Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pirates Snag Justin Morneau from Twins

Its been 2 decades since the Pittsburgh Pirates have appeared in the MLB playoffs but today, they took a huge step to not only accomplishing that but competing for a championship. Today they acquired 4 time all-star 1st baseman Justin Morneau from the Minnesota Twins in exchange for Alex Presley. The Pirates are tied for 1st place in the NL Central with the St. Louis Cardinals at 78-56. They are ranked 22nd in runs scored (424) and 20th in slugging percentage (.393). The addition of the former Twin should bolster the offense and provide a much larger presence in the middle of the order.

Miguel Cabrera Is The Michael Jordan Of Baseball

Miguel Cabrera is head and shoulders above just about every hitter in baseball right now and what he is doing now is the stuff of legend. In fact I may even go as far as saying that he is the Michael Jordan of baseball as far as individual talent and accolades go. Now as we know Cabrera captured the 1st Triple Crown since 1967 last season but he has a chance to become the first player to ever capture back to back triple crowns this year.

Think about that for a second, in the 100+ years of baseball no player has ever dominated at such a level to where they lead the league in batting  average, home runs and RBI’s in consecutive seasons. That speaks volumes to the hitter Cabrera is that he even has the opportunity to do something like this. I have always said even dating back to his Marlins days that Miguel Cabrera was the purest, most complete hitter in baseball. As soon as he matured he began to prove me right and has shown who he is at his zenith. We are witnessing greatness and for all the negativity surrounding the game with performance enhancing drugs, I think more attention needs to be paid to the positivity he represents in the game right now.

 He still needs to catch Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis who has 47 home runs, if he can do that Cabrera could have arguably the greatest triple crown season in the history of baseball. Its going to be a tough task catching Davis who seemingly seems to hit a home run every time Miguel inches a bit closer but keep in mind its only 4 home runs and we know how quickly Miggy can get hot. The next month will make for some exciting baseball seeing Cabrera trying to make history.

Like I said earlier Cabrera could arguably the greatest season ever by a triple crown winner ever. People who are educated on the history of the award and the stats of some of the winners like Lou Gehrig Or Jimmie Foxx might see that as blasphemy but just here me out. Take a look at the stats below from 2 of the greatest Triple Crown seasons ever.

Jimmie Foxx 1933  356./48 HR/163 RBI
Lou Gehrig 1934    363./49 HR/165 RBI

Flat out gaudy numbers that will be hard to touch, even for a guy like Miguel Cabrera but lets take a look of Cabrera’s numbers as of August 31st.

(As of August 31st 2013)
Miguel Cabrera 2013   359./43 HR/130 RBI

Now as we look at those stats right now it looks similar to Gehrig and Foxx (excluding RBI’s). The 2 greatest triple crown seasons are in the same category as Cabrera. No disrespect to the era that those guys played in but pitching in this era is on an entirely different level then those guys saw. Velocity is higher, pitchers change speeds more efficiently and there are more teams around the league so he isn’t as familiar with all the pitchers in the league to the degree that Gehrig and Foxx were.

Now I have done some math and have calculated based on monthly averages what Cabrera final stat line will look like at the end of this season. Let me break it down 1st Cabrera Averages 21 RBI’s 8 Homeruns,35 Hits and 97 at bats per month after you add up all his totals from previous months and divide. If you add that to his current total this is what his final stat line in 2013 will look like.

( Final Stat line For 2013)
Miguel Cabrera 2013  362./51 HR/151 RBI’s

So as we look at that and compare it to Gehrig and Foxx he hits for a higher batting average than them as well as hit more homeruns than them. Granted there are many variables that play a role in the final outcome such the execution of his monthly averages and his health. Regardless of whether he wins the Triple Crown or not, if he finishes with a stat total that looks like that it cements his place as the greatest hitter of the generation. If he actually catches Chris Davis in homeruns this month and wins the Triple Crown then that’s just a bonus.

