Thursday, February 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Vince Carter 2000 Dunk Contest

Just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Throwback Thursday it's been awhile since I did this but the time was right. With All-Star Weekend coming up next Saturday many people have begin the yearly talks of greatest Dunks ofAll-time mainly Michael Jordans Free Throw Line dunk in his bout with Dominique Wilkins at Chicago Stadium 25 years ago but today We will flashback to the One man spectacle known as “Half man Half man Amazing” Vince Carter in 2000 at the arena in Oakland.

When I was little I used to play NBA Live 2005 a lot and in Dunk Contest mode when your dunk was on point the sideline would go crazy with NBA players jumping up and down with Camcorders. I always wondered when I was younger if that really happened and where EA Sports got that from. When you watch this Dunk Contest you know where that comes from.

The term “Set the tone” seemed appropriate when speaking about Vince Carters reverse 360 dunk which may be the best dunk in the history of the contest. The way he just seemed to hang in the air for so many seconds, spin around, Cock the ball back and throw it down with so much authority all in one motion was beyond ridiculous.

We all knew something special was in the works that night in Oakland. Vince added to his legend on his 3rd dunk where then Toronto Teammate Tracy Mcgrady threw him an alley where Vinsanity then proceeded to put the ball between his legs and then Jam it home like the rim owed him Money. Kenny Smith as we all Know shouted through the TNT airwaves “ITS OVER” We were watching History. Vince obviously won the Contest by a landslide.

This years Dunk Contest features Eric Bledsoe, James White, Kenneth Fareid, Terrence Ross, Gerald Green and Jeremy Evans. If any of these guys give us top 10 material thats anywhere near Vince or Jordan level we are in for a treat this year. I'm looking at my guy Bledsoe to give us something to talk about this year.

Watch the video down below to relive the Vin-Sanity of the dunk contest in 2000!


  1. raptors aren't going to make the playoffs again but T ROSS is going to own the dunk contest! hopefully it doesn't turn into a product placement prop shit show like that blake griffin garbage.

  2. Most likely and i have that same exact feeling i'm looking for big things from him and Bledsoe. The dunk contest has become a HUGE gimmick over the last few years so i hope we actually get back to the art and skill of dunking this year.

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