Thursday, October 3, 2013

Michael Jordan Took O.J Mayo To School At Age 43

The other day during a ESPN Sportscenter segment they were showing a recent interview that NBA 2K14 had conducted with Michael Jordan and he revealed a few interseting things.

1.Michael Jordan thinks he could beat Lebron James in his prime but Kobe Bryant, not so much.

2. O.J Mayo a then high school basketball phenom got his rear end handed to him on the court by MJ after talking trash to #23.

Footage of what took place on that day has recently been leaked on the internet so you can see for yourself what Mike was talking about. Keep in mind Jordan was 43 and O.J Mayo was around 17-18 years old.

We hear a lot about if Jordan played against the newer more athletic generation of players that he wouldn't be as effective but this right here coupled with his Washington Wizards years are proof the MJ could have played in this era and make it look easy if he were in his prime.

O.J Mayo who is now playing for the Milwaukee Bucks gave his side of the story in the video down below.

Jordan was great and seemingly every year we just continue to hear stories that add to the seemingly never ending legend. Kudos to O.J Mayo for having the guts to talk trash to him though.

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