We are watching history in the making and if you are a hardcore baseball fan you can look at his season with the proper perspective.

Kemba Walker-Most Improved Player (Video)


Kemba Walker for the 1st time in his career has respectable talent around him and that is enough for me to think he will elevate his game to a new level this season in Charlotte.

Friday, August 30, 2013

NBA Live 14 (Trailer)

The NBA 2K franchise has took over the market as the king of basketball video games with the absence of the NBA Live franchise. Now with new systems such as the Xbox 1 and Playstation 4 coming out EA sports is looking at the re launch of the game as a rebirth and it couldn't come at a better time.

Since NBA 2K11 as far as improving gameplay, 2K sports hasn't done its best and the game has progressed at all so with the Live franchise back it will provide some much needed competition and as we all know competition breeds inovation. If NBA Live 14 has smoother ball handling and passing controls then 2K then it will be a better game in my eyes. Check out the Trailer featuring Kyrie Irving.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

How Derrick Rose Impacts MVP Race

As I'm sitting here at 2:05 AM typing this, scrolling down my news feed I see lots of Derrick Rose memes like usual. I think its funny because people are so ignorant and forget just how great Derrick Rose is when he is healthy. Before I get into this article let me just state that this coming NBA season Derrick Rose will come off a huge ACL injury and will win the MVP award over the likes of Kevin Durant and Lebron James. I will now allow you to take this time to curse me out via twitter @TruSchoolSports and question my knowledge of basketball.

As we all know Derrick Rose missed all of last season, sitting on the bench in street clothes watching every Bulls game. Some have even called him “the highest paid fan ever”. Joke all you want about him riding the bench last year but the fact of the matter is that this guy during the 2010-2011 season became the youngest MVP in league history at the age of 22. His level of greatness during that season was so undeniable that out of 120 first place votes, 113 were awarded to Rose via the NBA sportswriters and broadcasters. That same year he was the only player in the league who ranked top 10 in scoring and assists. His return impacts every superstar in the league as far as the MVP race is concerned.

Lebron James

The guy that benefited most the Rose injury was Lebron James who captured back to back titles while he was recovering. Although he did beat Rose in the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals the fact of the matter is that the Chicago Bulls and Rose are Lebrons biggest threat and many could argue that his road to finals greatness was easier because Rose wasn't healthy. Now I have heard many people here in South Florida say “Lebron should have won the MVP that year, Rose didn't deserve it”. That’s nonsense and the fact of the matter is that he didn't even finish 2nd place in voting, he finished 3rd behind Dwight Howard. That’s right at 643 points Howard had more then Lebron's 522 points. The return of Rose has a huge affect on Lebron so he better make sure that he leads the Miami Heat to the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference as well as winning head to head battles vs Rose.

Kevin Durant

With the exception of maybe Rose himself, I don't think any player in the league is more upset about Lebron's title success than Kevin Durant. Last season KD and the Thunder (Minus Russell Westbrook) were eliminated by the Memphis Grizzlies. This season the Thunder are expected to be in the NBA Finals once again to meet the Miami Heat. Durant's ultimate priority is to win a championship but I'm sure he would love to validate himself as the best player in the league with an individual accolade such as the NBA MVP award all while proving that OKC is the premier team in the Western Conference. It's hard enough for KD to win that award over a guy like Lebron but with Rose added to the mix its about to get even harder for Durant. He hasn't averaged 30 points per game in 3 seasons, if he can re establish himself as the premier scorer in the NBA along with dominating the west then he has an incredible chance to take home the MVP hardware this season.

Chris Paul

No current superstar in the whole league has more to prove with the return of Derrick Rose more than Chris Paul. CP3 has a newly improved roster to go along with a new contract extension that will keep him in LA over the next 5 seasons. Many consider him the best point guard and now that Rose is back he will have more motivation than ever to prove why he is the best at his position. Winning a championship for the Clippers is enough to keep CP3 motivated but with Rose returning he has to prove why he and the Clippers are the best this season.

