Friday, November 29, 2013

Who Has The Best Uniforms In College Football?

About a week or so ago, Tru School Sports posed a poll question: "Who has the best uniforms in college football?". The choices were Western Kentucky, USC, Notre Dame and Michigan. Overall, the poll got 47 votes - which is a large enough sample size to judge. Here are the results and some of my input on how it turned out.
Western Kentucky

Votes: 17 (36%)

Western Kentucky would've gotten my vote out of the four teams in this poll. These uniforms look really nice. The one thing that I absolutely love about them is the seal in the middle of the numbers. Now tell me that that doesn't look awesome. The silver helmets that go along with these threads look pretty sweet. I like the subtle design of the helmets as well - a simple stripe down the middle with the Hilltoppers logo on the sides. Western Kentucky's uniforms definitely earned a well-deserved spot at the top of our poll.


Votes: 16 (34%)

Surprisingly, the Michigan Wolverines came in second place in our poll. I say "surprisingly" because of how long they've worn these uniforms. Since 2008 these nice unis have been worn by Michigan. However, with all these fresh new uniforms coming out around the nation every year, the Wolverines still remain at the top of the charts in the "best-looking" uniforms category. With that being said, the fact that they've worn these uniforms for five straight years and placed second in this poll is pretty impressive. They definitely earned runner-up to Western Kentucky.


Votes: 9 (19%)

In my opinion, USC's uniforms are the most generic out of the four in this poll. Don't get me wrong, they look just as fresh as the other three, but where's the "pizzazz"? There doesn't seem to be anything that stands out in these uniforms which is why I don't believe they should've came in third place. Again, I think they are nice unis, but I don't think they are better than any of the other threads in this poll.

Notre Dame

Votes: 5 (10%)

Notre Dame got no love from the Tru School Sports voters. Honestly, I think these uniforms should've came in second place. These threads are very "Irish-like" and reflect Notre Dame's mascot very well. The presentation of the unis are spot on, too. The color and design of the numbers plus the shamrock on the sides of the helmets fit on these uniforms perfectly together. I would've liked to see these unis get more votes though, as I think they certainly were deserving of it.

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