Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throwback Thrusday: Reebok Classics

Dee Brown

90’s Basketball oh what joy the 1990’s brought to basketball fans. From Michael Jordan to big daddy kane like high top fades to John Stockton’s  basketball short’s this decade had many different symbols and representation. When you think 90’s NBA Basketball you think of the Chicago Bulls, NBA Jam and the Reebok Pumps. This shoe ushered in a new era of Basketball when released in 1989.

Worn by the likes of Shawn Kemp, Dominique Wilkins and Shaq the Reebok Pumps are one of the best representation’s of the NBA at that time. The rim shattering dunks from the “Rain man” and Dee Brown really made the pumps a hit. The shoes featured a button that said “pump” on it and when you would hit push it at a rapid pace it would increase air pressure in your shoe and make it a lot tighter creating a much better feel while playing on the court. No other shoe before or after was like the Reebok Pump it gave the brand an identity and in many ways represented a whole generation and the basketball they watched in that time span.  Who could forget the 1991 NBA Slam Dunk contest where Dee Brown of the Boston Celtics covered his eyes while dunking a basketball while wearing the Reebok pump Omni‘s . That Dunk made Reeboks a household name. Even in 2003 when John Cena was just breaking into the WWE as a wrestler he regularly sported the Pumps and embraced them.

Shawn kemp


After the the 90’s for the company and the shoe they continued to push the pump by signing Allen Iverson to a lifetime contract in 2001.The then Philadelphia Basketball star was the face of the company and he was to Reebok what Jordan was to Nike. He Along with Yao Ming were the 2 cover boy’s for Reebok in the early 2000’s. A.I Reeboks for me as a kid were always the one pair of shoes I always wanted being the fan that I was of Allen. Although the company has re-released some throwback A.I’s
and signed Wizards Guard John Wall the company hasn’t seen the kind of success they did in the 90’s and early 2000’s. So every time you see a Pair of Pumps and get that ever so nostalgic feeling just know that they are a fashion statement and not your everyday B-Ball shoes.

Allen Iverson

Yao Ming

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Footlocker Faux pas

Just when you thought these replacement NFL Refs couldn’t get any worse last night happens. If you have been living under a rock then let me explain to you what happened. Last night the Green Bay Packer’s  took on the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night football, The game was a defensive struggle for the most part with both teams combining for 9 sacks and 245 Penalty yards. With 8 seconds on the clock and the game in the balance the most bizarre finish in NFL History was upon us. Russel Wilson was forced to throw up a prayer for the win and  a  blatant offensive pass interference by Tate was missed The ball was caught in traffic it appeared originally that M.D Jennings had came up with the ball and the game would be over then the UNTHINKABLE happened!!!!! Constant wrestling for the football made this call hard Jennings and Tate both appeared to have the football.  The two refrees made two separate calls one said the game was over and the other said it was a TD by Tate. The initial ruling was a Touchdown for the Seahaawks and the Qwest Field faithful was in a frenzy because they’re team had just took the lead 13-12. The Packer sideline was furious and a booth review was needed. After several tedious minutes of reviewing the original call some how THEY MISSED IT!! These former Foot Locker employees had missed the call and probably dropped Footlocker’ stock about 7 points in the process. It’s kinda sad that you can look at a call in the booth after you missed it ands miss it again. These replacement refs have made a mockery of the NFL and former employer. I think it’s time that we send these replacement ref’s back to stocking the shelfs and selling shoe product at your local mall because clearly the replacement officials have sub par eye sight.

In all seriousness though the real refs that are actually are on strike need to come back (But you knew that already) if there was ever a wake up call to expedite negotiations that  was one. It was hands down the worst call I’ve ever seen in sports in my young life. Although I was rooting for the Seahawks last night seeing them win in that fashion was disheartening as a football fan and really hurt the NFL’s image. It was like watching a fortune 500 company’s stock fall from grace in an instant. Greg Jennings sarcastically voiced his opinion saying “These refs did a great job” repeatedly. It’s 6:12  and ESPN is still buzzing over the controversy. Hopefully Footlocker wasn’t taking any applications these last few weeks so the ref’s can get there jobs back. Football season hasn’t started yet because that Debacle of officiating just waterd down the game and has been for the last few weeks. Give the fans the sport back. Choose not too and watch the product sink!

