Tuesday, October 23, 2012

99 Problems

With the NHL lockout going on there really isn't much to talk about theses days in the world of hockey here in America, but i recently saw something pretty interesting. Nikalas Backstrom of the Washington Capitals was seen wearing the ever popular #99 of the great Wayne Gretzky in his KHL Debut. The number is retired in the NHL. Seeing this had many hockey fans enraged about Backstrom's number choice and they took to social media outlets like Twitter to voice how they felt. Here are some interesting tweets i came across.

Nicklas Backstrom is wearing number 99 in the KHL, what a f**khead, NHL or not, respect Gretzky and choose a different number-@thatonebeanut

I can't believe Nicklas Backstrom is going to wear #99 in the #KHL #ZeroRespect-@joe_lama

I hate niklas backstrom now #WhatAreYouThinking #NotGoodEnoughFor99-@loafaKAL

Niklas Backstrom wearing #99 in #KHL apparently is a story. Jesus Christ the #NHL needs to come back-@The_Road_guy

"i've got 99 problems and my number is one"-Niklas Backstrom

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