
Kanye West, “All Of The Lights”
Kendrick Lamar, “Now Or Never”
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ray Dalton), “Can’t Hold Us”
Nas (feat. Puff Daddy), “Hate Me Now”
Phil Collins, “In The Air Tonight”
Robin Thicke (feat. Pharrell), “Blurred Lines”
The Black Keys, “Elevator”
The Black Keys, “Howlin For You”

So first order of business when addressing Lebron's selections are that he actually does listen to Imagine Dragons, he kept shooting basketballs to it in the Dr.Dre Beats commercial so I got curious so at least that has been answered. All in all I think he did a great job of picking songs that are true to his personality but that also appeal to all fans there is something for everybody on here. Hip Hop fans, pop fans, alternative fans and just fans of music in general all have something they can enjoy on the soundtrack. For me personally I'm a big fan of guys like Kendrick Lamar, Jadakiss, Big Krit so songs like “Now or Never” and “ You Can't Stop Me” really jump out at me. Coldplay, Cris Cab and Robin Thicke are going to appeal to a lot of people because they have a huge fan base. One song that really jumps out reading that play list is Phil Collins-In the air tonight. That’s not really the kind of song you would expect in a normal basketball game but NBA 2K is far from normal. So the songs on here are upbeat, some are hype and others just put you in that mind frame as if you were about to take the floor for shoot around on the hardwood.

I have always loved the NBA 2K franchise and have lots of memories playing it amongst my friends so looking forward to another great game. Can't wait for further developments of the game to come out but this is a great first step.

Well done Lebron!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

No Love At The Top For The Tampa Bay Rays

I love MLB Network and baseball tonight I think they have many great former players turn baseball personalities but they all routinley flash some sort of bias towards bigger market teams like the Yankees and Redsox while slapping the Tampa Bay Rays in the face. Just today on MLB Network I heard Kevin Millar say about an upcoming game between the Redsox and Orioles that “These are the 2 teams to watch in the AL East”. The problem isn't that he said that it's that I hear other analysts say those same exact things. The fact of the matter is not only are the Tampa Bay Rays one of the best and most exciting teams in baseball but they are also doing it on a shoe string payroll (57 Million $-28th in baseball)

The Rays are such a fundamentally sound team and the proof is in the pudding in both pitching and hitting they rank in the top half of just about every major statistical category. They 6th in runs (.475), 9th in batting average (.262), 5th in on base percentage (.330), 5th in slugging percentage (.421). If the Yankees were putting up those kind of offensive numbers this year they would be getting praise from every news outlet and there would be countless guarantees of champagne baths in October but since its the Rays they get overlooked and don't get the credit they deserve and I for one am sick of it.

Tampa Bay's fan base or lack there of is partially the reason why I feel outlets like ESPN don't give them the love they deserve. This season once again they are struggling to put fannies in the seats averaging just 17,790 per game which puts them only ahead of the Marlins at 29th in the league. Now I have been to Tropican Field it isn't the most ideal ballpark in america but its quirks make it nice to me but when it comes to stadiums in any sports it all comes down to location. For years I have heard Rays fans say that they need a ballpark built in the heart of Tampa Bay because just in case you didn't know they play in St.Petersburg and the park is in the middle of nowhere. Now We can only attribute attends problems to location for so long if a team is playing great baseball at some point more fans got to come out to the ballpark if their team is in first place.

At Tropicana Field on a nightly basis you get to see a great young nucleus of players take the field such as David Price,Evan Longoria, Ben Zorbrist, Matt Joyce, Desmond Jennings, Sam Fuld, Kelly Johnson and Yunel Escobar. The Rays are not a boring team to watch they score runs and play as a team and that’s what any fan would want from they're favorite baseball team.

Another thing that’s great about the Rays is that they have arguably the smartest manager in the game of baseball today in Joe Madden. His feel for the game is second to none and one thing you have to love about him is that he isn't afraid to challenge conventional wisdom if he thinks it work for the team and not many managers have the guts to do that. He also happens to be one of the more insightful guys in the game of baseball.

