Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ray Lewis: The Faith The Leader The Champion

Passion-Strong and barely controllable emotion

This word has defined Ray Lewis his whole career. From his pre game speeches to his moments of humility after reigning victorious it is the Faith driven passion that has willed the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl appearance and goal of Making Ray Lewis go out on top as he already announced this will be his last season in the NFL.

17 years of accolades doesn’t do this man justice his impact stretches far beyond the gridiron. He is a man driven by faith as I stated earlier and that Faith has inspired many people to do great things. Watching him speak to teammates in the huddle isn't just something football players can appreciate, it's something humanity can appreciate. “Love Conquers all, but if love doesn’t try hard work” was an eloquent quotation from the future hall of famer that resonates with me. Its something we can apply to in our everyday life. Ray Ray is a public speaker who has gone through many hardships in his life off the gridiron, when you sit there and listen to the passion in his voice and witness the intensity in his eyes you realize you are in the presence of greatness.

It has been 17 seasons of being one of the most feared Line backers and best defensive players to ever put on pads in the NFL. Through all the up and downs here Ray Lewis sits 1 win away from further Cementing his legacy in NFL lure and going out a on top a Champion with his 2nd Super Bowl Ring. Football fans all across America have relished and enjoyed every second of #52's Career and for one last time we get to see the Passion, Alpha Dog mentality and love of the game. I don't care if you are Ravens fan or a 49ERS Fan you have to respect what this guy has done for the game.

To many times I don't think we celebrate athletes for being great people but that is exactly what Ray Lewis embodies to football players,People and Leaders every where. His work with His Ray Lewis 52 foundation has done so much for the disadvantage youth in Baltimore. Giving families thousands upon thousands in turkeys for thanksgivings as well as backpacks and school supplies for kids. The most impressive thing to me is how he awards kids with the most priceless thing ever which is an education rewarding underprivileged kids scholarships to go get their college education.

So as Ray Ray steps on to the field at the Superdome in New Orleans gives us one last hoorah and shows the 25 gm's who passed on him in the draft in 96 that they were wrong think of Lewis as more then a football player. Enjoy the Passion and the swagger he brings to the Ravens defense and be ready for what I expect to be the Cherry on top of a great Career.

  • 13 time pro bowler
  • 2 time Defensive player of the Year
  • 2,050 TACKLES
  • 2000 Super Bowl Champion
  • 2 time AFC Champion
  • #Greatness

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Memorabilia Memories: Autographed Dell Curry Fleer 91 Basketball card

A new year brings new ideas and today I will be sharing a new segment today called “Memorabilia Memories” Where I go into my rather large collection of Sports Memorabilia and share some of that with you. Today I bring you my newest piece of memorabilia that I just collected from My trip to Orlando which is my Dell Curry signed basketball card. Make sure you guys check out my article on my trip to Orlando by the way. 

Dell Curry to this day is not only regarded as one of the best 6th man in NBA history but is still the New Orleans/Charlotte Hornets All-time leading scorer at 9,839 Points. Many of those shots were three pointers which Dell is known for in being one of the purest shooters ever. I met him in Orlando as Part of my trip to the Bobcats/Magic game and he was one of the nicest people in sports i've ever met. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Now U know

#35 Kenny Kadji

I know I am a few Days late but My #25 and rising Miami Hurricanes put a beat down on #1 Duke 90-63. People were sleeping for to long and we put the College Basketball world on notice. If you didn't catch the game Miami pretty much dominated for the whole game and looked like a College version of the Lob City. It was the first win in school history over a number 1 ranked team.

#0 Shane Larkin, #1 Durand Scott  During blowout

We suffocated Duke on Defense and made them look like a deer in the head lights I thinks it's time College Basketball fans and “experts” Pay more attention.This team is deep and can beat you in a variety of ways but U already knew that.