There many other players I could list who will be in the discussion for MVP but some won't win it for many reasons. Carmelo won't win because the Knicks will not improve on their #2 seeding from last season. Tony Parker won't win because basketball “experts” think the Spurs are boring. Kobe and the Lakers won't be good enough this year to garner him enough votes for an MVP award this season.

As we can see the return of the former MVP drastically impacts the race for the award. It should push players in the conversation to up their game and be razor sharp skills wise once the season starts. October 29th the 2011 MVP (Derrick Rose) takes on the MVP of the last 2 seasons in Lebron James as the Chicago Bulls go on the road to take on the Miami Heat who will be raising up their championship banner. Expect Rose to announce himself to the basketball world against the defending champs with a statement performance for what will be an MVP-caliber season.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Strouf's Take: NCAA Compensation

College Station, Texas --- Unless you've been living in a cave for the last, who knows how long, you're probably well aware of the NCAA's rules when it comes to receiving money. Johnny Manziel, the reigning Heisman trophy winner and quarterback of Texas A&M has been receiving a great amount of criticism due to the ongoing investigation on whether or not he has been receiving money for autograph signings.

Now, let's take a pause right there. Can I ask what the problem is? Professional athletes, including the third-string defensive end on your favorite NFL team, receive thousands of dollars for signing a football or two, but let's throw a temper-tantrum because the Heisman trophy winner is receiving a small amount of cash for signing a card and a football. College is expensive, obviously. Is that even an excuse? No, I don't believe it is, but when it comes to college athletes receiving compensation for signing autographs at the local memorabilia store, what is the issue? It's going to happen in four years (at most) anyway.

This became a very interesting story on the brand new show "Olbermann" on ESPN2. He opened Tuesday's show discussing this exact issue, and said something that inspired me to write this article.

"What's the problem with making a small amount of cash when somebody else will make a big amount?"

Tony Kornheiser, co-host of hit ESPN show, "Pardon the Interruption" joined Keith Olbermann on that same episode, and made a very interesting point when it came to the NCAA. Kornheiser said, "Maybe the top 64 teams will say 'bye-bye, see you later [to the NCAA]' and form their own league. They can crown a champion through a playoff." He also added the facts that student athletes are allowed to receive pay from both the University and for what this whole discussion is about, memorabilia and appearances.

What is the consequence going to be if the outcome of the Manziel situation if it turns out he did accept payment? Will a representative of the NCAA say, "Hey kid, although everybody would have done the same exact thing as you, you're suspended four games." Or will it be something along the lines of, "Oh, you did do it? Oh, so, uh.. want some wings?"

"Yes, I did accept money for signing several autographs that are worth a lot of money. Is there a problem?"


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Farewell Tracy Mcgrady

After many highlights and failures 7 time all-star Tracy Mcgrady has announced his retirement from the game of basketball. Mcgrady’s career for as great as it was remains equally disappointing. A lot of “What Ifs” are going to be asked when speaking about his legacy in basketball but Tracy Mcgrady possessed great talent and was arguably the best player in the league at one point. I was going to write a long post just like the Allen Iverson one earlier in the week but I don’t think that’s needed here, just enjoy the video up top. The video up top illustrates his career pretty well.

  • 18,381 Points
  • 2-time scoring champion
  • 7 time All-Star
  • 2000-2001 Most Improved Player

Congratulations to Tracy Mcgrady on a fantastic career!

Tru School Of Kicks: Adidas Crazy 97 "Slam Dunk Contest"

As a sneakerhead I have never been a fan of Kobe Bryant's series of Nike Shoes. Have no fear though sneaker powerhouse Packer Shoes saves the day once again teaming up with Adidas for the retro release of the Adidas Crazy 97 “Slam Dunk Contest”. Of all the shoes Kobe has came out with over the years his best shoe is actually an Adidas shoe. As you can see the base of the shoe is purple. As for the rest of the shoe it is done up in yellow, black and white accents which matches very well with the Lakers uniforms and warm up apparel.

