Friday, September 13, 2013

Giveaway Rules

Hello everybody hope you are having a fantastic day today. Just wanted to give you guys the rundown on how the giveaways will work.

Its very simple I along with all the writers on this page have stuff to give away. Your objective is to get as many entries for prizes as possible so here are the many ways you can get your name into the drawing for our prizes.

1. Following @truschoolsports on Twitter (if you don't already) 

 tweet us that you want to be in the drawing by using the hash tag #TSS. You can find the follow button in the right hand corner of this page.

2.Retweeting Any Giveaway Tweet

So for example if I tweet out something like “30 Retweets and I will randomly select someone as the winner of an authentic Dwyane Wade jersey”. All you have to do is retweet it.

3. Liking Us On Facebook

Just below the twitter feed on the right hand corner of the site is the Facebook “Like” button. Click on that and once you do that leave us a wall post informing us that you just liked the page and would like to be entered in the drawing for some prizes.

4.Commenting On Todays Question Of The Day

I'm going to post a sports related question down below, all you have to do is comment with answer and you will automatically be rented in the drawing for some prizes.

So there's 4 ways you can get entries into the drawing, I would advise you to use all of them (If you can) so you can maximize your chances at winning something. So keep your eyes on our Twitter account and answer the question of the day down below...Good Luck!!

Question Of The Day

What is your favorite team in all of sports and how did you become a fan?


  1. Hockey is my #1, and the Penguins are my favorite team. I moved around a lot when I was younger, due to my dad's work, and never really established a "home base" for sports teams. Quite simply, when I started becoming a fan in 1992, they had just won their second consecutive Stanley Cup, and when you don't really have a "home team," and you're 12 years old, you just follow whoever's on top. I've stuck with them ever since.

    1. Yeah I know how that is and If I was in your situation I would have cheered on Mario Lemeiux and Jagr as well.


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