UM Students storm the Bank United Center after Upset win over #1

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Orlando Trip: Bobcats vs Magic

My best Friend Isaiah and I At the Amway Center

When you visit a new city you get exposed to a new way of life,people as well as feel a new energy. That's how I would describe my trip to the Amway Center in Orlando a few days ago to catch My Charlotte Bobcats. The trip was more then great I met 2 Charlotte Basketball Legends in Steve Martin and Dell Curry and the Bobcats won. Sounds pretty great right? Well it was...Let me breakdown the different aspects of the trip for you.

The Arena

The Amway Center is what everybody said it was and that’s one of the nicest arenas in the NBA. There were some cool little features that really stuck out to me such as the ability to be walking on the side walk and look into the Magic's practice court. Could you imagine just walking in a regular neighborhood and you get to see J.J Redick Shooting three's in the gym? Pretty cool if you ask me.

Although my dad Complained about the size of it the Magic museum located on the lower bowl of the arena I though it was neat. They did a really good job of chronicling the History of the team with numerous artifacts and newspaper clippings from the teams high's and lows. Also they were pretty fan friendly and have a playground for children located on the upper level of the arena.

Here are the negatives of the Amway Center. When I went to the gift shop and asked if they had any Penny Hardaway T-shirts or jerseys the employees looked confused and told me “No we don't”. They didn't have that but the team store is flooded with J.J Redick stuff. “This is a load of crap” I thought to myself, how can you not have stuff on one of your franchises best players who put you on the map I know for a fact that the NBA Manufactures Penny Hardaway items because the NBA and Addidas makes them as part of their “Hardwood Classics” collection. So that had me perplexed and pissed off.

Another negative is the Amway Center ushers who are VERY anal and I had to argue with to get a chance to talk to Steve Martin And Dell Curry. I know they have a job to do but they were a little rude. The fans of the Magic looked at my dad, Friend Isaiah and myself crazy when we were cheering the atmosphere at the Arena was very “Wine&cheese” like it's basketball game not an opera Magic fans. By the beginning of the 4th my dad and I had been so loud that we cleared out the whole row in front of us and apparently had converted several magic fans to Bobcat fans (No eazy feat).

The Experience

Dell Curry(left) me(middle) Steve Martin (right)

Before the Game started I met up with former Charlotte Hornets announcer and now Voice of the Bobcats Steve Martin as well as Charlotte Hornets All-time leading scorer Dell Curry. It was the hands down the best part of the trip Dell signed my Basketball card and we talked about basketball and things such as shooting form, Bobcat defense, Kemba Walker. Steve Martin and Dell were gracious and humble enough to sign, Take pictures and even talk Basketball with me and I am so grateful for that.

Bobcat Gurad #55 Reggie Williams

After chatting it up with two QC legends I made my way toward the tunnel and waited for some Bobcats to make their way to the tunnel and sign some Autographs for me. I got signatures from Brendan Haywood,Ben Gordon,Reggie Williams and Hakim Warrick. So my night was made before the game even started.

The Game

The Orlando Magic intro's were cool....Until I heard the music and they use the Miami Heat song for their intro and I thought that was corny have your own style. The game tipped off and the Bobcats lead the whole game although Close they prevailed for Win #10 on the year. Kemba Walker who I am a huge fan gave me a treat watching him play in person for the 1st time 25 points and 8 assists in 106-100 win.

Here are some more pics from the Magic musuem.

Magic artifacts
Nick Anderson
Dwight Howard Jersey (not burned yet)

Tracy Mcgrady Exibit
It was a great trip and maybe the best basketball game I have ever went to down below are the sights and sounds of the trip in Orlando.....ENJOY!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On the road to Orlando

In a few days after I knock these tedious mid-terms out the way I will find my way in Orlando on January 18th at the Amway Center (home of the Orlando Magic). Me, my dad and Best friend Isaiah will be making a trip up to O-town to catch the Bobcats take on The Magic. Everything I have heard about the Amway Center have been positive some have even called it the best arena in the league.

The trip shall be fun I never get to go to that many basketball games let alone basketball games outside of South Florida. On top of that I get to watch Kemba Walker for the 1st time in person as well as Aaron Afflalo so that is just wonderful. Both teams are lottery bound but the game will have good young talent like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist,Vucevic,Andrew Nicholson so I’m excited.