Friday, September 21, 2012


The Image above is the best way to describe how i felt after my Carolina Panthers took a beat down from the New York Giants on national TV. 36-7 at home in Charlotte that's down right pathetic!!!! Cam Newton needs too stop staring down his targets and survey the field. The defense played uninspired and just flat out terrible football. Don't even get me started with the special teams. We got embarrassed and outclassed o national TV. Let's get it together i don't want to have to hear how bad we are whenever i go get my haircut at the barbershop by these giants fans. Cam Newton seriously made me miss Jake Delhomme .

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Sam Mills

As Thursday nights prime time match up rapidly approaches between the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers I can’t help but  get excited for the game. As a long time Panther fan I have always loved when we are at home for night games in Charlotte. I can’t stop thinking about how our defense will perform vs. Eli Manning but I would love them to play with the same intensity and spirit of the late great Sam Mills.

Anybody who has a solid knowledge on the history of the Carolina Panthers knows how important Sam Mills was to our team. He was an important piece in the teams early years. Helping the Panthers reach the playoffs in 96 for the 1st time and defeating Troy Aikman and the Dallas Cowboys. When his career was finished he ended up with 5 Pro Bowls for his career and became a coach with the Panthers and was still making an impact. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 an assistant coach and the night before the Panthers would take on the Dallas Cowboys in Charlotte for a home playoff game he made a statement that would become the Panthers identity forever. In his speech Mills said “ When I found out I had cancer there were 2 things I could do- Quit or Keep Pounding”   .“I’m a fighter I kept pounding. You’re fighters too. Keep pounding!“ Following the awe inspiring speech the Panthers would dominate the Cowboys 29-10 en route to a Super Bowl run which saw them fall short to the New England Patriots 32-29. Despite that though Sam Mills remains an example of what Carolina Panther Football is and what every player who puts that black and Electric Blue should strive to be on and off the field. In 2005 He lost his battle to cancer and passed away. Although he is no longer with us in the flesh he remains a luminous presence in the Panther  Organization. On the inner collar of the players jerseys the phrase “Keep on Pounding” is embedded in there as well as the the weight room. If you really want that visual of Sam Mills then Look no further then his statue outside of Bank of America Stadium. Whether your winning or losing in the game on the gridiron or in the game of life all you can do is “Keep on Pounding”………R.I.P Sam Mills


Saturday, September 15, 2012

STA Pride (My 1st St.Thomas football game&experience)

