Friday, January 11, 2013

Basketball Ambassador and Street Ball legend "Pat The Roc" speaks on Ball Handling,Influences and More


It's rare in life let alone sports that you meet someone who is both talented and equally as humble. In making that statement i am talking about Pat The Roc. Pat is a street ball legend from Maryland who made his name on the AND 1 Mixtape tour playing ball across the world. These days when he isn't touring the globe with his friends from ball up streetball he is training anyone from young aspiring hoopers to your favorite NBA Players. He also happens to be probably the coolest athlete i have ever interacted with and usually responds to fans tweets and just a good representation of the game of basketball.

Recently i got a chance to Catch up with global basketball ambassador former AND 1 basketball star and g chopped it up with him about himself and many other things basketball related check it out.Enjoy!

1.For those who don't who is Pat The Roc?
>Pat the Roc known as world greatest ball handler. An inspiration to many people across the world.

 2.can you tell people a little bit about your story and how Pat The Roc came to be?
> I was always the player who faced so many more obstacles than the average player. My perseverance has allowed me to inspire many to be all they can be!

 3.growing up who were some of your favorite Basketball Players?
>Muggsy Bogues and Spud Webb. They were always the smallest on the court, so I could relate to them.

4.Where in the World do you enjoy balling the most?
> China. Fans are so intense there.  They appreciate your talent and are die hard.  I have a lot of love for the Chinese fans.

 5.Explain to me and the rest of the world why it is you outwork everyone,what do you play for?
>I want my play on the court to be so inspirational that it causes people to believe they can achieve whatever they want in life.

 6.who is the most difficult player you have ever defended and why?
> My teammate bone collector. We play one on one everyday after practice. He gets faster everyday!

7.What Shoes do you rock when you hit the court?
> Anything with my name on it! Always wanted my own shoe as a kid, and now my dream has come true.

8.Before you go out and play what music is Pat The Roc listening to before tip off?
>Something mellow and inspirational.
My best friend Lg makes beats so I listen to his instrumentals for inspiration.

9.How did you get to the point where you became the best ball handler in the world?
> Taking my basketball everywhere.  Had it in Paris at Eiffel tower as well as in China at Great Wall.

10.Is there anybody you credit with helping you develop your elite ball handling?
> I learned tons at Univ of Cincinnati from a guy by the name of Shep. He taught me the definition of training!

11. Whats next for you?
>A lot in store.  Just devoting more time to helping other Bball players maximize their skills.  Passing on my knowledge. 

12. Whats is the best advice you can give to young aspiring basketball players?
> Good players workout. Great players Outwork!


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