Thursday, October 25, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Oscar Robertson The"Big O"

 Throwback Thursday.  Just wanted to remind everybody in case you forgot that next Thursday November 1st is the big day being the release the Lebron vs Jordan. So make sure you say tuned for Hey it’s that time of week so happy that and check out the preview I wrote last week. Now I know most people that grew up in the 90’s to now think that MJ, Lebron or Kobe are the greatest of All-Time and I know I just wrote an extensive paper on MJ vs LBJ on who was better but I’m going to throw a curveball at you. Oscar Roberson is the Greatest Basketball player of All-Time! Yeah I said it and if you got a problem with that Tweet me @Thatboybtaylor. So today we are talking about none other then the “Big O” Oscar Robertson.

So when you Talk about All-Time Greats in basketball history you must mention Oscar Robertson. In the 1961-1962 Season he made history becoming the first and only player to Averaged Triple-Double for entire season at 30 points 11 assists 12 rebounds #CRAZY. What’s even crazier then that is he averaged a Triple-Double though his first 5 seasons in he league. Despite the great Numbers Robertson and he Cincinnati Royals  seemed to always fall short of reaching the Finals. He and his teammates suffered several losses in the playoffs to Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics. The most painful of these being in the 1962-1963 Eastern Conference Finals that went 7 games. So with all his postseason failures Robertson was then later traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in before the 1970-71 season. This was a fresh start for someone who had needed It after being accused of being selfish in Cincy. He now had a team that wasn’t decent at best the Bucks were contenders with the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bob Dandridge. The increase in Talent around him proved to be beneficial as the Bucks dominated the NBA to a league best 66-16 record. The Bucks would do the same in the playoffs going 12-2 and Oscar Robertson was now a Champion. The thing I admire most about him was that he did all this in a time when racial tensions were still high. He was great person, Intense Competitor and just a great player. Oscar Robertson would finish his career with 181 career Triple-Doubles.

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