The shoe along with being very stylish also holds historical value as Kobe Bryant won the 1997 dunk contest wearing those sneakers. So these sneakers were the ushering in of the NBA's next great star. If I'm a Laker fan who also happens to be a sneaker lover then this would be a top priority as far as sneaker purchases go.

Monday, August 26, 2013

B+ is Bad for Buisness - WWE Raw


Daniel Bryan was "robbed" of the WWE title when Randy Orton cashed in his Money in the Bank contract at SummerSlam. We found out last week that Triple H and the McMahon Family had "best for business" in the cards all along.

This feud marks the beginning of a treacherous few months that the company will have to endure without John Cena. The fact that Triple H and the McMahon Family are directly involved says that they do not trust anyone else as the "Face of the WWE." Although, I have read on other sites that they believe the family involvement could be a precursor to something huge leading up to WrestleMania 30. It could happen. Just remember that we are dealing with Vince McMahon here. While the swerve factor seems to have eluded WWE Creative, anything is possible.

Triple H places Bryan in a gauntlet match against The Shield (
Bryan is placed in a gauntlet match against each member of The Shield, as Triple H looks to stack the deck against the former indy star. Triple H put a hush order on the entire Superstar Roster, threatening termination if anyone speaks out or interferes on Bryan's behalf. The Hounds of Justice are able to run roughshod on Bryan as the roster can only sit there and watch.

Feud Rating: 4 out of 5 Unused Gillette Razors - The development of the feud seems to be progressing nicely, and the only thing we've seen so far from heel Orton is him coming in to pickup scraps. Well played, Randy. 

We switch gears to mention the Cody Rhodes/Damien Sandow debacle. For those that haven't been paying attention, Rhodes and Sandow were a very formidable tag team, but had a falling out when Sandow betrayed Rhodes during July's Money in the Bank pay per view. The feud has escalated to a couple one on one matches between the two, with Rhodes continuing to come out on top. This undoubtedly pins Rhodes as a number one contender whenever Sandow opts to cash in his MITB contract and happens to win. An entertaining feud to say the least, with main event implications.

Feud Rating: 5 out of 5 Sandow-ized briefcases - This is a feud that has been a long time coming. I'll elaborate more on the Smackdown edition later this week. 

Heyman has last licks on Punk, for now.... (
Paul Heyman is one of wresting's most creative minds, and thanks to the 2011 Summer of Punk, he is relevant again. While Heyman stuck by CM Punk's side for the better part of two years, the plot thickened after the MITB event. This feud has a more personal side to it as Punk feels betrayed by Heyman, but he has henchman in the form of Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel doing the heavy lifting for him. I'm personally not a fan of Axel, but that is a whole other topic. The feud continued tonight with Heyman administering a bludgeoning with a kendo stick, along with the aid of Axel. The scenes always seem to end with Heyman having the upper hand, but knowing Punk, this is far from over.

Feud Rating: 4 out of 5 McGillicutty Makeovers - I get why Axel is involved, but really seems out of place in the battle with Punk. 

All in all, the company has done well since the TV-PG era took shape. They are able to maintain great interest in the product, although credit should be given to the die hard fans as well. In a world where the fourth wall seems to be made of papier-mâché, they continue to intrigue.  

Other minor notes from the show:

AJ rips into the cast of Total Divas by claiming she has earned here way instead of being given a TV show. Bravo AJ.

Bray Wyatt can cut a disturbing promo, yet it gathers the interest of the wrestling public. Maybe it'll translate into the ring one day.

Los Matadores are arriving soon. Olé.

Ted DiBiase Jr. Calls it Quits

Ted DiBiase Jr. announced earlier today that he would be stepping away from the WWE, to be with his family and pursue other interests.

