Thursday, July 26, 2012


Wednesday marked the end of an era in Miami. Hanley Ramirez was traded to the L.A Dodgers prior to the Marlins contest vs. Atlanta Braves. His legacy in Miami was an up and down one he was a MVP canadite at times and other times he was detrimental to the teams success kicking balls into the outfield not playing hard at times. He got managers fired and he never fulfilled that 7 year 70 million dollar contract as the marlins franchise player. He arrived into the Dodger clubhouse around 4:00 Midwestern time he was greeted by teammates who were as equally happy too see him as he was to wear Dodger blue. The 3 time All-star was all smiles and said “I’m happy too be here”. That statement means a lot because I as a Marlin fan can tell you that a happy Hanley is a Productive one. Being in L.A could help reenergize the former batting champ back to form hitting in the same line up with Matt Kemp and Andre Eithier not having to be the face of a franchise. Hanley certainly looked like a changed man when I watched him play Monday night vs. the Cardinals. I noticed a few things that I hadn’t seen all year from him. He was a a lot more aggressive earlier in the count. He also had a more compact swing and that front shoulder wasn’t flying out so it allowed him to put more quality swings on the baseball. In his 1st ever at bat with his new ball club Hanley got those arms extended and drove the ball to center field which went off the Busch stadium wall and resulted in his 3rd triple of the season. Later on in the 6th inning he stayed back kept his hands nice short and compact and he smacked a ground ball single into center field to score Mark Ellis collect his 1st Dodger rbi. The Cardinals would eventually come back and ultimately win the game in the 12th inning 3-2. Despite the loss if im a fan of this ball club im excited to have Hanley in the middle of my order. I feel like L.A is a perfect fit for him and his personality, he loves attention and getting the limelight. When the ball club returns back home he will get to play on one of baseballs biggest stages Dodger Stadium in a city full of gilts and glamour. Hanley’s a gilts and glamour kind of guy so I think he will fit right in. If he keeps his head on straight he could be a huge asset to the team. If the Dodgers ever win a championship and he is a big part of it who knows instead of “Hollywood” we might see “Hanley-wood"

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