Friday, October 11, 2013

Dwight Gets Called Kobe In Phillipines

According to Ben Chew, ( Dwight Howard was called Kobe during Thursday's game against the Indiana Pacers. Without sufficient information on this event, I will conclude that some person in the Philippines thought Howard was Kobe....... Wait! What am I thinking? How could anyone mistake Kobe for Dwight?  First of all Kobe is injured and would not be playing a game now. Second Howard is a lot taller than Kobe. Kobe's shot, especially his jumpers, are a lot different from Dwight's.

Just see for yourself.

Dwight Howard jumpers

So, if you know Kobe well, you know he loves the fade away. Dwight on the other hand does not need the fade away, because of his height.

OK, so what if it was not a mistake?

We know sports fans all the time mess with each other. At Astros games, opposing fans will yell insults at the Astros because they stink. In basketball though fans are different, fans are global.

The Rockets were in a foreign country, and some person at the game may not have known anything about basketball or the Rockets, other than that Kobe once played with Dwight.

Though to that one idea, I say, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE TOO!  The NBA would not schedule a game in a place where fans don't know the players. I could be wrong, but most likely it was a hyped up game with photo shoots and all that.

Well maybe I got tricked; maybe this is all a conspiracy to trick the average NBA fan or writer? Maybe that site is like the website, the Onion.

Well any way I look at it, I don't believe it. I cannot imagine Dwight being called Kobe.

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