Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Footlocker Faux pas

Just when you thought these replacement NFL Refs couldn’t get any worse last night happens. If you have been living under a rock then let me explain to you what happened. Last night the Green Bay Packer’s  took on the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night football, The game was a defensive struggle for the most part with both teams combining for 9 sacks and 245 Penalty yards. With 8 seconds on the clock and the game in the balance the most bizarre finish in NFL History was upon us. Russel Wilson was forced to throw up a prayer for the win and  a  blatant offensive pass interference by Tate was missed The ball was caught in traffic it appeared originally that M.D Jennings had came up with the ball and the game would be over then the UNTHINKABLE happened!!!!! Constant wrestling for the football made this call hard Jennings and Tate both appeared to have the football.  The two refrees made two separate calls one said the game was over and the other said it was a TD by Tate. The initial ruling was a Touchdown for the Seahaawks and the Qwest Field faithful was in a frenzy because they’re team had just took the lead 13-12. The Packer sideline was furious and a booth review was needed. After several tedious minutes of reviewing the original call some how THEY MISSED IT!! These former Foot Locker employees had missed the call and probably dropped Footlocker’ stock about 7 points in the process. It’s kinda sad that you can look at a call in the booth after you missed it ands miss it again. These replacement refs have made a mockery of the NFL and former employer. I think it’s time that we send these replacement ref’s back to stocking the shelfs and selling shoe product at your local mall because clearly the replacement officials have sub par eye sight.

In all seriousness though the real refs that are actually are on strike need to come back (But you knew that already) if there was ever a wake up call to expedite negotiations that  was one. It was hands down the worst call I’ve ever seen in sports in my young life. Although I was rooting for the Seahawks last night seeing them win in that fashion was disheartening as a football fan and really hurt the NFL’s image. It was like watching a fortune 500 company’s stock fall from grace in an instant. Greg Jennings sarcastically voiced his opinion saying “These refs did a great job” repeatedly. It’s 6:12  and ESPN is still buzzing over the controversy. Hopefully Footlocker wasn’t taking any applications these last few weeks so the ref’s can get there jobs back. Football season hasn’t started yet because that Debacle of officiating just waterd down the game and has been for the last few weeks. Give the fans the sport back. Choose not too and watch the product sink!

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