Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 5 NBA Snapbacks #4 (Seattle Supersonics)

Gary Payton,Shawn Kemp,Kevin Durant these are all names that i would assume hold a place in sonics fans hearts forever. I know the people in Seattle are most likely angry right about now seeing the guy they drafted in Kevin Durant playing in the finals right now. That's ok to be angry I'm a Charlotte Hornets fan so i know what it feels like. I love this hat for 2 reasons. and yellow is an awesome combination,i have Adidas in sonics colors. 2.i love skyline's so i love the fact that in the sonics logo i can see the Seattle space needle in the logo. i have a sonics snapback myself black base with the green brim so I'm a fan of the logo and i hope they get a team back. Until then all of those sonics fans just think about all the good times at key arena.

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