Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Orlando Summer league 1st impressions and longshots

The NBA summer league represents a new time and new wave of players coming into the league and offers fans like myself to get a look at their game. Yesterday was the start of the Orlando summer league and after watching a few guys play I was left with a good first impression with a few young talented players and even a few intresting stories to say the least. So lets get into it

1. Kim English SG Detroit Pistons 2nd round 44th overall


The slick shooting guard from Missouri looked like a steal and a prototype 2 guard in the nba with his smooth jumpshot and perimeter play. He has a sweet stroke wherever he shoots from and many times yesterday he created his own shot and made smart decsions with the basketball. There were a few scenarios where Kim English made a nice play but it wasn’t the right one. With Ben Gordon traded I think English could be the future starting shooting guard for the Pistons and with more experience and acclumation to the speed of the game Kim English could be a pretty solid shooting guard in the league.

Summer league averages:2 games 27 minutes 12 points 1.5 rebounds 2 Ast  0.5 steals

2. Perry Jones III Oklahoma City Thunder F 1st round 28th overall


Based on talent Perry Jones III is a top 10 pick but injuries and questions about his lifespan and how long he will stay healthy had him slip through the cracks and picked at 28 by OKC. The Baylor product has caught my eye so far and has looked like a man amongst boys. He has displayed physicality on the block moving players out the way. With James Harden being a free agent and possibly leaving Okc the thunder might have found a gem and the future small forward of what they hope is a championship team. Perry Jones versatility ball handling ability and 7,2 wingspan will allow him to be a very good player in the league the only question is his health.

Summer league averages: 2 games 26 minutes 12 ppg 6 rebounds .5 Ast 1.5 Blocks

Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons F 1st round 9th overall


This guy is the definition of a “Manchild”  at 18 years old he stands at 6’11 265 pounds with a 7,6 wingspan. You can tell his momma fed him well because he has an NBA body but is considered by many to be a project. Many scouts question his motor but this guy is a big boy and as he adjusts to NBA game speed endurance shouldn’t be a problem. I liked what I saw from him in his match up with Utah Jazz big man and 2nd year man Enes Kanter  from the very 1st play he didn’t back down. Kanter tried to back him down in the post and found a baby hook shot getting blocked by the man child Drummond. The rest of the game Drummond showed inconsistency and him airballing a free throw and not using his body in certain situations. Andre Drummond posses talent that would complimant Pistons center Greg Monroe very well. Who knows in a few years Drummond and Monroe could be one of the most imposing front courts in the league. He is the kind of guy they would love in the motor city and im sure Pistons PA announcer “Mason” will love saying his name nut until then lets work on on some free throws,

Summer league averages: 2 games 24.5 minutes 5.5 ppg 0.5 ast 4 rebounds 2.5 steals 1.5 Blocks 50% fg

Lance Stephenson  2010 draft pick 2nd round 40th overall Indian Pacers


Although he is considerd a veteran in summer league circles many don’t know much about the Indiana Pacers point guard. He is most noted for giving Lebron James the choke sign on the bench during the eastern confrence finals and later got close lined by Dexter Pittman. What few people know is that this athletic 6.5 point guard posses a skill set to be a key contributer for a Pacer team looking to take a leap forward as eastern confrence power house. Lance has been playing a solid all around game displaying himself as a floor general and leader for the pacer summer league team. He keeps this up and he might become another teams key contributer with the Pacers already having Darren Collison and George Hill at PG its unlikely that Lance will find any significant minutes in the rotation.

2012 Summer league averages: 2 games 32 minutes 20.5 ppg 6.5 ast 2.5 rebounds 53% fg

Summer league also presents a few intresting stories of guys trying to guys trying to get back to the league,get there for the 1st time or simply just prove that they belong. Lets take a look at an example of all 3 I just mentioned.

1. Adam Morrison F Brooklyn Nets
Coming out in the 2006 NBA draft Morrison was highly touted coming out of Gonzaga and was drafted 3rd overall by Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats. After injuries and underachieving Morrison was dealt to L.A where he never received substantial minutes but won a ring sitting on the bench. 6 years after being drafted Morrison is out too prove people wrong that he can contribute in the league and that he will be back. Yesterday. Scored 10 points along 10 rebounds collecting his 1st double-double in summer league play. If Morrison keeps putting up solid numbers he might find himself in Brooklyn.

2.Blake Ahearn PG Utah Jazz


After balling out in the D-league with the Reno Big horns Breaking basketball Records for most consecutive free throws and a D-league all-star appearance Ahearn found himself with the Utah Jazz  getting called up. Ahearn is a longshot in todays NBA because he lacks athletisicm that most players have. All he is looking for is a chance to find an NBA teams rotation so he can prove himself. The guys is a journeyman who worked his tail off in the D-league and has had very short stints with the Heat,Spurs,Jazz. Time will tell if Ahearn will ever get a chance but one things for sure he will continue to grind and im rooting for him.

3. Dequan Jones F Orlando Magic


Coming into summer league Jones is an unknown too most. I know perfectly well who he is and what he is about. Dequan Jones is a physical speciman and an athletic freak. Watching him play at “The U” I was witness too many blocks and saw many posters made on opposing college basketball players. This is a high energy guy who has a really high motor. Although he is a very raw talent with the right coaching and guidance the Orlando Magic might have found themselves a nice bench player.

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