So as the Rays sit at the top of the AL East in front of the media darlings known as the Yankees and Redsox they continue to fly under the radar and receive minimal love at best from baseball experts in the media. I'm sure the players like it better that way but as a fan of the game I like to see a team get their just due. So ESPN give the Rays some more love and Rays fans get out to the ballpark and support your team it's quite sad. If people don't give them recognition now they might be forced to at the end of October.

Friday, July 26, 2013

This Is "The Year" For Demarcus Cousins

Its been 3 seasons since Demarcus Cousins set foot on an NBA basketball court for the Sacramento Kings and in that time a lot of drama has occurred but not many wins have. If we take a look at Cousins we see that he is 6'11 270 pounds but this guy has such a unique skill set for his size. He can play in the low post, high post, face up and back to the basket. He can run the floor at his size and still has the ability to stretch the defense with his jump shot. So the question we need to ask here is, why is such a premier talent not leading his team to the playoffs why hasn't he put it together? The Answer to that is simple and that’s because he hasn't matured and has a serious attitude problem but not everything is DMC's fault the Kings have never surrounded him with the right talent.

This season is the year for Cousins to put all the excuses and bad attitude behind him and become a team leader for a Kings team who made some additions to improve the team. Cousins needs to become that dominating force we all know he is capable of being in Sacramento this year he is 22 with 3 seasons in the league people who like him like myself as well as Kings management can no longer justify his horrible behavior any longer.

When evaluating Cousins game through his 1st three season you can see that he is becoming more self aware of what he does and doesn’t do well. His field goal percentage has improved every year from his rookie season from 43% to 46%. Free throw percentage has increased from 68% to 73%. He has also managed to average 1 steal per season keep in mind that this guy is the teams Power Forward/Center. He also racked up 36 double-doubles which put him top 15 in the league in that category, that’s elite company. So although he may have a bad attitude lets keep in mind that this guy is improving.

This off season one acquisition that I believe be great for Cousins is the signing of Greivis Vasquez. Vasquez is a known facilitator at the point guard position which no disrespect to Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer Fredette is something Demarcus has never had in his entire career. This is a guy who just last season averaged 9 assists and was 2nd among all starting point guards in double-doubles with 25. Vasquez is going to provide some much needed stability at the point guard position for Sacramento and will improve the ball movement which only improves life for Cousins.

So everything is there for the taking this season for Demarcus Cousins. He has had a busy summer surely he has been working hard. The Kings have improved the roster with guys like Greivis Vasquez and Ben Mclemore. He has experience in the league. Its all in the attitude if it gets corrected he is an all-star and becomes the focal point for success in Sacramento but if it dosen't its then he is also the focal point for failure. So whats it going to be Demarcus?? You said you want to be a King but do you want to make the word “Sacramento” mean something when you put that jersey on??

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Yasiel Puig In 2013 Reminds Me Of Miguel Cabrera In 2003

Yasiel Puig has provided an instant boost to the morale of the Dodgers since he set foot inside the Dodger clubhouse. They were struggling at the beginning of June at 24-32 with the season slowly but surely going down the tubes- enter Yasiel Puig and fast forward about a month and a half later and the Dodgers now sit atop the NL West division at 53-47 a lot of the Dodgers turnaround could be attributed to the energy that Puig has brought to the line up. It has made players around him start playing better and the Dodgers look like the team people expected before the season started. Now I have seen this same type of energy and impact before and it happened to come in the form of Miguel Cabrera 10 years ago back in 2003 for the world champion Florida Marlins.

Although Puig now and Cabrera then are 2 different kind of players the energy and impact both of them brought to their respective ball clubs is vastly similar. Puig on June 3rd made his major league debut vs the San Diego Padres for a struggling Dodgers team at 24-32 lingering towards the bottom of the NL West. Puig went 2-4 and had an outfield assists to end the game on a double play resulting in a Dodgers win. Miguel Cabrera on June 20th 2003 got his 1st start in the big leagues although the production of that game isn't as great as Puig's what he did produce matches Yasiel. Cabrera went 1-5 in that game but that 1 hit which was his 1st in what is now a great major league career was a walk off home run in the 11th inning off of Al Levine which gave the Marlins a 3-1 win over the Devil Rays. From that point forward the Marlins looked like an entirely different ball club. They played a lot looser and with a lot more energy and after May 23rd 2003 the Marlins compiled a 72-42 record which was best in baseball and led them to a 91-71 finish and a wild card berth which ultimately led them to a World Series championship over the New York Yankees. Cabrera had a lot to do with the Marlins great production after May 23rd. Puig Like Cabrera in 03 has been a huge reason that the Dodgers since his arrival on June 3rd are 30-15 up to this point.

