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Over 2 Million Red Sox Fans Flock To Boston To Celebrate Championship Season

- The video above is from my trip to the 2013 championship parade! I happen to catch a lot of good video of most members of the team and got a good shot of head coach John Farrell. Enjoy!

 Saturday was a day to rejoice for the entire Red Sox nation. How many of you reading right now thought the Sox would hoist up the World Series trophy come late October? Who thought the Sox would go from worst to first? Thats right...literally no one. Yesterdays festivities weren't a day to rub the victory in the face of other MLB franchises, it was more of a day to celebrate a long season of redemption, hard work, and of course the resiliency of the great city of Boston.

The Red Sox gathered what some thought were very questionable free agents in the offseason. Guys like Shane Victorino, Jonny Gomes, Koji Uehara, and Mike Napoli. But what were peoples first thoughts on having these players in Boston? Some people believed that these guys weren't the answer, they were not the solution to making the Sox once again a contender. But looking back at them now as World Series champions we all really can see just how important EVERY player was to this team.

 Each player had questions, but each player had something they needed to prove. Jonny Gomes wanted to prove he wasn't just the motivating clubhouse guy and also a real 9 inning player. Shane Victorino wanted to prove that he could still be effective after a sloppy contract year. Mike Napoli wanted to prove that he could still be an everyday position player, not moved around from place to place. And possibly the biggest addition of the 2012 offseason was Koji Uehara. A pitcher who wanted to prove that he was still durable and able to be put into a serious pitching role. The Red Sox seemed to be just a bunch of normal guys, no big money superstars like Josh Hamilton (who they could have signed), dedicated to a common goal.

I can tell you right now, sitting here with a 2013 Red Sox championship hat on my head that each player greatly accomplished everything they wanted to prove since spring training. And who could forget John Farrell? What a job he did uniting his players and making them once again focused and determined. And of course you cant go without praising Red Sox general manager Ben Cherrington who is the man that put this team together! What a job he did this season for this franchise, and now he will be rewarded with his first World Series ring.

The Red Sox banded together, they were closer than ever before, they were a family, and now maybe even a dynasty. Usually there is that one guy in a clubhouse nobody wants to talk to, but there wasn't that one guy on this special Sox team. Every player got along with one another  and everyone was focused on that one common goal, to hoist the trophy above their heads come a late October night. And now that season long goal has finally been accomplished as they hold the championship trophy high and pride symbolizing redemption, resiliency, and great strength.

In a season that some predicted the Sox to finish once again in the basement of the A.L. East behind teams like the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles people can see just how much this team proved all the doubters and the non believers wrong. I mean really ESPN? The Blue Jays finishing 20 games in front of the Sox? Get your head out of your a**! Nobody saw this coming and it feels damn good to celebrate this victory.

- Ya whoever made the photo above has got to feel really bad about their "predictions", world series contenders? More like bottom of the A.L. East with a losing record!

Boston needed something to hang on to after the tragic events of the Marathon bombing and the Sox did just that. Through great strength, determination, and heart the Red Sox showed the great city of Boston the path from tragedy to unifying a city and bringing joy to all those affected by the senseless acts of two terrorists. Boston deserved this, not just the team but the entire city. During the parade Jonny Gomes and Jarrod Saltalamacchia payed tribute to those affected in the bombing by placing a 617 strong jersey over the World Series trophy on the Boston Marathon finish line.

-Who remembers this beautiful moment? When Big Papi gave the emotinal speech after the bombings. This was possibly one of the greatest speeches/moments in Red Sox history.

On a beautiful fall morning startting at Fenway park (Saturday, Novermber 2nd) the Sox boarded the Duck Boats and went on in to the Charles River as they celebrated their victory in front of over 2 million fans. It was nothing but big vibrant smiles from players and fans alike.

This season was possibly the most historic and storied Red Sox championship (possibly only behind the dramatic 2004 World Series victory) due to everything the team did and overcame this season. Myself and TSS once again congratulates the entire Red Sox organization on their 2013 World Series Championship! I will post some pictures of the rolling rally below ( there are already some above) and the full video of my trip to the rolling rally is at the top of the article (Don't worry! I got great shots of all the players celebrating and rejoicing the undescribable day!).

 - Larry Lucchino (president/CEO of Red Sox) and John W. Henry (principal owner of Boston Red Sox) hold the World Series trophy in their duck boat as they parade the streets of Boston.

- Hundreds of Thousands of Red Sox fans wait for the team to come past their area. 25 total duck boats were a part of the parade (not all included players, some had front office, radio stations, etc.)

 - Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jonny Gomes hold up 617 strong jerseys on the finish line of the Boston Marathon beside marathon bombing survivors and store owners that had there buildings destroyed by the tragic events.

 - A fan hols up a sign that says party like its 1918, signifying the Red Sox's first World Series win at Fenway Park since 1918.

  - Jarrod Saltalamacchia takes in the beautiful and unforgettable day by taking video of the whole parade. I happened to get a great shot of Salty in my video, skip to 7:15 to see Salty on his boat!

  - David Ortiz runs to the Boston Marathon finish line after coming off his duck boat to do so

 -Jon Lester and Jake Peavy's duck boat goes past a large amount of cheerful Red Sox fans

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  1. I hope Boston fans enjoy this one because the Marlins Dynasty is upon us.......LOL JK!! Shoutout to the Sox though.


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