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The Best Mitchell & Ness NBA Caricature Shirts

Since 1904 Philadelphia based company Mitchell&Ness has been committed to making top of the line vintage sports clothing. The apparel variety ranges from Jerseys to Hats to even scarf's of your favorite teams. Some people like myself can't afford a 300$ vintage jersey of our favorite players so we look for a different alternative that satisfies our hunger to properly represent our favorite teams. I'm obviously a huge NBA fan so a throwback Larry Johnson Jersey is out of the question due to my current economic status but that's where the ever popular caricature t-shirts come in. At only 30$ plus tax caricature shirts pay tribute to some of the NBA's greatest players of yesteryear by cartoonizing every part of them along with your favorite teams logo. So if your NBA fan consider this countdown of caricature shirts your guide for smart purchases of fan apparel...lets get started.

  Larry Bird (Boston Celtics)
Larry Bird won 3 championships in his time with the Boston Celtics and is one of the best players the game has ever seen. If you're a Celtics fan who was a Bird fan and don't have the most money in the world then this shirt is perfect for you.  Mitchell & Ness shirts are comfortable and crafted at a high level. This shirt like many does a great job of painting the picture of what "Larry Legend" looked like when he had more hair and his mustache was thicker.

Patrick Ewing (New York Knicks)

Patrick Ewing never won any championships but was still a great player for the Knicks in his tenure. The Knicks in the 90's boasted one of the most physical front lines ever with guys like Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley and Ewing himself.  This is a great shirt surely you will see a few around Madison Square Garden among Knicks diehards.

Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)

In the 80's the "Showtime" Lakers ran by Magic Johnson changed basketball. Magic was a great passer it almost seemed like he tried to out do his previous years highlight tape every time he stepped onto the floor in the Forum. Great shirt and the fact that this one has no sleeves makes it very suitable for people who live in LA.

Hakeem Olajuwon (Houston Rockets)
Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon is hands down the greatest player in Houston Rockets franchise history. Hakeem on the shirt looks just like him these days. I feel like for any Rockets fan that lived that era of basketball that this is a must have shirt. Hakeem is Houston Houston and just the image of this shirt should conjure visuals of his patented "Dream Shake" move or the back to back championships Houston Captured in the 90's

Shawn Kemp (Seattle Supersonics)

Although Seattle no longer has an NBA team one glimpse  at this shirt of Shawn Kemp should bring smiles and marries of all of the rim rocking dunks he threw down in the green and yellow .This shirt does a great job with details capturing Kemp in his essence all the way down to his Reebok Kamikazes. Kemp along with Gary Payton certainly represented a great time for the city of Seattle in its basketball history. Hopefully they bring back a team.

Dennis Rodman (Chicago Bulls)

In the 90's the Bulls were one of the most iconic teams and Dennis Rodman was one of basketballs most iconic personalities. Many people love the Bulls worldwide so this shirt should appeal to most people who followed the Bulls in the great era of winning. Dennis Rodman was an exceptional re bounder.

Shaquille O'Neal (Orlando Magic)

The Magic in the 90's were one of the most exciting teams with combination of Penny Hardaway and Shaq. In the time he spent in a Magic Jersey Shaq literally brought down the rim and practically broke it in half. Very few things were more entertaining to watch in the NBA than Shaq in the 90's.   

Allen Iverson (Philadelphia 76ers)

What makes a great caricature shirt in my opinion is when the person or in this case NBA player's personality or signature style can be depicted through a visual. This shirt does that perfectly Allen Iverson has the headband on, you see the corn rose rolled tight around his head and obviously his signature "let me hear you" hand above the ear move that got the fans in Philly going on many occasions is being displayed on this shirt. Iverson was excited and he did a lot for the Sixers, just wish he would have brought home a championship.

Julius Erving (Philadelphia 76ers)

Dr.J-Julius Erving what more can you say this guy did so much for basketball and is such a big part of the Sixers history and tradition. The afro, the hang time, the dunks he was so ahead of his time. My dad tells me stories about watching the Erving on television as he was growing up so through the years I have grown to respect Julius. I actually own this shirt and its one of my favorite basketball shirts.

Larry Johnson (Charlotte Hornets)

"Grandmama" was a tremendous basketball player, he along with Alonzo Mourning and Muggsy Bouges represents a golden era in Charlotte basketball. The coolest thing outside of the Hornets teal on this shirt is the always recognizable gold tooth LJ had, its featured on the shirt. People loved those Hornets teams and Mitchell and Ness does a great job of making great nostalgic clothing of the Charlotte Hornets. Speaking as a Hornets fan I have this shirt and it is a must have. Looking forward to the Hornets return next year in Charlotte.

All in all these are all great shirts for NBA fans and if you are into sneakers they go really well with many different  Nikes, Reeboks, Jordans and Adidas in terms of matching. So hope you enjoyed the post and use it as a reference if your shopping for quality fan apparel.


  1. Those are definitely some collectors items. Wow

    1. I have the LJ and Erving ones they are great shirts

  2. Excellent Information on the basketball t-shirts of the basketball greats that have live in different generations...the best part I like is that you Brendan has walk the walk and talk the talk..You have bought the Michell & Ness merchandise and can actually say how good or bad the t-shirts are..But I totally agree with you for any basketball fanatic,the t-shirts are inexpensive and a gold mine to have..DaD

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