Puig and Cabrera like I said earlier are much different players and Puig right now at 22 is 2 years older than Cabrera in 2003 he was 20. The energy they both brought to the teams they played for are very alike in my eyes. The only question now is if the Dodgers make the playoffs will the Impact that Puig has had here in 2013 wind up in resulting in the same way as Cabrera in 2003 when the Marlins won the world series?? I guess only time will tell.

Derrick Favors: Next Big Thing In Utah

Its a new era of Utah Jazz Basketball and people are very excited about the future of 22 year old Derrick Favors. Favors who was originally drafted by the then New Jersey Nets was traded to Utah for Deron Williams so that right there just tells you how much potential people think he has. Favors dominated at South Atlanta High School, he dominated at Georiga Tech but will he dominate at the NBA level??

Favors through out his time in Utah has seen limited minutes in the Jazz rotation due to Paul Milsap and Al Jefferson being focal points of the team but with both gone that’s all about to change. Last season he averaged only 23.2 Minutes a game but the production he gave Utah was tremendous off the bench averaging 9.4 points, 7.1 Rebounds on 48% shooting. Thats good production as a bench player for the amount of minutes he was playing. Now he is guaranteed substantial minutes and will likely be the focal point of the offense so the Atlanta native will have a chance to really show the basketball world what he is capable of.

This summer Favors is hard at work attending USA mini camp with some of the NBA's best young talent. Going up against that competition is great but it pales in comparison to the 2 months of training he did with Jazz great Karl Malone. Favors when speaking about the training with Malone said the following "He just taught me just a lot of mental stuff,During workouts we're just talking. He was just showing me things here and there, that everything was mostly mental." That’s a big deal for any young player in this league to work under the Tutelage of a guy like Karl Malone for an extended period of time. Favors spoke more of the training saying "Might sound crazy but the hardest thing was getting ready to work out with him. He wanted me to be in shape, be ready before he got there. We did a lot of things, a lot of conditioning stuff so he wanted me to be ready for him." Favors is training with a great to be great so hopefully this translates to the court this season.

I like Derrick Favors a lot I think at 6-10 and thick 248 pounds he is a physically imposing speciman who is tremendous at using his athleticism to finish around the rim and has impeccable timing when it comes to blocking shots as he averaged 1.7 Blocks in just 23 minutes last year as a bench player. For Favors now its all about developing a post game and then ultimately that “Go to” move in the post that so many of the great big men have. Favors has all the tools now he just needs to put it all together and if he does he will be one of the very few elite big men in the NBA.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vegas Summer Leagues Best

Vegas Summer League is usually the more competitive out of the 2 summer leagues with their being more teams and young talent to watch and evaluate. So with that said I bring You the finest Vegas summer league had to offer.

Dwight Buycks (Toronto Raptors)

Coming into the Orlando summer league Buycks was an unknown prospect to most but like summer league has proven in the past guys you don’t expect to play at a high level breakout and earn an NBA contract. During his play at the Orlando summer league for the Thunder Buycks raised eye brows with his ability to control pace and tempo for the Thunder. Fast forward to the very next week in Vegas and Buycks elevated his game to another level increasing his scoring average from 18 to 23 Points per game on 54% shooting. His play at the Vegas summer league earned him a 1 year deal with the Toronto Raptors. He will likely be Kyle Lowry’s back up this coming season.

Vegas Summer League Stats: 23 PPG 5 Rebounds 7Assists 1 Steal on 54% shooting in 2 games

Jonas Valanciunas (Toronto Raptors)

This season with Andrea Bargani gone the native of Lithuania is expected to be the man in the middle for a young Raptors team. He earned Vegas summer league MVP honors with his outstanding play in the post. The thing that’s impressive about Jonas is that he gets the shot he wants and plays with a patience you don’t see many guys his age play with. With him in the middle the Raptors have stability at the center position. Jonas also did a tremendous job at rebounding and using all 7 feet of himself to corral loose balls. If his play in Vegas is any indicator for how he will play in the regular season then Toronto fans have a lot to look forward to this year.