Hoping my Bobcats get a Win but I know it will be a great trip....Stay tuned for the Blog post on the trip coming a few days after the 18th

Friday, January 11, 2013

Basketball Ambassador and Street Ball legend "Pat The Roc" speaks on Ball Handling,Influences and More


It's rare in life let alone sports that you meet someone who is both talented and equally as humble. In making that statement i am talking about Pat The Roc. Pat is a street ball legend from Maryland who made his name on the AND 1 Mixtape tour playing ball across the world. These days when he isn't touring the globe with his friends from ball up streetball he is training anyone from young aspiring hoopers to your favorite NBA Players. He also happens to be probably the coolest athlete i have ever interacted with and usually responds to fans tweets and just a good representation of the game of basketball.

Recently i got a chance to Catch up with global basketball ambassador former AND 1 basketball star and g chopped it up with him about himself and many other things basketball related check it out.Enjoy!

1.For those who don't who is Pat The Roc?
>Pat the Roc known as world greatest ball handler. An inspiration to many people across the world.

 2.can you tell people a little bit about your story and how Pat The Roc came to be?
> I was always the player who faced so many more obstacles than the average player. My perseverance has allowed me to inspire many to be all they can be!

 3.growing up who were some of your favorite Basketball Players?
>Muggsy Bogues and Spud Webb. They were always the smallest on the court, so I could relate to them.

4.Where in the World do you enjoy balling the most?
> China. Fans are so intense there.  They appreciate your talent and are die hard.  I have a lot of love for the Chinese fans.

 5.Explain to me and the rest of the world why it is you outwork everyone,what do you play for?
>I want my play on the court to be so inspirational that it causes people to believe they can achieve whatever they want in life.

 6.who is the most difficult player you have ever defended and why?
> My teammate bone collector. We play one on one everyday after practice. He gets faster everyday!

7.What Shoes do you rock when you hit the court?
> Anything with my name on it! Always wanted my own shoe as a kid, and now my dream has come true.

8.Before you go out and play what music is Pat The Roc listening to before tip off?
>Something mellow and inspirational.
My best friend Lg makes beats so I listen to his instrumentals for inspiration.

9.How did you get to the point where you became the best ball handler in the world?
> Taking my basketball everywhere.  Had it in Paris at Eiffel tower as well as in China at Great Wall.

10.Is there anybody you credit with helping you develop your elite ball handling?
> I learned tons at Univ of Cincinnati from a guy by the name of Shep. He taught me the definition of training!

11. Whats next for you?
>A lot in store.  Just devoting more time to helping other Bball players maximize their skills.  Passing on my knowledge. 

12. Whats is the best advice you can give to young aspiring basketball players?
> Good players workout. Great players Outwork!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The real star of last nights National Championship game

Last Nights BCS National championship game between Notre Dame and Bama for lack of better term was “WACK”. It was one sided with Alabama winning 42-14 but one good thing came from this game in the Form of Ms.Katherine Webb. If you are clueless to what it is I am talking about let me inform you. AJ Mccarron the Bama QB is the Boyfriend of Katherine Webb who happens to be Ms. Alabama and Auburn alum and very VERY Gorgeous!!!! She became a National sensation when ESPN put her on Camera and Brent Musburger Couldn't himself and became enamored by MS. Alabamas beauty (see video below). What's equally as impressive as Katherine Webb's features are her Twitter number's. She started before the game with roughly 5,000 followers which is modest. After she was shown on camera she became a trending topic and her Account has 199,000 followers to date...Its pretty eazy to say that she was the best thing we saw last night

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday:Vince Young 2006 (Rose Bowl)

The National Championship between Alabama and Notre Dame is coming up on the 7th. If any moment is as good as what we saw from Texas Longhorn QB Vince young then we are in for a treat.

