Sunday, January 27, 2013

Memorabilia Memories: Autographed Dell Curry Fleer 91 Basketball card

A new year brings new ideas and today I will be sharing a new segment today called “Memorabilia Memories” Where I go into my rather large collection of Sports Memorabilia and share some of that with you. Today I bring you my newest piece of memorabilia that I just collected from My trip to Orlando which is my Dell Curry signed basketball card. Make sure you guys check out my article on my trip to Orlando by the way. 

Dell Curry to this day is not only regarded as one of the best 6th man in NBA history but is still the New Orleans/Charlotte Hornets All-time leading scorer at 9,839 Points. Many of those shots were three pointers which Dell is known for in being one of the purest shooters ever. I met him in Orlando as Part of my trip to the Bobcats/Magic game and he was one of the nicest people in sports i've ever met. 

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