St.Thomas Aquinas in my backyard is arguably the best high school football team in the nation. They are the
6 time National Champions and they are always the team with a target on there back for good reason. Most players that suit up for the raiders wind up going on to play division 1 football. The reason in which I am writing this is because last night I attended my 1st of what will probably be more games this season and let me tell you it was an experience. It all started like any other sporting event I hopped in the car with my best friend Rashaan and we were on our way to Brian Piccalo Field. Once we stepped out the car I felt something in the air which I had never felt before. As we approached the ticket office my eyes were greeted to the Friday night lights of the gridiron and my ears were greeted to constant chants from the STA student section. I hadn’t even walked up to the ticket office and my adrenaline was pumping. So I get up to the ticket office and say goodbye to most of the money in my wallet and made my entrance into the stadium. As I made my way in there were 2 lines on opposite sides of maybe about 25 people in Gold St.Thomas t-shirts. The coach made his way out by himself and got a moderate chant and then the St.Thomas Aquinas Raiders football team decked out in there all gold Nike football jerseys that would put the Pittsburgh Steelers to shame made there way out to the field the people in gold T-shirts erupted in unison and the players were hype as can be. They would take on New Jersey football powerhouse Don Bosco on ESPN so I knew I was at a big game. While many people at the game actually care about the game there is good percentage that are there to socialize. Parents, Boosters and Football players Girlfriends seemed to be the people that were most into the game. The bleachers were packed to capacity but many people particularly STA Females were on the concession stand/concourse level mingling. Honestly I find STA really attractive so if you put 4,000 people in one place and there are like 2,500 females im going to talk to a lot of them. I spent the better part of the 1st half mingling with all types of people (Females mainly). During halftime Rashaan and I attempted to do the unthinkable which was get a seat in the bleachers. Halftime was 15 minutes and we spent 13 and half trying to find a seat and we had to wait in a line that didn’t move for 13 minutes. Once we got out the bleachers we made our way to where the players come out and my night was made. I spotted Former NFL Pro bowl Recevier Cris Carter in a STA shirt I guess he was a coach. The game resumed and the crowd was just as electric as kick off. When it concluded the Raiders had lost 20-10 to the Don Bosco iron men and you could just feel the mood shift. In a place where Championships or bust is the expectation fans of this team are just not use too losing. Students where mad, players were pissed and the booster club was irate . Even though they lost im sure they will make adjustments and play winning football again. All in All it was a great experience and I look forward to attending more games at Brian Piccolo Field.


Notable NFL Players from ST.Thomas

Michael Irvin

Leonard Hankersom

Tavares Gododen

Major Wright

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bears-Packers (Rivaly Renewed)

Tonight in the NFL a nearly century old rivalry will be renewed. The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are 2 of the NFL’s marquee franchises and this is arguably the biggest rivalry of them all. Every time these 2 link up you are more then sure for great football. One team claims to having more Super bowls while the other can say they have more Hall of Famers. Whether you proudly sport the tradition rich green and yellow of the Packers or the rugged tough navy and orange of the Bears the reality is you got 2 of footballs best franchises battling it out. Many great players are playing in tonights game and many greats have played in this rivalry through out the years.

Coaches: In the game of football every team needs a great coach to be successful and get to where they want to be which is the Super Bowl. The Packers and Bears have hoisted the trophies and have had tremendous success with the likes of guys like Mike Dikta and Vince Lombardi. Both of these great football minds and personalities where tough minded individuals who wouldn’t take losing. Vince Lombardi took nothing less then his players best effort and nothing short of excellence. His trademark saying “winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing” really captures the essence of what he was looking for out of those great Packer Teams of the 60’s. Ditka like Lombardi wanted the best out of his players and wouldn’t let you waste his time. He was intense and tough minded just like his football teams. 1 of which would eventually go on to win the Super bowl in 1985 over the New England Patriots 46-10. Both of these men are regarded as some of the best coaches in NFL history and definetly the right guys to lead the charge for they’re respective franchises.

Players: Gale Sayers, Brian Urlacher, Walter Peyton are some the very many people who have made putting on a Chicago Bears Football jersey special. Whether you electrified like Gale, Polverized like Brian or Bulldozed like Walter” being a Bear was special. When you are a Packer though you are surrounded by a gold standard of excellence in which it is your goal to achieve every year. You have to live up to the like s of Farve, Bart Starr, and Sterling Sharpe. If you put either of these jerseys On it means that you are expected to win year in and year out and that no matter what don’t lose to your rival.. (UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE)!!

Gridirons: Soldier Field home to the Chicago Bear’s and chi-towns faithful. This is where 61,500 Chicagoans have been cheering their hearts out since 1971. This is where the grass isn’t always green and the defenses are never pretty. This is where the Likes of Lance Briggs and Julius Peppers come to punch you in the Mouth and get that W. This isn’t flash and flare this Bears football. Lambeau Field home since forever. This where the whole city closes down for. Where we watch the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings light up the score board. This where 73.094 Cheese heads wont take nothing less then greatness. This is Green bay, Wisconsin. This is Packer football.