The second generation superstar’s departure from the WWE didn’t come as a surprise for many backstage, who reportedly just “shrugged” it off. DiBiase has reportedly talked about leaving the WWE for some time now, as he was reportedly frustrated with his position in the company.

Reports have been saying that DiBiase felt that by quitting the WWE officials would have a higher level of respect for him if he were to ever make a return to the company.

It will be interesting to see what DiBiase decides to do next in the world of pro-wrestling. TNA may be an option for the 30-year-old ring vet, but with their focus now being on younger “cheaper” talent his price tag might not fit their new direction.  I’m sure the Indy circuit will be kind enough to him to help him support his family in the coming years, if he chooses to continue his in-ring career. 

Jose Fernandez Is The New Favorite For Rookie Of The Year

After his 2 starts this week, Jose Fernandez has become the front runner for National League Rookie of the year. For a Marlins team that has been horrendous this season, Fernandez has been a model of consistency. At the age of 21, Jose Fernandez has already put his name in the same sentence of elite pitchers in the game today.

Strength In Numbers

In his rookie season, after only pitching 1 year of class A-ball, Jose Fernandez is 3rd in ERA (MLB) with an ERA of (2.30), behind only fellow rookie Matt Harvey (2.27) and Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw (1.72). With a 10-5 win/loss record, the Marlins ace has a higher winning percentage of (.667) than Kershaw (.650). KJ In the category of strikeouts per 9 innings. Fernandez at (9.73) strikeouts per 9 innings is higher than Adam Wainwright (8.24) and Felix Hernandez (9.36). To go along with all of that his opponent batting average of (.188) is better than MLB strikeout leader Yu Darvish (.191).

Those stats would be impressive for anybody but for a rookie playing on a very offensively challenged ball club they look even greater. To appreciate how great Fernandez has been this season you have to really know how bad the Marlins offense is. So like I stated earlier, the rookie phenom has a 10-5 record, which is impressive playing for the Marlins. As a collective offense, the Marlins don't strike fear into the hearts of many opponents, ranking dead last in runs scored (415) and hits (997). We are in late August, heading into the last month of the season, and the Marlins still are the only team that doesn’t have 1,000 hits as a team yet. So the fact the Jose Fernandez has so little to work with from his offense and is posting the numbers he has, speaks volumes to what he is accomplishing in his rookie season.

Puig Who?

Last Monday against the red hot fellow Cuban rookie sensation Yasiel Puig and the LA Dodgers Jose Fernandez validated himself to the baseball world as the 2013 National League rookie of the year. Marlins Park was more filled than usual with both Cuban rookie phenoms facing off against each other, Miami's large Cuban community came to see which one would shine the most. Like most of the baseball world they came to see Puig but were left impressed with Fernandez as he shut down the Dodger order going 6 innings, giving up only 4 hits, 1 earned run and collecting 8 strikeouts in a 6-2 Marlins victory over the Dodgers. Puig went 0-4 against Fernandez with a strikeout, looking very uncomfortable. At times Puig didn't even look like a big league hitter. He even had more hits then Yasiel hitting a single to center field in the 3rd inning. So against baseball's hottest name Fernandez dominated and proved against the media's favorite rookie why he is the real rookie of the year.

No Contest

Barring a massive meltdown in September, Jose Fernandez will be the National League rookie of the year. If he maintains this kind of consistency through the whole entire month of September, he may even get some Cy Young consideration. One series that could really do a lot for Fernandez as far as Cy Young consideration goes is the September 27-29 series vs Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers. If he gets the start, he will be taking on baseball's best offense in Detroit, which leads the league in runs scored at (615). Not to mention the best hitter on the whole planet Miguel Cabrera, who won the triple crown last season. If he has a start against them like he did against the Dodgers, then it will be tough to not get Cy Young consideration. As far as the rookie of the year award goes, he has already won it, he's been the most consistent rookie from start to finish. Plus I think it would be incredibly hypocritical of baseball to give Puig the rookie of the year award, when they didn't let him participate in the all-star game. As well as giving it to him over a guy who made the all-star team and has been here all year long. So it will be interesting to see if baseball can stay consistent as far as what they believe in. If Jose Fernandez doesn’t win rookie of the year then I believe that all this is fixed and they are Puig lovers.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Great Rookie Cards (Part 3)

