Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bears-Packers (Rivaly Renewed)

Tonight in the NFL a nearly century old rivalry will be renewed. The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are 2 of the NFL’s marquee franchises and this is arguably the biggest rivalry of them all. Every time these 2 link up you are more then sure for great football. One team claims to having more Super bowls while the other can say they have more Hall of Famers. Whether you proudly sport the tradition rich green and yellow of the Packers or the rugged tough navy and orange of the Bears the reality is you got 2 of footballs best franchises battling it out. Many great players are playing in tonights game and many greats have played in this rivalry through out the years.

Coaches: In the game of football every team needs a great coach to be successful and get to where they want to be which is the Super Bowl. The Packers and Bears have hoisted the trophies and have had tremendous success with the likes of guys like Mike Dikta and Vince Lombardi. Both of these great football minds and personalities where tough minded individuals who wouldn’t take losing. Vince Lombardi took nothing less then his players best effort and nothing short of excellence. His trademark saying “winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing” really captures the essence of what he was looking for out of those great Packer Teams of the 60’s. Ditka like Lombardi wanted the best out of his players and wouldn’t let you waste his time. He was intense and tough minded just like his football teams. 1 of which would eventually go on to win the Super bowl in 1985 over the New England Patriots 46-10. Both of these men are regarded as some of the best coaches in NFL history and definetly the right guys to lead the charge for they’re respective franchises.

Players: Gale Sayers, Brian Urlacher, Walter Peyton are some the very many people who have made putting on a Chicago Bears Football jersey special. Whether you electrified like Gale, Polverized like Brian or Bulldozed like Walter” being a Bear was special. When you are a Packer though you are surrounded by a gold standard of excellence in which it is your goal to achieve every year. You have to live up to the like s of Farve, Bart Starr, and Sterling Sharpe. If you put either of these jerseys On it means that you are expected to win year in and year out and that no matter what don’t lose to your rival.. (UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE)!!

Gridirons: Soldier Field home to the Chicago Bear’s and chi-towns faithful. This is where 61,500 Chicagoans have been cheering their hearts out since 1971. This is where the grass isn’t always green and the defenses are never pretty. This is where the Likes of Lance Briggs and Julius Peppers come to punch you in the Mouth and get that W. This isn’t flash and flare this Bears football. Lambeau Field home since forever. This where the whole city closes down for. Where we watch the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings light up the score board. This where 73.094 Cheese heads wont take nothing less then greatness. This is Green bay, Wisconsin. This is Packer football.

Tonight’s game: in Tonight’s matchup is the renewal of the age old rivalry. Lambeau Field is the sight of today’s game. There is always a lot at stake the Bears are looking to go 2-0 and gain control of the NFC North division. The Packers on the other hand are looking to avoid an 0-2 start.We have 2 of the most balanced teams in the league here weapons on both sides are endless. I like the Bears with a big road win though, they’re ability to run the football with the speed and versatility of Matt Forte and the Power of Michael Bush will ultimately be the difference in this one. Either way im looking forward to a great game just like both of these great fan bases.

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