Vegas Summer League Stats: 18.8 PPG  10 Rebounds 1.8 Assists on 56%  shooting in 4 games

CJ Mcollum (Portland Trailblazers)

CJ Mcollum will be an excellent compliment to rookie of the year Damian Lillard in Portland. He showed flashes of what he could be during summer league but like most guys here he is adjusting to the speed of the game. At times he made quick decisions that helped his team and other times he was forcing up shots. Although he shot 36% from the floor I think as he adjusts to the speed of the game and plays with the higher caliber players on the Portland roster. Nothing to worry about for now, Rather him shoot 36% now then when the games really count in October.

Vegas Summer League Stats: 21 Points 4 Rebounds 3.4 Assists 1 Steal on 36% shooting in 5 games

Thomas Robinson (Portland Trailblazers)

He has already bounced around during his time in the NBA with Portland being his 3rd team in only his 2nd year in the NBA. For the 1st time though I think he has a chance to get consistent minutes in the Blazer rotation and that’s all he really needs is a chance. This year during his Vegas summer league stint he ranked 3rd in rebounds with 12.8 and provided lots of energy for the Blazers on the glass as well defensively. He also gave you 10 points on offense so T-Rob was a double-double machine while on the floor. This was a good opportunity for him to get to know some of his teammates. He will produce in Portland and bring a good effort nightly.
Vegas Summer League Stats:10.4 PPG 12.8 Rebounds 1.2 Assists 1 Steals 1.2 Blocks on 37% shooting in 5 games

Kent Bazemore (Golden State Warriors)

Known more for his bench celebrations then his play Kent Bazmore proved himself as one of the best players in Vegas. Many people who follow the Warriors say the reason they got rid of Jarret Jack was because they had confidence in Bazemore to be able to step in and fill his role and for less money. He played with a lot of confidence and wasn’t shy about shooting the ball averaging just under 16 shots per game. One thing I like about Bazemore is that he moves his feet very well on defense and when teams switch pick and rolls he does a good job in those situations. He has defiantly improved and was a big reason the Warriors won the summer league tittle. He needs to cut down on the turnovers and continue to improve his perimeter jump shot.

Vegas Summer League Stats: 18.5 PPG 4.7 Rebounds 2.8 Assists 1.7 steals on 44% in 6 games

Jack Cooley (Memphis Grizzlies)

In basketball one thing has always proven to be true and that’s that you can never have enough guys who can rebound. That’s exactly what Cooley proved himself to be at summer league averaging just under 10 Rebounds a game. One thing I like about Cooley is that he does a good job of using his body to position himself for rebounds. He can also score the ball as well averaging 15 points per game but he could average more if he improves his free throw shooting. I think Cooley can be a serviceable big right now.

Vegas Summer League Stats: 15 PPG 9.2 Rebounds 1.2 Blocks on 52% shooting in 6 games.

Jeffery Taylor (Charlotte Bobcats)

Jeff Taylor made some strides this offseason in his game in the confidence department because he wasn’t afraid to take any shots on the floor and the numbers as well as his play on the floor reflect just that. Taylor was the Bobcats 2nd round draft pick and although they drafted him for his defense he displayed the ability to put the ball on the floor and finish with authority which has to be encouraging for Charlotte. He shot his 3 pointer at a high clip as well but that’s to be expected from him. Expect Taylor to have a larger impact on the Bobcats this season in the rotation. Taylor was named to the summer league 1st team.

Vegas Summer League Stats: 20.3 Points 2.8 Rebounds 1 Assist 1.8 steals on 47% shooting in 4 games

Cody Zeller (Charlotte Bobcats)

Many fans were critical of Zeller being selected 4th overall by Charlotte. Now I see why they picked him he is the Perfect player to Al Jefferson who is a low post scorer. Zeller being a mobile athlete creates a lot o mismatches and with his jump shot it stretches the defense while still having to account for Jefferson. He also can switch on pick and rolls because he moves his feet very well on the defensive end. Zeller showed all of these things during his time in summer league. He like teammate Jeff  Taylor made the 1st team for the Vegas Summer league. Looking forward to seeing how they utilize him in the offense when the games really count.