#19  1984 Topps Dan Marino

Dan Marino is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, some might even say the greatest of all-time. Marino was known for his precision on offense and lightning quick release. His tools at the quarterback position allowed him to lead the league in passing 5 times while throwing for 420 career touchdowns which currently puts him 3rd all-time among quarterbacks.

#18 1954 Topps Hank Aaron

Still regarded as "The Homerun King" to many baseball fans Hank Aaron had a knack for putting the ball over the fence. He hit 755 homeruns which places him just 2nd all-time behind only Barry Bonds (Who took steroids). His homeruns where never these long majestic bombs we see guys like Chris Davis or Miguel Cabrera hit but they got the job done.

#17  1966 Philadelphia Dick Butkus

8 times a pro bowler and regarded as one of the greatest line backers to ever play the game Dick Butkus left his mark all over the game of football. Before there was Brian Urlacher or Ray Lewis the NFL had Dick Butkus and he was mean. In 1979 the long time Chicago Bears standout was inducted into the football hall of fame in Canton,Ohio.

#16 1998 Upperdeck Authentic Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is an incredible leader of men on the field, an extension of the head coach on the field if you will. In terms of pure talent and knowing X's and O's i'm not sure you can do much better than Peyton Manning. He has had some tremendous season in the past but the group of receivers he has in Denver this season may be the best he has ever had.

#15 1955 Topps Harmon Killibrew

573 Homeruns is what Harmon Killibrew collected while playing in the major leagues.  During his tenure he led the league 6 times in Homeruns. Whether with the Twins or Senators he was always and a productive, powerful guy. Killibrew was elected to the hall of fame in 1984.

#14 1989 Upperdeck Ken Griffey Jr.

I don't like to compare players from different eras but in the 1990's Ken Griffey jr was a modern day, left handed version of Willie Mays. More importantly he did things the right way in an era where so many players earned an asterisk next to your name. Griffey was a true 5 tool player and that's very rare in baseball.

#13 1972 Topps Julius Erving

before he captured the imagination of basketball fans in New York and Philadelphia Julius Erving played his rookie season in the ABA for the Virginia Squires. He was Jordan before Jordan taking the high flying above the rim style and bringing it to the forefront of mainstream. He also made the dunk contest popular with his very basic but very hard free throw line dunk. DR.J was the kind of guy you wanted to be the pioneer of a sport trying to grow.

#12 2000 Topps Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera by the age of 15 was playing pro baseball and was signed by the Florida Marlins. Fast forward a decade and some change later and he is undeniably the best player in baseball and has collected a World Series ring, MVP and a triple crown. At the rate he is going he may be the best hitter of this generation.

#11 1961 Fleer Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain was the most physically imposing player of his time. Looking at the back of his basketball card at his stats would make you question if he was even real in the first place. As we all know he still holds the single game record for points in a game with 100.

Hope you enjoyed part 3 of this series stay tuned for the top 10 great rookie cards in sports history coming up in the next few days. Thank you for reading and follow us on Twitter @TruSchoolSports and @ThatBoyBtaylor.

A Reflection On The Career Of Allen Iverson

The last few days have been rough for me as a basketball fan. Its always a hard day when the guy you grew up wanting to be just like on a basketball court retires but that day has finally came for me. Sources are reporting that the 11 time all-star and 4 time scoring champion Allen Iverson will finally retire from the game of basketball after all of these years. Some people love him and some people hate him but AI is one of the greatest point guards to ever step on the hardwood and the proof is in the pudding on and off the court.