Heisman Trophy winning running back  Reggie Bush

The USC Trojans had a 34 game winning streak coming into the game. They were compared to some of the greatest College football teams of all time so beating Texas for a National Championship was supposed to be easy.….Well it wasn't,Vince young was a one man show on offense for the Texas Longhorns passing and rushing for over 200 yards and three rushing Touchdown's.

The 3rd rushing Touchdown for VY was one of the greatest moments in the history of College football. Fourth down and five,The scoreboard at the Rose bowl read USC:38 Texas:34. The season was on the line for the Longhorns, An upset and National Championship were just 12 yards away. All 93,986 people at the Rose Bowl anxiously awaited the snap that would ultimately decide The season. Vince Young lined up in shot gun formation the Trojans were chomping at the bit to hit this guy. The ball was snapped,The field was surveyed, nobody was open and Vince had a race to the pylon with the Trojan defense. He won that foot race and the Rose Bowl went crazy,Vince young had just beaten Matt Leinart,Reggie Bush and the USC Trojans for the national championship. It wasn't supposed to happen,But it did and it went down as arguably the Greatest game ever played. Enjoy the highlights of the finish below


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Diamonds in the rough find their way into NFL Playoffs

Last year the 0-8 FAU Owls took on the 6-3 FIU Panthers on November 12th 2011 in the annual Shula Bowl The annual rivalry game between the 2 aforementioned schools. Two solid schools in the South Florida area not known for their football programs. The game was a straight blowout with the Panthers of FIU putting a Beat down on FAU 41-7. We didn't know it back then but in that game we saw 2 of what would become the best rookies at they're positions in 2012 Alfred Morris and T.Y Hilton. Foreshadowing of what would take place in they're NFL rookie seasons happened in that game. Alfred Morris rushed for 110 on 21 Carries and broke the FAU record for rushing yards previously held by Charles Perry. T.Y Hilton electrified the Panther faithful with a 97 yard punt return TD. Needless to say these guys came out of nowhere and became key contributors for 2 playoff teams.

In the 3rd Round of last year's NFL draft the Indianapolis Colts took a gamble. They traded up in the 3rd round with the 49ers for the 93rd pick,that Gamble came in the form of FIU Panther standout wide Receiver T.Y Hilton to go along with 1st round draft pick and franchise QB Andrew Luck of Stanford. The Gamble paid off Hilton stepped in for the injured Austin Collie and took full advantage of his opportunity. He went on to collect 50 receptions along with 861 yards and 7 Touchdowns. He emerged as a solid number two receiver behind Reggie Wayne and set several records along the way. He was the 1st Colts player in History to score both a receiving and punt Return Touchdown in the same game when he did it against the Buffalo Billis on November 25th. He also set a new Colts Rookie record for 100 yard receiving games with 4. At the end of the season Hilton ranks 2nd in receiving yards behind only Justin Blackmon (865 yards) and 1st in Punt return yards with 300,Not bad for a third round gamble.

In the 6th round the Washington Redskins drafted Alfred Morris from little known FAU in Boca Raton, Florida to go play with RG3 in our nation's capital. He came into training camp with Tim Hightower, Roy Helu Jr. and Evan Royster all projected to start in front of him. He beat the odds won the job over three other backs and was named the opening day Starter. He would also make History by breaking the Redskins single season rushing record set by Clinton Portis (1,516 yards) with 1,613 yards of his own along with 13 touchdowns. Isn't that crazy? An FAU Owl broke a Miami Hurricanes Record for rushing. The only guy who had more yards then Morris was Adrian Peterson who fell 9 yards short pf having the greatest season in the history of mankind. He may be only five feet 9 inches tall but Alfred Morris is a big time back.

The Colts went 11-5 and won a wild card spot after going 2-14 last year. The Redskins won The NFC east for the 1st time in over a decade. It's crazy to think that at this time last year nobody knew about Hilton or Morris and now this Saturday they will be playing in the NFL playoffs. It's crazy how a year changes things. So next time you are watching the NFL draft and you don't feel like watching the 3rd or 6th round then I say “Shame on you” because you never know the Next T.Y Hilton or Alfred Morris could be in that round.

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