Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 5 NBA Snapbacks #3 (Golden State Warriors)

  there are many proud franchises in the NBA and even though though warriors have fallen on hard times that hasn't stopped the bay area faithful from wearing snap backs like this proudly. I love the warriors logo its my favorite logo in the NBA today. It features the more modernized version of the gsw logo which has the golden gate bridge so it gives the hat a presence and it lets you know where the warriors play.Then it also sports that royal blue and gold that Wilt,Rick Barry,Cris Mullin all wore so proudly. I gotta admit i have warriors hat myself i have the older version but as a basketball fan i gotta say i really want them to succeed because in my opinion they have the most loyal fans in the NBA.When will they be competitive? I don't know,but i can tell you   1 thing oracle arena will be decked out in royal blue and gold.

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