Monday, November 19, 2012

Hell In Miami

Oh how we were fooled by the Miami Marlins and Owner Jeffery Loria. He and his Big headed stepson/President of the Miami Marlins David Sampson really gave the whole city of Miami a big middle finger. Today a trade was finalized to send Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Emilio Bonafacio, Mark Buehrle, John Buck to the Toronto Bluejays for Yunel Escobar and a bunch of no names. This was announced several days ago but was just finalized today and many Marlins fans and citizens of Miami are outraged and for good reason.

For many years it was promised that by Loria and company that with a baseball only facility and they’re own revenue stream would be viable contenders year in and year out. After increasing the payroll to 100 million dollars and some change they blew up the team in the middle of the season Finished in last place (AGAIN) in the NL East and proceeded to have the 3rd fire sale in team history. After hearing all these promises for years Many Marlins fans including myself thought things would be different. It was all just a very sick joke to trick taxpayers of Miami-Dade county into paying for 60% of the stadium. I remember walking into Marlins Park and I was in love with the park I truly had been brainwashed to think things would be different When Little did I know they were going to get worse.

This team is now once again the laughing stock of Major League Baseball I have seen more talent come in and out of the Marlins Organization then some fans do in they’re whole life time. I can name you almost 2 rosters full of all-stars who have been traded by our team. Gone are the days of being World Champions. Gone are the days of having any kind of pride in this tea,. Gone are the days me or anyone taking them seriously.

Last season at this time I and the rest of Marlins country were on cloud 9 we had signed and grossly overpaid for Mark Buehrle, Health Bell and longtime rival Jose Reyes. Many thought “WOW these aren’t your same penny pinching Marlins”. We had expectations, Hope, Hype and a reality TV show. I had every reason in the world to have though that the 2012 season would be special with the likes of Reyes, Hanley, Stanton, Bonafacio, Bell, Josh Johnson we had everything you could have wanted except Execution.

We got tagged for 93 losses and Ozzie Guillen was quickly dismissed. Need less to say it was an embarrassing year for Players and Fans. Former Marlin Mike Redmond was hired an I was actually a fan of the hire he is very baseball savy, A winner and was always a leader in his time with the Black and Teal but most important he was low-key and that’s what this team needed after last year. Unless This regime somehow magically spends money on some big time free agents and people in South Florida will not support baseball.

The Biggest problem with this organization though is the revolving door that is the Marlins Managerial position. Since 2006 Girardi, Fredi Gonzalez, Edwin Rodriguez, Jack Mckeon, Ozzie Guillen and now Mike Redmond. That 6 managers in 6 years talk about instability. I don’t care what sport we are talking about if you look at any franchise that is elite there is stability at the coaching position. The Boston Celtics have Doc Rivers, New England Patriots have Bill Belichick, The Lakers had Phil Jackson you get the point. The Marlins throughout the whole history have never had stability at the managerial postion which is why we only have 2 playoff appearances in 19 years. Until that happens they will never consistently win.

Then you have the Slew of Talent that they traded away like Miguel Cabrera, Luis Castillo, Jeff Conine, Dan Uggla, Dontrelle Willis, Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, Gary Sheffield, Edgar Renteria and Pudge Rodriguez. All those guys were all All-Stars when they were in a Marlin uniform. So when you don’t have stability at the managerial position you will most likely not have any stability on your roster and they will get traded away and go on to win triple crowns for the Detroit Tigers. Fans can never get attached to players because once they do they will be dealt.

It was so great for one season to see so much Marlins gear around the city and to go to a park that had people in it. This trade has Scared an already Battered fan base ands that’s who they hurt the most. They are not trying to win because if they were they would got some value in return in that trade. For general Manager Larry Beinfest to say “We think we brought in Championship quality talent” is an insult to anyone who still cares or supports this team. The Marlins are going to lose so many season ticket holders as well as they should. You have the World Champion Miami Heat right across town fans are better are of spending there money for an organization that cares about putting a quality product on the court.

I have been a Marlins Fan my whole life for 17 years I have bled nothing but Black N Teal but it is time for me to stop supporting this garbage and I urge fellow die hard Marlins fans alike to not support this team until Loria sells the team. When there were 500 people in the stands I supported. When we traded Miguel Cabrera I supported. When we fired Joe Giradi  I still supported. What I get back in return are last place finishes and an ownership group that just doesn’t care.

The Marlins let Miguel Cabrera go and he is the best player and most complete hitter this franchise has ever seen But a close 2nd is outfielder and slugger Mike Stanton. He has all the tools to win MVP awards and lead the League in HR’s and RBI’S. Mr.Stanton is not happy these days Expressing his frustration via Twitter after the trade saying “ I’m Pissed off plain and simple”. That is not a good thing this guys has more strength and raw power then Cabrera did at 23 years of age. although he isn‘t anywhere near the same level as him in terms of being a pure hitter.. He has the potential to become the best player this franchise has ever seen but odds are he either won’t have enough talent around him to win or he will leave to a New York, Boston, Philly or San Francisco to go chase rings and fulfill his potential like many Marlins before him. If he Leaves consider it one very last stab in the heart to the future of baseball in Miami.

I care deeply about this franchise I have spent
countless amount of time as a kid and now as a young man attending games, Spring training. All I want is a team I can be proud of that keeps it’s players and gives the fans a chance to embrace the marlins and the Marlins to embrace the fans. Most importantly though I want a third Championship ring just like many other people do……. Many other people did.

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