Vegas Summer League Stats: 16.3 PPG 9.3 Rebounds 1.5 Assists on 52% shooting in 4 games

Archie Goodwin (Phoenix Suns)

When watching the draft I thought the Phoenix Suns got a steal at 29 with Archie Goodwin the kind of productivity he will give you for being drafted that low is going to pay off for the Suns. The thing that I like about Archie is that he doesn’t force many shots and make sure the ones that he does take are high percentage. That’s the reason he shot his 3 pointer at  a gaudy 63% (7-11). He will Give Phoenix some nice scoring but he needs to improve in other areas. He has good hands would like to see him get more active on defense and accumulate more steals I think he’s capable of that.

Vegas Summer League Stats: 12.3 Points 3.3 Rebounds on 48% shooting in 6 games

So there you have it some of the best guys this past Vegas Summer league. Guys like Andrew Goudelock, Malcom Thomas as well as John Henson performed very well in Vegas…Who impressed you in Vegas?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tru School Of Kicks: Reebok Kamikaze "Remember The Alamo"

The Reebok retro movement has brought back a great line up of classic footwear back into the hands of sneaker heads everywhere and has connected generations. With the retro sneakers being back people in the shoe game experiment using different silhouettes in colorways that were never thought of. The Reebok Kamikaze 2 inspired by Seattle Supersonics star Shawn Kemp was used as the basis for Packer Shoes to use a colorway so crazy that sneaker heads worldwide wouldn't know what to do with themselves. Enter the “Remember The Alamo” and the gaudy colorway that comes with it and you have a pretty classic sneaker on your hands.

The sneaker features a grey/silver/white base with orange/pink/blue accents inspired by the old colors of the San Antonio Spurs in the 1990's. The shoe will be released August 2nd exclusively threw Packer shoes, you can follow them on Twitter @packershoes. All in all I'm looking forward to the response from the world of sneaker lovers. I'm pretty sure ina few months I'll see these in my neck of the woods on someones foot here in South Florida@PackerShoes

Atlanta Hawks Have A Steal In Dennis Schroeder

Over the last 10+ days I've been watching a lot of NBA summer league and have seen many of the leagues new fresh young talent. Few of them though have caught my eye as much as the 17th overall in this years NBA draft Dennis Schroeder. The young German Point guard has displayed tremendous poise and at 19 years old already knows how to run an offense. His priority is defense first and when he is defending whoever he uses that 6'7 wingspan and doesn’t give his opponents that much space to get comfortable. With Jeff Teague potentially going to the Milwaukee Bucks it is possible that the 19 year old out of Germany might be the starting point guard for the Atlanta Hawks. If you aren't familiar with the German born point guard then let me get you familiar with him before the word gets out.

Schroeder played 2 years of pro basketball in Germany and also had some stints with the German U-18 and U-20. He caught the attention of many scouts at the annual Nike hoop summit held in Portland where the best high school talent in the world competes against each other. In a sea of top tier talent like Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker,Julius Randle and Aaron Gordon Schroeder managed to shine among them with 18 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists in 112-98 win for the World team over the USA.

I kept hearing good things about him among basketball fans I follow on Twitter so when I finally had the chance to watch him play I liked what I saw from immediately. Patience, poise and Intensity are a few words I would use to describe his game. All game long against the Kings he was matched up with Ray Mcallum and made his life a living hell giving very little room to maneuver. He gets low in that stance and uses all 6'7 of his wingspan to get his hands on the ball and force the opponent to make a bad decision with the ball. On offense he plays with a tremendous amount of patience for some one his age. In the pick&roll he makes quick decisions and takes what the defense gives him. If they go under the screen he shots the jumper or if they pack the paint then he just swings the ball and gets his team into the offensive set immediately.

I think the Hawks got a steal at #17 with Dennis Schroeder any young point guard who can run an offense patiently and makes defense his top priority makes any team better. Might be one of the top value picks in the 2013 Draft. If you are unfamiliar with Schroeder and his game check out the video below.

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