Sunday, November 18, 2012

End of an Era

For 82 years Twinkies has been a Pioneer in American junk food. Created in 1930 The “golden sponge cake with creamy filling” is beloved by many Americans but now “Hostess” the company and manufacturer of Twinkies has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and has layed off 10,000 plus workers. Soon this product will no longer be found on the shelves of your favorite supermarkets, Cornerstore’s etc. This news has sent many people (myself in particular) in a frenzy and scramble to indulge just one last time before Twinkies go extinct. This news directly Impacts the NFL and let me tell you How. Offensive linemen are the foundation to a productive offense in the NFL. While they are Athletic they’re position requires them to be bulky, William “THE Refidgerator” Perry -Esque. They need to be Wide loads who can protect the Quarterback and let me tell you one thing, The NFL and it’s O-linemen are not happy about this! This is one snack that is a staple in these massive men’s eating plan. Snack time just got a little worse around the league. Without Twinkies what other snacks can be depended on to fill the void for the NFL’s Men in the trenches? Snickers? Cheetos? I DON’T THINK SO!!!! No snack can replace what Twinkies does for guys like Jake Long, T.J Lang, Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Kalil. You have what looks like a cupcake with Vanilla cream on the inside I’m not sure how the Health &Fitness Staff’s around the league are going to adjust to this epidemic but it should be an interesting story going into the Off-season. These guys better get they're 4.5 grams of  fat before it's to late.

This has more of an impact on fans though, Twinkies for many people are the best snacks to consume while watching sports. I know when I settle in to watch My Charlotte Bobcats play on NBA League pass I love to have my bottle of Coke inconjuction with a nice pack of Twinkies on the side. I know many people that buy gangs of Twinkies on Super Bowl Sunday.For the first time in may people's life they have to buy alternative snacks on superbowl sunday.So this impacts so many people and in a way it feels like part of people’s childhood is being taken away just like that. You know what I’m going to the cornerstore to get some Twinkies right now Just one last time…….


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