Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Premature Bat Flips Are Becoming An Epidemic In Korea

Over the past few days, ESPN can't seem to stop talking about a certain premature bat flip.

As some of you may already know, I'm not the biggest ESPN fan. In this situation, ESPN fails to point out that premature bat flips are almost an epidemic in Korea. 

Take this massive bat flip for example.

The ball probably would've been a home run, but the fact that it was robbed makes the bat flip even more hilarious. The play was what got our attention here in the U.S. about premature bat flips being a real epidemic in Korea.

Now this premature bat flip is by far the worst one out of the three in this article.

Not only does he not hit a homer, but he flies out on the warning track. To make matters worse, he points to his own dugout, and then gets laughed at by the opposing team. That one, in my opinion, was by far the most amusing premature bat flip of all.

So for the many Koreans that have been a victim of a premature bat flip, and for those that may become one in the near future, here is a great way to make sure your bat flip doesn't make you a laughing stock (courtesy of Yasiel Puig).

And by the way, we don't recommend that you slide into home plate afterwards.

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