Thursday, October 25, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Oscar Robertson The"Big O"

 Throwback Thursday.  Just wanted to remind everybody in case you forgot that next Thursday November 1st is the big day being the release the Lebron vs Jordan. So make sure you say tuned for Hey it’s that time of week so happy that and check out the preview I wrote last week. Now I know most people that grew up in the 90’s to now think that MJ, Lebron or Kobe are the greatest of All-Time and I know I just wrote an extensive paper on MJ vs LBJ on who was better but I’m going to throw a curveball at you. Oscar Roberson is the Greatest Basketball player of All-Time! Yeah I said it and if you got a problem with that Tweet me @Thatboybtaylor. So today we are talking about none other then the “Big O” Oscar Robertson.

So when you Talk about All-Time Greats in basketball history you must mention Oscar Robertson. In the 1961-1962 Season he made history becoming the first and only player to Averaged Triple-Double for entire season at 30 points 11 assists 12 rebounds #CRAZY. What’s even crazier then that is he averaged a Triple-Double though his first 5 seasons in he league. Despite the great Numbers Robertson and he Cincinnati Royals  seemed to always fall short of reaching the Finals. He and his teammates suffered several losses in the playoffs to Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics. The most painful of these being in the 1962-1963 Eastern Conference Finals that went 7 games. So with all his postseason failures Robertson was then later traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in before the 1970-71 season. This was a fresh start for someone who had needed It after being accused of being selfish in Cincy. He now had a team that wasn’t decent at best the Bucks were contenders with the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bob Dandridge. The increase in Talent around him proved to be beneficial as the Bucks dominated the NBA to a league best 66-16 record. The Bucks would do the same in the playoffs going 12-2 and Oscar Robertson was now a Champion. The thing I admire most about him was that he did all this in a time when racial tensions were still high. He was great person, Intense Competitor and just a great player. Oscar Robertson would finish his career with 181 career Triple-Doubles.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

99 Problems

With the NHL lockout going on there really isn't much to talk about theses days in the world of hockey here in America, but i recently saw something pretty interesting. Nikalas Backstrom of the Washington Capitals was seen wearing the ever popular #99 of the great Wayne Gretzky in his KHL Debut. The number is retired in the NHL. Seeing this had many hockey fans enraged about Backstrom's number choice and they took to social media outlets like Twitter to voice how they felt. Here are some interesting tweets i came across.

Nicklas Backstrom is wearing number 99 in the KHL, what a f**khead, NHL or not, respect Gretzky and choose a different number-@thatonebeanut

I can't believe Nicklas Backstrom is going to wear #99 in the #KHL #ZeroRespect-@joe_lama

I hate niklas backstrom now #WhatAreYouThinking #NotGoodEnoughFor99-@loafaKAL

Niklas Backstrom wearing #99 in #KHL apparently is a story. Jesus Christ the #NHL needs to come back-@The_Road_guy

"i've got 99 problems and my number is one"-Niklas Backstrom

Thursday, October 18, 2012

MJ Vs. Lebron (Preview)

One of the biggest debates currently taking place in basketball circles right now is who is better? Michael Jordan or Lebron James? Hearing this question asked a multitude of times empowered me to settle this debate by writing my own version of MJ vs. Lebron. I have been working on this for 3 months and took my time was very diligent with it. Ever since Tru School Sports has been up and running I have been working on this. I looked at both of these great players through many different perspectives such as road to the NBA, Business and cultural impact on the game and many more. A lot of hard work went into this and I am proud to announce that on Thursday November 1st I will be releasing my version of Michael Jordan Vs. Lebron James. A lot of  hard work and late nights went into this and it is my hope that everybody who reads enjoys it. If you disagree with anything you read in this paper you can hit me up on Twitter @Thatboybtaylor and Tweet me what you disagree with it and we can chop it up about MJ and LBJ, make sure to follow btw. With that said see you on the 1st!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Throwback Thursday:Dan Marino

When you put on aqua and orange and play quarterback for the Miami Dolphins you will always be
compared to Dan Marino whether you like it or not. From Jay Fiedler to Cleo Lemon to now Ryan Tannehill all these guys live in the shadow of Dan the man Marino. Today for throwback Thursday if you don’t know already we are talking about 9 time pro bowl Quarterback and hall of famer Dan Marino.