Tonight’s game: in Tonight’s matchup is the renewal of the age old rivalry. Lambeau Field is the sight of today’s game. There is always a lot at stake the Bears are looking to go 2-0 and gain control of the NFC North division. The Packers on the other hand are looking to avoid an 0-2 start.We have 2 of the most balanced teams in the league here weapons on both sides are endless. I like the Bears with a big road win though, they’re ability to run the football with the speed and versatility of Matt Forte and the Power of Michael Bush will ultimately be the difference in this one. Either way im looking forward to a great game just like both of these great fan bases.

Monday, September 10, 2012

MNF is back!

Its that time of year again Monday Night Football. A annual American Pastime for 16 weeks which will give us many thrills,chills and memorable moments. Weather your watching the game in the solitude of your home or in a crowd of football fans at a sports bar bombarded by Chicken wings and beer Monday night Football is always a good time. Its more then a game its become an American Tradition in many households like mine. Today its back with a great double header. We got Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens taking on A.J Green in the 1st game at 7pm. Then in the 2nd game we have Darren Mcfadden and the Oakland Raiders taking on Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers in a Division match up. That’s a pretty good way to kick off MNF if you ask me. Hopefully we will get some great moments this season like we have gotten in the past. MNF has given us some of the most sintulating football in league history. From The New York Jets and the “Monday Night Miracle” victory over the Miami Dolphins to dominating performances like the “Monday Night massacre” where the Seattle Seahwaks dominated the Philadelphia Eagles  42-0 Monday Night Football is never short on great moments good or bad. MNF has given us memorable quotations from the likes of  Dennis Green “They were who we thought they were AND WE LET EM OFF DA HOOK”!! Following a massive comeback by the Chicago Bears back in 2006. Monday Night Football is a memory lane even for the bone headed plays like Desean Jacksons TD that he prevented from happening in a Cowboys game vs. Eagels a few years ago. Weather good or bad MNF will leave football fans craving for more and will continue to thrill. So buckle up and brace yourself for Hank Williams too ask Americas favorite question “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL”?!!. Its game time folks so enjoy it with your friends and family.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Throwback Thursday: "Greatest show on turf"

Whats in a nickname? Does it really capture that person or the essence in what it is they are talking about or describing? In football very few nicknames capture essence of a team like “The Greatest show on turf” the described the Late 90s early 00’s offense of the St. Louis Rams. This offense had future Hall of famers everywhere you looked. Kurt Warner, Issac Bruce, Torry Holt and Marshall Faulk where the nucleus of the the offense. Every time they took the field they had a chance to embarrass you and put on a show in the process. It all starts with Kurt Warner who is a Cinderella story going from bagging Groceries to Super Bowl Mvp and Champion. He lead this high powered offense too become the only team in NFL history to score 500 plus points in 3 straight seasons. What a feat!! There have been so many great offense in the leagues history and to put up points at that kind of rate is astounding to me. The high powerd Rams captured the 1st only franchise Super bowl by defeating the Tennessee Titans 23-16. They would go to the super bowl again the following year and fall to the New England Patriots but the Rams still remain the NFL’s highest scoring offense ever. The greatest Show On Turf put up videogame like numbers and sometimes football look to easy. From  199-2001  the Rams had MVP’S Kurt Warner in 1999 and 2001 and Marshall Faulk in 1999. Mike Martz orchestrated what I would call art in football that offense was amazing too watch and how can you not be happy for a guy like Kurt Warner? Going from minimum wage bagger at a super market then through the Arena Football league goes undrafted gets a chance because of Trent Green’s injury in a preseason game. That’s what football or life in general is about making the most of your chances and Warner did that. The 1999 St. Louis Rams is still the greatest team in that franchises history and odds are they may never see one as skilled or entertaining as The Greatest Show on Turf.

