Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Throwback Thursday:Terrell Davis

With the NFL playoffs quickly approaching I’ve began to discuss who I think will win the super bowl amongst friends of mine and I usually bring up the Denver Broncos Peyton Manning is playing like an MVP. Which made me think about the Broncos super bowls in the 90's and the MVP Players on it. Terrell Davis in particular who was so dominant is the subject of today’s throwback Thursday.

He was one of those guys that when you look on the back of his topps football card and saw where he got drafted you would be shocked that he was a 6th round pick. If you look further down that card you would see that he was a straight up beast and the best Running back in the NFL for a little bit. He was an impact from day 1 in his rookie season in 1995 he became the lowest drafted Running back ever to gain 1,000 yards in a season with 1,117 yards and 7 touchdowns. Two years later he found himself with 157 yards and three touchdowns in one of the greatest Performances in super bowl history. In the span of 2 years he went from 6th round draft pick to Super bowl MVP, I Know it's crazy!

It gets better though in the following season of 1998 he went out and decided to dominate the game like few running backs ever have. He joined the exclusive 2,000 yard club rushing for 2,008 yards and score 21 touchdowns. He was the focal point for a Bronco team that won a 2nd straight Super bowl. With A 2,000 Yard rushing season, A rushing title, MVP and Super Bowl MVP and 1,000 yard seasons all I have to say is “SCOUTS DO YOUR HOMEWORK”. It may have only been 7 season but “T.D” left his mark on the league.

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