Growing up in South Florida for most of my life It’s safe to say that I love the Dolphins and for most of my time cheering for them they haven’t been really good. If I sat here and named you every QB that’s suited up for the fins since he Dan Marino Retired I would be here for awhile. Although he never won a Super bowl when he played Dan Marino is regarded by many as the greatest QB of his era along with John Elway, Joe Montana. Although I never actually saw him play for the Dolphins I have a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for what Marino did. His presence still looms whenever I go to sun life From the plethora of Marino throwback jersey’s to his name in the ring of honor to the countless picture of him around the stadium to the statue outside Sunlife Marino is still large then life. I remember 1st getting into football and my father would talk about he could release the football quicker then anybody down the field for 30 yard completion's, He told me countless stories of how he would hit Mark Clayton and Mark Duper on slant routes and of course the Fake spike vs. the Jets. Dan Marino for a very long time was the greatest Athlete in South Florida sports history, some people would still argue that he is and never had the luxury of a elite running back like many great QB's did. Marino was the man in Miami passing for 61,361 yards and 420 Touchdown’s. Heck he even made an appearance in the the movie “Ace Ventura”. If there was one QB I could go back in time and watch play in person without hesitation it would without question be Dan Marino.


  • 9 Pro bowls
  • .61,361 passing yards
  • 420 Touchdowns 
  • 1984 MVP

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NBA 2k13

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a huge NBA 2K fan and recently this Saturday got the chance to play it NBA 2k13 this Saturday for the 1st time. Let me tell you I heard all about the improvement’s that the 2K game developers made but when you play the game it is a complete 180 from 2k12. The Ball handling and dribble moves are much smoother with all dribble moves being moved to the analog stick for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Now it is easier and more enjoyable to get creative with your crossovers and dribble penetration. Also When you dribble the Basketball into a defender you don’t get that bump the defender actually plays with the Ball handler and allows the ball handler to beat the defender with a move and makes defending a lot more challenging. Take for example when I was playing my Friend Hamiyd and my Ball handler was Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Chris Bosh was the defender he was playing incredibly aggressive on MKG and I hit him with an in and out crossover to the left in traffic which led to a thunderous dunk by the rookie. In last year’s game that wasn’t possible because if a defender played you tight more times then not you would wind up dribbling it off the defender’s foot or getting the ball stolen. So the game play has definitely improved. Another cool feature is the dunk meter which measures the intensity of you dunks.

Another thing I always look for in NBA 2K Is to see what classic teams or what classic players have been put in the new installment of the game. This year 2k Sports went all out in that department adding some of my favorite players and classic teams such as Allen Iverson, Elgin Baylor, And the 2001 Sacramento Kings with Chris Webber, Bibby and Peja and of course it returns Muggsy Bouges and the 92-93 Charlote Hornets. But the most important addition was adding the 1992 Dream team and this years Olympic team to settle the debate between the younger and older generation on who is better on the sticks. The game all around is more improved and more enjoyable for all basketball fans and most importantly a hell of a lot more realistic. It is most defiantly a must buy!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Throwback Thursday: 1989 Oakland A's

This afternoon The Oakland A’s Clinched the division tittle over the back to back AL Champion Texas Rangers. Against all odds with players who were cast offs from other teams came out of nowhere to win 94 games and capture the AL West title. With Oakland in the playoffs and the bay area once again buzzing about the green and gold the A’s are in the playoffs looking to do something they haven’t done since 1989 which is win a world championship and that’s our subject today the 1989 Oakland A’s.