Throwback Thursday:Vince Lombardi

Its been a few weeks since I actually posted anything for Throwback Thursday because of school and all this homework and studying. So instead of 1 like usual im going to do 2. The NFL season is this Sunday and im really excited Fantasy football will be in full swing. More importantly the Dolphins and Panthers will open up the season in they’re quest for the Vince Lombardi trophy (Superbowl) . That’s who we will talk about today Vince Lombardi  and all the great things he did with the Packers for football.

Lombardi- A name that identify’s  with greatness both past and present. Players who lift up the Superbowl Hardware are lifting up up the most famous trophy in all of pro sports with his name on it. It exemplifies the pain struggle and all adversity all champions had to go through in order to obtain the ultimate team prize. He once exclaimed the famous quip “ Winners never quit and quitters never win” this still holds true to this day in anything you do in life. Who is Vince Lombardi? Many do not know of this mans intelligence and what he did for the game of football. There is a reason that the Green Bay Packers became arguably footballs most iconic franchise, Vince Lombardi was a huge reason why. The Packers captured 8 championships in his time as head coach (6 NFL Championships and 2 superbowls). Coaching the likes of Lambeau Legends Bart Starr and Jerry Kramer the Packers in the 1960’s were one of sports most dominant dynasties. “ Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” . How many people know about the “ Packers Sweep” ? It was basically a running play using misdirection and some down blocking to create seals and seems in the defense to create alleys for running backs to find daylight and run up the field for a big chunks of yardage and touchdowns. Lombardi breaks it down in the video below you need big tough physical offensive line men willing to get there hands dirty in order to create room for the running back. “You need a seal here, and a seal here and try to run this play in the alley” . The sweep is rarely used anymore because the NFL has become a pass happy league driven by quarterbacks. It was still a huge development in the game of football. Vince Lombardi left an indelible mark on the NFL with the Packers Winning a 149 games, 8 Championships and produced multitude of hall of famers. He made the Green and yellow famous

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Duke you gotta be kidding

When I sat down and planted my rear end on my living room couch Saturday too watch the Miami Hurricanes season opener vs. Boston College I had really no idea what to expect. I had a plethora of questions. How young are we? Who is gonna replace Sean Spence? And most importantly who is replacing Lamar Miller?  That third questions answer came in the Form of true freshman running back #8  Duke Johnson he had 2 back breaking Touchdowns of 54 and 56 yards. He displayed a great amount of speed and power. His ability to change direction at the drop of a dime had me thinking about all the old great Miami tailbacks who had that ability. This was hands down the BEST debut from any UM running back I have ever seen. At the end of the game his stat line looked like this.

7 carries 135 yards 19.3 yards a carry 2 Touchdowns


He was explosive and every time he touched the ball positive things happened for The “U”. He had a grimyness  too him that the whole offense seem too feed off of. When getting hit he would never immediately go down and pick up those all important extra yards you need to move the chains. On his 1st Touchdown where he ran for 54 yards he took what looked like it was going to be a 1 yard loss evaded a tackler charged up the field broke another 2 tackels accelerated with nothing but daylight and topped it off with a stiff arm for what I and the rest of canes nation hope is the 1st of many Tds for Duke. He was most definatly the best player on the field today. He was a huge part of the 41-32 Win for Miami. I’m not the only one who is taking notice of the freshman though. Lebron James Tweeted “Duke Johnson the truth out there for the u! True Freshman #SpeedKills” . Not even one game and the reigning finals MVP is a fan of the kid. Longtime Um supporter and former Rap artist Luther Campbell tweeted in plain English “Duke Johnson will be the greatest Running back in UM history” . That’s a bold statement especially when you think of all the great former running backs in the programs history. Clinton Portis, Willis Mcgahee, Edgerrin James, Frank Gore, Lamar Miller That’s a lot too live up too and overcome. I honestly believe though that as long as his head is on straight he has a great chance too join all those great names.

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