Thursday, July 26, 2012

Throwback Thursday: "Broadway" Joe Namath

Today is Thursday and you already know that means it’s throwback Thursday here at the Tru school. Just want to thank everybody who read and gave me love on last weeks article on Muggsy Bouges, This week though we take a look at the Hall of Fame Super bowl champion  “Broadway” Joe Namath.


Very few players represent a standard that future players need to live up too but when you play for the NY Jets and you start at quarterback you will always be compared to Joe Namath. He is the Gold standard for anybody who puts on a uniform to play QB New York Jets. Namath in many ways represents New york city while he achieved greatness on the gridiron his blooming personality and appeal to women allowed him to get a career in acting. Appearing on shows such as the Brady Bunch Namath earned the nickname “Broadway”. As much as he was Broadway he was still a football player. He was most famous for his super bowl 3 prediction when he came out and guaranteed a victory against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts. Joe earned lots of criticism and people thought he was crazy for saying that. When the clock was done ticking and the smoke had cleared Joe “Broadway” Namath arose victorious shocking the sports world in what was called “The greatest upset in pro football history”. When the game ended Namath stormed off the field rasing his right hand running towards the tunnel at the orange bowl his hand had the #1 telling the Miami crowd that his Jets were the champs. He was later named the super bowl 3 MVP. Jets fans usually have goose bumbs when talking about him. Why wouldn’t they? He brought the organization its 1st and only Vince Lombardi trophie. Namath represents a lot of what the Jets and New York is full of and that’s a bunch of Underdogs who triumph over all the overbearing odds too achieve a common goal. That goal is too simply be called “Champion”

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