Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 5 NBA Snapbacks #2 (Milwaukee Bucks)

So many things about this hat look right from colorway all the way down to that luminating logo.I honestly don't know where to even start. The color way being red and green really gives the hat that Christmas feel,kinda like its always Christmas in Milwaukee.Then there's the logo the dear sitting on top of the name spinning a basketball on his hand like hes curly Neal on the globetrotters or something. although this logo is a throwback or "hardwood classic" the bucks went back to the red and green colorway with lesser cooler looking modernized logo.If you look from a distance it looks like the deer is kissing the basketball its kinda like he is trying to tell you that he has love for the game of basketball,ands why wouldn't he? The bucks played the best basketball in franchise history with this logo winning the teams only franchise in 1971. They became the quickest expansion team to ever capture a championship in 1971 led by the likes of Oscar Roberston,Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bob Dandridge. This hat is one of my favorites by Mitchell&ness (even though i don't own one) ad any real hat lover should have.Even Cali swag district said "I'm no B.Jennings getting Milwaukee bucks"

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