Thursday, September 6, 2012

Throwback Thursday:Vince Lombardi

Its been a few weeks since I actually posted anything for Throwback Thursday because of school and all this homework and studying. So instead of 1 like usual im going to do 2. The NFL season is this Sunday and im really excited Fantasy football will be in full swing. More importantly the Dolphins and Panthers will open up the season in they’re quest for the Vince Lombardi trophy (Superbowl) . That’s who we will talk about today Vince Lombardi  and all the great things he did with the Packers for football.

Lombardi- A name that identify’s  with greatness both past and present. Players who lift up the Superbowl Hardware are lifting up up the most famous trophy in all of pro sports with his name on it. It exemplifies the pain struggle and all adversity all champions had to go through in order to obtain the ultimate team prize. He once exclaimed the famous quip “ Winners never quit and quitters never win” this still holds true to this day in anything you do in life. Who is Vince Lombardi? Many do not know of this mans intelligence and what he did for the game of football. There is a reason that the Green Bay Packers became arguably footballs most iconic franchise, Vince Lombardi was a huge reason why. The Packers captured 8 championships in his time as head coach (6 NFL Championships and 2 superbowls). Coaching the likes of Lambeau Legends Bart Starr and Jerry Kramer the Packers in the 1960’s were one of sports most dominant dynasties. “ Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” . How many people know about the “ Packers Sweep” ? It was basically a running play using misdirection and some down blocking to create seals and seems in the defense to create alleys for running backs to find daylight and run up the field for a big chunks of yardage and touchdowns. Lombardi breaks it down in the video below you need big tough physical offensive line men willing to get there hands dirty in order to create room for the running back. “You need a seal here, and a seal here and try to run this play in the alley” . The sweep is rarely used anymore because the NFL has become a pass happy league driven by quarterbacks. It was still a huge development in the game of football. Vince Lombardi left an indelible mark on the NFL with the Packers Winning a 149 games, 8 Championships and produced multitude of hall of famers. He made the Green and yellow famous

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