Thursday, November 22, 2012

5 Things to be Thankful for

It’s November and the year is winding down and today across our nation we Celebrate Thanksgiving. On this day we give thanks for all of the positive things going in our lives and spend some quality time with our families and friends Induldging in food such as Turkey, Mash potatoes and of course Pumpkin Pie. On this Thanksgiving day I Give you the 5 things I’m most thankful for in sports this year.

#5 NHL Playoffs

This past NHL postseason is one of the best we ever saw. We saw the scrappy Florida Panthers make the playoffs for the 1st time in over a decade and take the eventual Eastern Conference Champion New Jersey Devils to a thrilling game 7 overtime. We saw the Blood bath that was Penguins-Flyers. Above All the 8th seeded L.A Kings became the 1st team in Sports history to win a championship as an 8th seed. It was sintulating and is a reminder of why we need to end this lockout and get the players back on the Ice.

#4 Rondo’s Assist Streak

Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics is the best playmaker in basketball today. Watching him slowly chip away at Magic Johnson’s 46 game streak of 10 Assist a more is a testament to his court vision and basketball iq on the floor. He is currently at 34 games straight with 10 or more assists.

#3 Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor of Grinnell College in Iowa dropped 138 points shattering an NCAA Record. The only problem was it was premeditated, The D3 school played 0-4 faith babtist and attempted to break the record listen to the video. He took 108 shots and 71 3 pointers. It was every Basketball purists nightmare. The reason this here is because everyone is suddenly a basketball purist now which is awesome.

#2 Bay area Baseball

Baseball in the the Bay area gave so many thrills to me and fans across the country. The Oakland A’s and World Champion San Francisco Giants proved 2 things right in baseball circles. The Giants once again proved that pitching wins championships and that you don’t need a bunch of homerun hitters in your lineup to win a World Series you just need guys who play the game hard and play it right. The A’s Proved that a Small market team on a shoe string payroll can win…in fact they proved they can win a division title over the 2 time defending AL Champion Texas Rangers and L.A Angles. I love when teams prove the world wrong.

#1 The Real Heroes

I know Veterans day passed but make sure you give thanks for our troops and our war veterans for putting  they’re lives on the line everyday. They will spend thanksgiving away from they’re families to protect our freedom’s. We can not thank them enough for what they do and we owe them a lot of respect and gratitude on this Thanksgiving day. They are Bigger and more important then sports.

So there you have it what I am most Thankful for  this year in sports. Have a happy and memorable
thanksgiving and Make sure you watch
lots of  football today…..LETS GO RG3!!!!!

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