Thursday, December 13, 2012

Throwaback Thursday:Flat tops in the NBA

For some reason young people like myself have an affinity for retro anything, Retro Jordans, Snapbacks, Video games etc. NBA Players theses days are taking the Retro thing a bit to far going back to Retro  hair cuts such as High top fades and Flat tops. These guys have some serious Swag to be sporting this look in 2012. Guys like Brandon Jennings, Norris Cole and Iman Shumpert look like Big Daddy Kane and Gumby. Check out some of these throwback and New school flat tops and ENJOY!

Norris Cole

J.R Reid

Reggie Miller and Brandon Jennings

Iman Shumpert

These are some BOLD statements by the current Players hair. They are very similar to the players in the 90's but don't they also look like these guys?

Gumby& Big Daddy Kane

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