Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why the Charlotte Bobcats should draft Thomas Robinson

Its obvious that Mike Dunlap and the Charlotte Bobcats have a lot of issues they need to adress with NBA draft next week Coming off the worst season in league history where the team went 7-59. As a diehard long suffering fan, realist and basketball fan I think without a doubt we should draft Thomas Robinson with #2 pick out of that great Kansas basketball program.Thomas Robinson posses a lot of attributes that will help this team take steps forward to be successful. He is a guy who can run the floor and I believe under this up tempo style that coach Dunlap is implementing  Robinson will flourish. His body is cut from the Lebron James mold he is 6,7 244 pounds of muscle and pure man strength. His body allows him to be versatile allowing him to play the small and power forward positions. Also he has the ability to guard all 5 postions on the floor due too his body, athleticism and defensive instincts. Although Anthony Davis is the consensus #1 pick Robinson feels differently, when Davis was spotted wearing a black t-shirt that said “check my stats” Robinson said that “if you wanted to check stats Id be the number one pick easily-if that’s what you want to do”.He continued saying “I should get one of those shirts.I’ll get a shirt that says numbers don’t lie”.Although his offensive game still needs work Thomas Robinson’s combination of talent,heart,versatility and confidence makes him the obvious guy to select with the #2 pick for the Charlotte Bobcats.


  1. Robinson is a great player ... as time passes he gained experience and sense of play. Contribute enough to the team.

  2. Yeah he is a mans man down there on the block i'm rooting for him in Sacramento!


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