Wednesday, December 26, 2012


It's the day after Christmas and things are slowly going back to normal,people are going to work and in time kids will be back in school. Yesterday the NBA had 5 Christmas day games one of which featured the Miami Heat beating the Thunder in a finals rematch But for Heat Nation i'm willing to bet many of their fans don't even know that there is a game today. Tonight's game I have had circled on my calender since the schedule came out. Tonight the Heat take on the team from my hometown the Charlotte Bobcats for the 1st time this season1.

Now I know what your saying “why would you watch? it that games gonna be a blowout”. Well it's not the Bobcats always execute better at home and i'm expecting a close game, hopefully I'm right. I live in the Miami area so for the whole year I have had to deal with many of my friends talking about how great Lebron is and about how that last year is the 1st of many championships to come and how we will never be a threat to the Heat or anyone for the matter. Well like I tell my friends the Heat better enjoy the next year maybe 2 because the way I see it is the Bobcats have 2 very talented young players to build the franchise around in Kemba Walker and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Those are 2 set pieces right there all this team is missing is a solid offensive big man and they are a playoff team this year.

My team is on a 15 game losing streak but look at the stretch of games we played. Knicks, Hawks twice, Warriors twice,Thunder, Lakers, Clippers, Sixers,Nuggets. I don't think have a stretch of game like that the whole year.We went toe to toe with all most of those teams. So this isn't the same Bobcat team that was a poster child for internet jokes last year.

It's like the Heat are the rich kids who get everything they want Pat Riley allows them to have a silver spoon in there mouth and get whoever they want. The Bobcats on the other hand are that poor kid that has to work for everything they got and while they may struggle for a little bit they know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

If the Heat don't come prepared tonight I promise you The Bobcats will end this losing streak and they will get punched in the mouth. Can't wait to watch this game with all my Heat Friends With that said LETS GO BOBCATS !#BeatDaHeat

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