Saturday, September 15, 2012

STA Pride (My 1st St.Thomas football game&experience)

St.Thomas Aquinas in my backyard is arguably the best high school football team in the nation. They are the
6 time National Champions and they are always the team with a target on there back for good reason. Most players that suit up for the raiders wind up going on to play division 1 football. The reason in which I am writing this is because last night I attended my 1st of what will probably be more games this season and let me tell you it was an experience. It all started like any other sporting event I hopped in the car with my best friend Rashaan and we were on our way to Brian Piccalo Field. Once we stepped out the car I felt something in the air which I had never felt before. As we approached the ticket office my eyes were greeted to the Friday night lights of the gridiron and my ears were greeted to constant chants from the STA student section. I hadn’t even walked up to the ticket office and my adrenaline was pumping. So I get up to the ticket office and say goodbye to most of the money in my wallet and made my entrance into the stadium. As I made my way in there were 2 lines on opposite sides of maybe about 25 people in Gold St.Thomas t-shirts. The coach made his way out by himself and got a moderate chant and then the St.Thomas Aquinas Raiders football team decked out in there all gold Nike football jerseys that would put the Pittsburgh Steelers to shame made there way out to the field the people in gold T-shirts erupted in unison and the players were hype as can be. They would take on New Jersey football powerhouse Don Bosco on ESPN so I knew I was at a big game. While many people at the game actually care about the game there is good percentage that are there to socialize. Parents, Boosters and Football players Girlfriends seemed to be the people that were most into the game. The bleachers were packed to capacity but many people particularly STA Females were on the concession stand/concourse level mingling. Honestly I find STA really attractive so if you put 4,000 people in one place and there are like 2,500 females im going to talk to a lot of them. I spent the better part of the 1st half mingling with all types of people (Females mainly). During halftime Rashaan and I attempted to do the unthinkable which was get a seat in the bleachers. Halftime was 15 minutes and we spent 13 and half trying to find a seat and we had to wait in a line that didn’t move for 13 minutes. Once we got out the bleachers we made our way to where the players come out and my night was made. I spotted Former NFL Pro bowl Recevier Cris Carter in a STA shirt I guess he was a coach. The game resumed and the crowd was just as electric as kick off. When it concluded the Raiders had lost 20-10 to the Don Bosco iron men and you could just feel the mood shift. In a place where Championships or bust is the expectation fans of this team are just not use too losing. Students where mad, players were pissed and the booster club was irate . Even though they lost im sure they will make adjustments and play winning football again. All in All it was a great experience and I look forward to attending more games at Brian Piccolo Field.


Notable NFL Players from ST.Thomas

Michael Irvin

Leonard Hankersom

Tavares Gododen

Major Wright

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