A New Era

Allen Iverson was different but he brought in a whole new culture to basketball as the NBA was preparing for the Post-Jordan era. The Doo-rags, Tattoos and fitted caps where all authentic to who Allen was as a person he was himself and never changed that throughout the course of his entire career. This sometimes benefited him and hurt him but he was always entreating  in the process. The Hip-Hop era in the NBA was really brought to the forefront when Allen Iverson was a marquee player in the league. His influence was and is still huge to this day.

As the NBA was preparing for the post-MJ era it was looking for a new face of the league and although it had Kobe Bryant the real hero or the guy who many people that come from a background of low income and poverty could relate to was Allen Iverson. He brought the hood to the hardwood and was proud of who he was that's why in that era of  hip-hop culture Allen Iverson Sixers jerseys were popular because of who he was as a person and the kind of player he was on the court. Iverson's jersey along with his Reebok "The Questions" Sneaker were wildly successful and still are to this day. Recently Reebok has re released the popular shoe and it has seen a great response from the sneaker world and shoe lovers worldwide. Iverson is To Reebok what Jordan is to the Air Jordan brand.

Little Big Man

Allen Iverson is listed generously at 6 feet tall and 165 pounds and is the greatest undersized guard of all-time along with Isiah Thomas. I once heard someone say the following about AI "Take Michael Jordan's greatest moves and speed them up and you have Allen Iverson". Allen Iverson played the game fearlessly and it demands respect. Taking on guys who are a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier then him Iverson played the game his way and that was with no fear and if need be at the rim. This attitude allowed him to score 24,369 points with a 26.7 scoring average on his career. Iverson made big baskets and made a living putting the Sixers on his back.

We all know Iverson is one of the greatest performers ever but very few people know that he is 2nd all-time in playoff scoring average in the history of the NBA only behind Michael Jordan averaging 29.7 points per game. He put Philly on his back in the most important games.Iverson played with heart and would make bigger guys look like they shouldn't be on the same floor. Like take for example in a playoff series against the Toronto Raptors and the much bigger more athletic Vince Carter in 2001. Iverson had 2 games of 50+ points with his 54 points in game 2 and 52 points in game 5. Allen was little no doubt about that but he was also something else- The MVP of the league.

The Problems

A.I's career comes with a lot of glory but a lot of problems as well, many of them self-inflicted. Allen was never a "pure point guard" but many basketball purists knocked him for that over the years calling him selfish and not a team player. There was the infamous "Practice" press conference in which he looked like a complete buffoon and totally selfish. Allen had his fans but equally had his detractors.

Then there was his relationship with head coach Larry Brown. For many years they couldn't see eye to eye because Allen hated practice. When they finally found some common ground they helped turn the Sixers into a playoff team and eventually reached the finals in 2001 with an eventual loss to the Shaq & Kobe Lakers. Some say had Allen not been so hard headed that his career would have looked better but Allen was Allen and he wasn't changing for nobody.

The Decline

Allen Iverson's scoring average was 26.7 points per game in the regular season. The end of his career kept that number from being higher with his stops in Denver, Detroit and Memphis. Seeing Allen anywhere but Philly was weird and all the seasons he had averaging less then 20 points hurt his average but he just didn't fit in on any of those teams.

It was sad to see how no NBA franchise in the latter part of Iverson's career wanted to give him a shot. Some of that is due in part to AI's ego not wanting to come off the bench and declined numerous offers in China and D-League where he could have proven himself to NBA GM's. No matter how you spin it the end of his career is just sad, you never want to see a guy of his stature go out that way.

The Legacy

Allen Iverson's career left much to be desired in terms of his championship success. He never captured an NBA title and its a down right travesty but nobody will ever say that he didn't deserve it. Iverson is a 1st ballot hall of famer whether you like him or not its not even a question. The only Point guard that is better then him at his size is maybe Isiah Thomas but besides that A.I is the best undersized point guard to ever play the game of basketball.

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