Back in 1989 the A’s were the best team in baseball winning 99 games which was a league best that season. Guys like Mark Mcgwire, Rickey Henderson, Dennis Eckerseley  and Dave Stewart dominated baseball and made teams respect and ultimately fear Oakland. Dave Stewart was 21-9 with a 3.32 ERA and arguably the most dominate pitcher that year. The line up featured Dave Parker, Mark Mcgwire, Rickey Henderson and was one of the best offenses in Baseball the A’s balance of speed,power, pitching made them contenders. Once they got to the playoffs though they made sure that nobody would stop them. They beat the Toronto BlueJays in dominant fashion 4-1 in the 1989 ALCS. Ricky Henderson was the ALCS MVP. They would play the crosstown rival San Francisco Giants and sweep them in 4 games winning by 3 runs or more in all of them to capture the 1989 World Series championship, Dave Stewart was the World Series MVP. The 2012 version of the A’s start their quest towards a championship for the 1st time since 1989 as they square of with Triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera and the AL Central Champion Detroit Tigers.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Change Clothes

The upcoming NBA Season is around the corner and lately Ive been seeing a plethora of teams making alterations to there uniforms. Some Great and not so great either  way the new uniforms look to add some more flares to what I and many others anticipate as a great basketball season.

Brooklyn Nets

Since the day they stepped
foot in The league New Jersey the Nets have always played second fiddle to the Knicks. They were like that awkward stepchild few people liked. Owner Mikhail Prokorov and Rapper Jay-z are doing there very best to take over NYC and culturally build an untouchable brand of basketball. Brooklyn has completely rebranded from last year from the Jerseys,City,Arena and roster. Signing the likes Of Joe Johnson, Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace The Nets are trying to make the word “Brooklyn” on the front of those jersey’s mean something when they take the floor at the Barclay center. These Jerseys are a huge upgrade over the dull Red, white and Navy jerseys they sported in Newark last year. Black and White are colors that represent toughness and in all honesty they make what was once an uncool team cool again.

Charlotte Bobcats

Last season my hometown team came off the worst season in NBA History at 7-59. They made some alterations to the threads this year. On the home Jersey they took the “Bob” out of Bobcats and now it just reads “Cats” in a baby blue font paying homage to UNC. The road uniforms are my favorite’s  on  it has a navy base minus the battleship gray pinstripes in a smaller font it reads “Charlotte” it has a much cleaner feel to it. The jersey’s are part of a new identity that the team is trying to forge with new head coach Mike Dunlap. The team improved it’s roster adding Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Jeffery Taylor through the draft along with veterans like Ben Gordon, Ramon Sessions and Brendan Haywood. The team looks to be tougher, faster and stronger then last year and as they continue to improve they will look good in the new uni’s those get a thumbs up.

Denver Nuggets

Of all the teams New Jersey’s this season this one is by far my favorite. It features a yellow base which is weird for the Nuggets because that color has always been an outline and never the base of a jersey. Then it Pays homage to the 80’s Alex English era of basketball with the Denver skyline along the rocky mountains. These Jersey’s although they are alternate’s and will only be worn 17 times this year get a 10 out of 10 thumbs up. It looks to be an exciting year of basketball in the city of Denver this year. Ty Lawson during the unveiling of the new jersey boldy proclaimed his team as “The team to beat” in the western conference. I’m definetly rooting for Ty and the Nuggets and look forward to watching them play in the new swagged out jersey’s

New York Knicks

Of all the jersey’s that made changes this offseason the Knicks made the least amount any changes to the jersey’s. They Basically took out any black outlines they once had in the jersey’s. it looks more like the team’s jerseys from the Walter Frazier days I guess that’s what they were going for. In my humble opinion though I feel like they just wanted a revenue stream to combat what the nets did.

San Antonio Spurs

I really don’t like these because when you have won multiple championships and are known as a dynasty in basketball why mess with something great seriously. I’m so happy these are alternates.
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