Sunday, December 23, 2012

5 can't miss Christmas Gifts for Sports fans in your life

With Christmas in a few days many people around the nation are shopping frantically for the sports fans in they're lives. If you are one of those people that are having problems figuring out what to get your son or daughter or mom or dad then don't you worry help is on the way. Today I bring you Tru School Sports top 5 can't miss gifts for the sports fans in your life.

#5 Brian Scalabrine “White Mamba” t-shirt

Although he is retired and the NBA Meme white mamba hype has died down a lot this shirt is a can't miss item for the Scalabrine fan in your life. If you have relatives who are basketball fans in the New Jersey/Boston/Chicago area then this a gift is great to show love to one of the NBA's most lovable personalities and well known bench warmers of all-time.

#4 Oakland Raiders “black hole” merchandise

It has been another long season in the bay area for the Raiders but that has done little to nothing to stop the passion and hostility that is the section of fans known as the “Black Hole”. For the Raider fan in your life Silver and black face painting make great stocking stuffers. If you want to go all out make sure to get them a skeleton or gorilla mask to make sunday's continue to look like Halloween in the Bay area.

#3 Charlotte Hornets fan gear

In all my 17 years and some change on this earth I have never heard anybody say “That Charlotte Hornets hat looks ugly” or “Those Hornet shoes look ugly”. With that said Teal and purple are unique colors and i'm sure if you surprise the Basketball enthusiast in your life with this they will forever be grateful and feel the nostalgia running through their veins.

#2 tissue boxes

For many fans across the world (including myself) 2012 has been a depressing year for them. So if you want to be resourceful and save that one family member or friend who looks like he will cry from the crappy level of play his team shows on a regular bases feel free to go out and purchase the biggest box of kleenex you can find.

#1 Kazam

Few things in the world epitomize
  the term “God awful” more then this feature length film Shaq starred in way back when. I'm sure if you give this to someone the reaction they have when opening the gift will be unforgettable.

So there you have it your Tru School Sports top 5 cant miss gifts for the sports fans in your life. So if you are out and about doing some last minute shopping use this list as your guide to making your loved ones happy. Have a safe and very Merry Christmas....God Bless!!

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