Friday, November 16, 2012

Worst Nickname in Sports?

Doug Martin formerly known as "The Muscle Hamster"

Nicknames hold a lot of weight in the Sports World football in particular you have the likes of “Matty Ice”, “Revis Island” or “MegaTron” all names that fairly represent the assigned players and they are just plain cool. “Cool” is a  word seldom used when speaking about the nickname of Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie Running Back/Fantasy football sensation Doug Martin. That Nickname if you haven’t heard by now is of course “The Muscle Hamster”. The lack of toughness or flamboyance of that name probably knocked you socks off. Let me tell you the story of “The Muscle Hamster”. It all started back his Boise State days you see Doug had a girlfriend who was a gymnast  and she was allegedly more cut then Doug as far as Muscle tone so a Friend/Teammate of Doug called her a “Muscle Hamster”. Martin like any man stood up for his Women and said “ Hey! She is not a muscle hamster” his friend responded by saying “You’re a muscle Hamster too” and so it was born the Legend of the Muscle Hamster. Martin hates the nickname himself and was quoted in USA Today saying “It’s the worst nickname ever” At 5-9 215 pounds Doug Martin is short, Stocky and talented. Doug Martin had one of the best games in NFL History vs. Oakland Raiders Rushing for 251 yards in 4 touchdowns all in 1 game! He set a new Buccaneers record for rushing yards in a single game. I drafted him in several Fantasy leagues I play in and I firmly believe that he is worthy of enough of solid nickname and as a fan/Fantasy Owner of him I took the liberty of making some Nicknames of my own for Mr.Martin.

#1 "Dougie by the bay"
#2 "Dougie disater"
#3 "Dougie Smoove"

DING,DING,DING!! we have a winner From this day forward I and all football fans alike will adress Doug Martin as “Dougie Smoove”. If you don’t like my nickname for him Tweet me a better one @ThatBoyBtaylor on twitter or better yet Tweet him @DougMartin22 he would love a new nickname. Let’s shed the horror that is the “Muscle Hamster”


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