Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rejoice in Rubio

This past Saturday for myself and many basketball fans alike was a great one because Ricky Rubio made his return and it was like he never left. After the knee injury that left many fans heart broken and ravaged the world of basketball Rubio was back to his old tricks. He only compiled 8 points and 9 assists in 18 minutes the Wolves brought him off the bench. If you watched the game though you could clearly see that when he was on the floor at the Target Center Minnesota had an extra dimension of energy and he really made them go. He made one of the most ridiculous passes when he through a pass through his legs which went through a defenseless Elton brand's legs which found a cutting Greg Steinsma wide open for a lay up. It was one of the most difficult passes I have ever seen anyone make.

Rubio is one of those guys that the fans across the league all love no matter what team you cheer for. Now that he is back the NBA is more exciting and we can now begin to ask ourselves “How the hell did he make that pass” constantly again. The Minnesota Timberwolves just became THE team to watch on NBA League pass. Ricky Rubio it's great to have you back!........Enjoy the highlights in his return back

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