Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cam vs RG3

In a society where we live with a "what have you done for me lately" mentality Cam Newton has kind of been forgotten about with everybody being goo-goo Gah-Gah over this years rookie sensation Robert Griffin III. Last year Cam exploded onto the scene breaking every rookie QB record imaginable it semmed like the Carolina Panthers had finally found a franchise QB. This season has been the definition of a "sophmore slump" for Cam only throwing 5 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. It's more then a stats thing though with Cam it looks like he isn't even having fun playing football anymore and he is dwelling on all his mistakes to the point where the post game press conferences are sounding like a broken record. The Panthers are 1-6 and have lost games in every way imaginable. With 10 games left there is still time for Cam to prove naysayers and critics wrong and salvage his season.

On the other side you have Robert Griffin III who has looked more like a QB as opposed to Cam who looks to use his legs more then his arms and you can see in the stats. RG3's QB rating is 13% higher then Cam's rookie season along with his completion percentage being 6% higher. Also The Redskins have half the wins that Cam did his rookie season at (3-5) with  9 game left. Cam went (6-10) in his Rookie season. It's more then record or statistics when comparing the 2 super athletic QB's. Griffin has looked more like a Quarterback then Cam and i feel that it's a mentality that seperates these two. When Cam drops back he is looking for a big play throwing the ball and if it's not there then he is looking to use his legs. Griffin on the other hand can do it all with checkdowns and play that short intermediate game but if saftey's or DB's creep up he will hit you over the top for a 50 yard Touchdown but he does have the ability to use his legs when the play breaksdown.

The Panthers take on the Redskins at Fedex Field at 1 as Cam Newton Takes on Robert Griffin III. It should be a good one i hope both Qb's Give us a great Show. Will Cam Rise above the hate or will Rg3 prove that he is the better of the two QB's?

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