Monday, September 23, 2013

WrestleMania 30 will Be About Legacies

Following up on my last post. I cemented the importance of the Daniel Bryan-Randy Orton feud because with John Cena gone and CM Punk not involved in the big picture, a vacuum has been created opening a space for the new generation of the WWE to take control. Leading this vacuum has got to be Randy Orton and Bryan, and their feud will show WWE that they do not need Cena or Punk in the big picture to succeed. Cena has slowly been losing popularity, and with him gone, Bryan and Orton are dominating the main picture. Think about it, though, because of their feud, the Shield has gotten a renewed popularity, the Prime Time Players have gotten a push and I can go on about superstars being given focus, but this feud is good for business.


What is it for, though? After all, Cena will be back by January, Punk will be back in the main event and of course, the Undertaker will be back. The biggest importance of this feud is ushering in the new generation. There is a reason it is happening so close to the Road to WrestleMania and that reason is because this new generation will be the one shining at WrestleMania. It is no coincidence that Cody Rhodes got involved in this feud. It will set up WrestleMania 30 to be all about legacies.

Cody Rhodes participation showed that WWE and Goldust are still on working terms. The two brothers badly want a match against each other, so why not a passing of the torch match? With Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton's feud having it's repercussions on these two superstars, it's not unbelievable that they'll both be back for WrestleMania 30.

Vince McMahon has not been seen in a while, and that is because between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, it has been Tripel H who has been the heel opposing force. Now, a rumour ran around that Vince McMahon would be bringing back Stone Cold as his champion against Triple H. That would be horrible if it ever happened. However, it is not unbelievable that we will have a champion of McMahon facing COO Levesque at WrestleMania 30 in another passing of the torch match, this time corporate wise.

Between Orton and Bryan, somehow they'll be involved in the title picture, how, though, I can't figure out and we'll just have to see.

The big kahuna, however, would have to be John Cena versus the Undertaker. This would have to be the biggest legacy match since the Undertaker is the WWE's Past still coming Present. We all know that we would see a Cena heel turn in terms of his actions against the Rock, but the fact is that this would be a legacies match unrelated to the current feud. Possibly as a result of it's aftermath, but this would be there because it is the one the fans utterly demand because Cena is the only one McMahon could let beat the Streak. Hence, we will see this either headline or be penultimate to the headline of WrestleMania 30. Be prepared to see at least three or more possible passing of the torches matches.

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