Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 5 NBA Snapbacks #5 (Chicago Bulls)

Over the past several years the old snapbacks from the 90s have made a comeback. Right now it’s very trendy with the younger demographic. It got me thinking because i have 20 snapbacks myself most of them being NBA teams so that got me thinking what are my top NBA snapbacks?    

Now i would never go out and buy a Bull snapback due to the fact that I grew up cheering for the Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets and built up animosity for them for knocking my teams out the playoffs through the years. I have to admit though there is something iconic about that logo that Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman did to help with all those rings they got in the 90s. You also got to love how the black and red mesh together making the hat look real strong. Plus just think of the amount of air Jordan’s in Bull’s colors. It is the most popular snapback in every sport not just basketball. Even to this day that logo with the fierce look in its eyes remains iconic and leaves the older generation reminiscing about 6 championships, the flu game and that Alan parsons theme song

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