Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nathans famous hot dog eating contest:THE American tradition

In the world sports there are few if any that only happen once a year and arent considered a sport but at the same time considered a tradition. If you don’t know what it is exactly im talking about I am referring to the 15 best most blissful minutes in competitive eating known as The Nathans world famous hot dog eating contest in coney island,NY. Nothing in the world is more patriotic then people stuffing they’re faces with americas most famous hot dog on americas most famous network on americas birthday. This is the 97th time that people from all over the globe that people will indulge in hotdogs sure to make them gain weight. This contest has gotten bigger and bigger every year. Espn started televising the event in 2004 and for many people including myself it has grown into a yearly tradition. The event has been dominated by only 2 people Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chesnut. Kobayashi was the most dominant competitor winning the contest 2001-2006 and setting world records on 4 different occasions. Then came Joey Chestnut Americas only hope at reclaiming the mustard belt for America and bringing it home.. At the 92nd Annual Nathans famous hotdog eating contest He set a new world record with 66 hot dogs consumed and scored his 1st Nathans famous mustard belt tittle. Next year after that he repeated in a sintulating eat off after equaling Kobayashis total of 59 hotdogs. Chestnut is a 5 time champion and hasn’t lost since 2007. With 1 more mustard belt Chestnut will equal Kobayashis record of 6. If you have never watched this event live I highly suggest you do,the personality and passion these people have is worth your time and making it a 4th of july staple and tradition in your life. With an expected record crowd of 40,000+ Coney island should be rocking this 4th july like always. Have a Happy and safe 4th of July too all!!!!!!!!

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