Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The League News NBA All-Time Draft (Round 1)

Wanted to inform some the readers here at Tru School Sports about something going on at the other website I write for The League News. At The League News there are so many writers and it was decided that 30 writers from the site would partake in an all-time draft of players in NBA history. So any player who put on an NBA jersey is fair game. Each writer are representing 1 NBA franchise.A few Writers on this site are actually taking part in it such as Brian, Daniel, TJ and myself. We recently just completed the 1st round and here are how the Tru School Sports writers picked in the 1st round.

7th Detroit Pistons- Lebron James (Brian Rzeppa)
17th Memphis Grizzlies- Moses Malone (TJ Anderson)
23rd New Orleans Pleicans-Charles Barkely (Daniel Soden)
27th Charlotte Hornets-Isiah Thomas (Brendan Taylor)

For the rest of the 1st round in the writers all-time draft click on the link below and stay tuned to The League News for all the other rounds coming up.

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